Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd. For dog owners who want their dogs to think “I’m glad I came to this house”… “A request from a dog ~We are waiting for such words~” is now on sale!

Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd.
For dog owners who want their dogs to think, “I’m glad I came to this house.” Dogs, cats, horses, turtles… A message of love from an animal communicator author who has spoken with many animals.

Seishun Publishing Company (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) released “A request from a dog ~ We are waiting for such words ~” (Emiko Nakagawa) on January 21st.
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request from dog
If you can communicate with your beloved dog! “I’m sure anyone who lives with a dog would think that.” It’s just your words. This alone can change your relationship in an amazing way, so why not try it? [Image 2d75284-167-916d6cf78f87d7a037e6-1.jpg&s3=75284-167-0e0f2dc97f034ceec10ffee3e9a51293-3667x2268.jpg
The author, Mr. Nakagawa, has come face to face with the emotions of dogs, and what he wants to tell owners is that the words they want to say to their dogs are different! ! That means.
Even if they do not understand the words themselves, dogs are sensitive to human feelings by the sounds and vibrations of the words. That’s why there are words I want to say for each other.
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◆A word to praise your dog’s behavior at the right time◆Please, stop using negative words! What you don’t want me to say ◆If you are anxious, your dog will be anxious too. One more word ◆Don’t decide just because it’s a dog. A word to ask after confirming your intention ◆ A word to make your dog’s life better, fighting an illness or caring for a dog, etc.
I will teach you the words and words of the owner that the dogs want. Contents of this book
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Author profile
Emiko Nakagawa
Born in Osaka Prefecture. Animal communicator “Rumie”.
Studied under Carol Gurney, a pioneer in animal communication. Usui Reiki (Master/Teacher), Kanal Reiki (Master), pet breeder. Since childhood, I have lived with over 50 dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fish and reptiles. Currently, she volunteers for individual animal communication sessions, Reiki healing for care animals, and asking animals in shelters about the family they want to go to (family composition, etc.). I’ve talked to over 1,000 dogs and cats so far. “Just like people have feelings, dogs have feelings. If you put your feelings into words and talk to them, both you and your dog will be happy.” Many consultations are sent to people who are worried about nursing care.
Book information
“A request from a dog ~We are waiting for these words~”
Author: Emiko Nakagawa
Release date: January 21, 2023
List price: 1,628 yen (tax included)
ISBN: 978-4-413-23290-6
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