Seiko Watch Corporation From , a limited model that combines the world view of underwater archeology and the heritage of Seiko Divers has appeared.

Seiko Watch Corporation
-From Seiko Prospex-, a limited model that combines the world view of underwater archeology and the heritage of Seiko Divers has appeared.
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Seiko Watch Co., Ltd. (President: Akio Naito, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will release a Save the Ocean limited edition model that combines the world view of underwater archaeology and the heritage of Seiko Divers from -Seiko Prospex- 2023. It will be on sale from February 10 (Friday). The suggested retail price is 385,000 yen (tax included).
Support for Save the Ocean “Underwater Archeology Research”
-Seiko Prospex- supports various marine conservation activities under the Save the Ocean activity with gratitude to the divers who have been using Seiko Divers so far and the great ocean. As part of our activities, we are supporting “underwater archaeological research” on the island of Furni, Greece.
Underwater archeology is an archaeological study that studies ruins that sleep underwater, and is an academic discipline aimed at exploring history and protecting underwater cultural heritage. We also protect valuable underwater cultural heritage from treasure hunters who loot and destroy underwater ruins and carry out activities to preserve history for the next generation.
 Seiko will continue its Save the Ocean activities, keeping in mind Goal 14 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). -Product Features-
Fusion of the highest diver’s model that inherits the heritage and the world view of underwater archeology
Since its birth in 1965 as the first Japanese diver’s watch, Seiko’s diver’s watch has released products equipped with unique technology one after another, and has earned high praise and trust from professional divers and adventurers around the world. The 1965 Mechanical Divers proved its reliability by being used in the harsh Antarctic environment in the 1960s.
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This product is a special limited edition model that adds a modern design and specs to the “1965 Mechanical Divers”, the origin of the Seiko diver’s watch.
By applying sallaz polishing (*1) to the rim of the case and the outer periphery of the rotating bezel, the beautiful shine of a
distortion-free mirror surface is added to the heritage design. A modern interpretation is added to the original classical form. In addition to the dual-curve sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating on the inside, Lumibrite applied to the indexes and the
hour/minute/second hand ensures high visibility in any environment. The exclusive strap uses reinforced silicon with a stripe pattern. [Image 3

For the movement, a mechanical caliber 8L35 exclusively for diver’s watches manufactured by Shizukuishi Watch Studio is used. With high accuracy and robustness, the basic performance as a wristwatch has been greatly improved.
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The design motif of the dial is the astrolabe, an astrolabe that has been used for navigation since ancient times. An astrolabe, one of the artifacts excavated from underwater archaeological sites, was able to determine the latitude and time of the current location from the position of the stars and the sun, and supported adventurers at the time. A special dial design that evokes the history of ancient knowledge and adventurers’ challenges.
-Product specifications-
-Seiko Prospex- 1965 Mechanical Divers Contemporary Design Save the Ocean Limited Edition
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[Table 2: ]
Other specifications
Mechanical movement Caliber 8L35
Winding method Automatic winding (with manual winding)
Time accuracy +15 seconds to -10 seconds per day (when worn on the arm at temperatures between 5°C and 35°C)
Power reserve about 50 hours
26 stones
Frequency 28,800 vibrations/hour (8 vibrations/second)
(*1) Zaratsu polishing
It is a surface treatment technology that rotates a circular surface plate and presses the case against it to level the surface and create a flat surface without distortion.
(*2) Diamond shield
Seiko’s original surface processing technology was developed to protect the watch’s original beautiful shine and fine finish from scratches and small scratches from daily use.
Inquiries from general customers
Seiko Watch Co., Ltd. Customer Service Office 0120-061-012 (toll free) Official website address of Seiko Watch Corporation

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