Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd. Librarians’ serious struggles unfolded in libraries nationwide “Children’s big questions that went to the library” released!

Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd.
Librarians’ serious struggles unfolded in libraries across the country “Children’s big questions that went into the library” are now on sale! The librarian seriously looked into the cute difficult questions and strange questions from the children and answered like this!

Seishun Publishing Company (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) released “Children’s Big Questions in the Library” (Children’s Big Questions Editorial Department / Edition) on January 13th.
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I went to the library Big question from a child
The town library, the after-school library…
In this quiet space, children ask a wide variety of questions every day. [Image 2d75284-162-adaba53e2136f150e0c8-1.jpg&s3=75284-162-59d84b7aed2cbffd995c285a21088dce-3667x2268.jpg
For example, “Please tell me a story that makes your heart pound” “Is there really no Santa Claus?” “I want to be able to use magic” “I want to be a princess!” Are you a child? Are you an adult?” “I want to make my praying mantis stronger in battle. Are there any books about babies?” and so on.
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Starting with “Children’s Big Questions” full of pure feelings and fresh questions, we have compiled the struggles of various library people into one volume. We will send it with a cute and fun drawing illustration.
Introducing reference cases sent to the library!
[Image 4d75284-162-5aeb4ead4544cbe24b23-2.jpg&s3=75284-162-1016d46a725eb4b919249448cdbb0dc8-3667x2268.jpg
[Image 5d75284-162-3a54da68cd3288532e7f-3.jpg&s3=75284-162-8f5dd1fedc2d9f3c83b849f81435aaf4-3667x2268.jpg

Editor profile
Children’s Big Questions Editorial Department (Children’s Daishitsumonhenshu) A team of editors who like reading books and visiting libraries and bookstores. While reading the reference cooperative database, I learned that there is information in the world that cannot be found with a smartphone, and I realized the vastness of the world of books by touching the rich questions and answers. This book was planned with the desire to “share the wonders of reference services with as many people as possible!”
Book information
“Children’s big questions that came to the library”
Editor: Children’s Big Question Editorial Department
Release date: January 13, 2023
List price: 1,485 yen (tax included)
ISBN: 978-4-413-23281-4
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