Seibu Shibuya store’s Valentine “CHOCOLATE PARADISE 2023” Mr. Ai Taguchi, who runs a chocolate factory in Ghana, comes to the store

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Seibu Shibuya store’s Valentine “CHOCOLATE PARADISE 2023” Mr. Ai Taguchi, who runs a chocolate factory in Ghana, comes to the store
The Seibu Shibuya store will hold SHIBUYA CHOCOLATE PARADISE 2023 from February 1st (Wednesday) to 14th (Tuesday) at the 7th floor of Building A = Exhibition Hall.
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A large collection of colorful chocolates, including authentic chocolate with a rich cacao scent, chocolate with a package design that makes you want to “buy a bijou” that reminds you of art. In addition, Mr. Ai Taguchi, representative of MAAHA CHOCOLATE, who is revolutionizing the chocolate industry by building a chocolate factory in Ghana, Africa, visited us. Ms. Ai Taguchi will introduce how the chocolate business started, current activities, and the products we manufacture.
Exhibition period: February 1st (Wednesday) to 14th (Tuesday) ■ Venue: Building A 7F = Event Hall
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Dates: February 4th (Sat) and 5th (Sun) from 1:00 p.m./from 3:00 p.m. each day (approximately 30 minutes each, viewing free)
■Venue: 7th floor of Building A = Event Hall (in Shibuya Chocolate Paradise venue)
PROFILE: Ai Taguchi
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CEO of Mpraeso LLC. Representative of MAAHA CHOCOLATE.
Fascinated by chocolate since childhood, traveled to Ghana, Africa at the age of 19 to meet cacao farmers. Be aware of local attractions and issues. After that, he started activities to teach cacao farmers about the taste of chocolate and how to make it. Currently, we are also promoting the production of sustainable cacao and the construction of a local chocolate factory. 2021 Launched “MAAHA CHOCOLATE” with the concept of “chocolate that melts boundaries”, and has been active in a wide range of activities such as department store sales and
collaboration product manufacturing.
Twitter: @ai_ghanacacao / Instagram: @ai_ghanacacao
[SHIBUYA CHOCOLATE PARADISE 2023 products handled]
Anthonberg, Ile de Re, Vincent Guerle, Cacao Sampaca, Caffarel, Carmelo Chocolatier, Cruisel, Sils Maria, Sébastien Bouillet, Centau, Demel, Delray, Necollabo, Patissier Es Koyama, Patissier Selection, Pierre Herme Paris, Benoit・Nian, Bralibel, Bruyère, Bel Amer, Bel Amer Kyoto Bettei, Shofuya Olympus, Matsufuya Pokemon, Marha Chocolate, Michelle Blanc, Musee de Chocolat Theobroma, Merry Chocolate TSUWAMONO, Merry Chocolate Nekomya Mire, Merry Chocolate Popping Candy Chocolate. , Euheim x Lisa Larson, Lau, Royce, Rokkatei, Lohenstein (in alphabetical order)
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