Sekisui House Co., Ltd. Fukuoka Condominium Division “Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City” open space inside the facili ty! Event “THE MEET SYNERGY DAYS” where synergy that embodies the concept is born will be held for two days from Sat urday, January 21st to

Sekisui House Co., Ltd. Fukuoka Condominium Division
“Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City” The open space inside the facility is open! Event “THE MEET SYNERGY DAYS” where synergy that embodies the concept will be held for two days from Saturday, January 21 to Sunday, January 22
“MEET SYNERGY Go through the gate to the next Fukuoka.”

Sekisui House Co., Ltd., Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd., Seibu Gas Co., Ltd., Nishi-Nippon Shimbun Co., Ltd., and Fukuoka Shoji Co., Ltd. are the Daimyo Project Special Purpose Company. We have decided on the concept of “passing through the MEET SYNERGY gate to the next Fukuoka.”
Along with this, the plaza in the center of the facility will open from 13:00 on Friday, January 20, 2023. In addition, an event that embodies the concept “THE MEET SYNERGY DAYS” will be held for two days from January 21st (Sat) to 22nd (Sun).
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The overall facility concept of Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City, “MEET SYNERGY Passing through the gate, to the next Fukuoka.” We hope to further expand the possibilities of business and lifestyles in Fukuoka by generating exchanges, resonance, and new ideas and values. We have decided to open a square of approximately 3,000 square meters located in the center of Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City on Friday, January 20, 2023 at 13:00. In addition, the next day, January 21st (Sat) to 22nd (Sun), we will hold an event “THE MEET SYNERGY DAYS” where you can have unprecedented exchanges and experiences in line with the facility concept.
Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City will continue to hold events that create new interactions that can only be experienced here.
January 20th (Friday) 13:00 Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City open space!  Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City has opened a square of approximately 3,000 square meters that will serve as the face of the facility. The plaza does not set boundaries for each facility, and is designed as an integrated space that is seamlessly connected.
From 13:00 on the opening day, there will be a concert by Mr. Eizan Takikita, a shakuhachi player who graduated from Daimyo Elementary School, so please come by.
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An event “THE MEET SYNERGY DAYS” to experience various synergies from January 21 (Sat) to 22 (Sun)
This time, an event that embodies the concept will be held in conjunction with the opening of the plaza. This event consists of three themes, and is a limited-time event where you can experience various synergies that Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City will create in the future, starting with food and conversation.
Rediscover Kyushu local and food synergy. Two companies sticking to local production for local consumption collaborate for the first time [Image 3d114338-1-2fca4683fd295047da53-7.png&s3=114338-1-29bd5a3e4d1d357bd977284632301428-1130x404.png
“&LOCALS” is a grocerant store that promotes the appeal of local ingredients from Kyushu under the theme of “connecting precious production to the dining table.” “Fuku Marche” is a local market that started with the idea of ​​“creating a 100-year-old market in Fukuoka”. This is the first event where two companies pursuing the essential richness of Kyushu have teamed up.
[Image 4d114338-1-5125895a907bc1098bcc-8.jpg&s3=114338-1-2f464c44f30c591e916eae189b3564c6-990x660.jpg
Providing Kyushu-grown ingredients and gourmet food that focuses on local production for local consumption
We will sell ingredients and foods that consider the future that local residents can be proud of, such as rare processed products buried in Kyushu and local ingredients. In addition, we will provide food using local ingredients such as “Nibosaba Yame Chazuke”, which is limited to 100 meals a day, and “Tabi Suru Oinari”, the signboard product of & LOCALS.
A space where everyone can talk freely and create synergy between people At the event, we have prepared a space that anyone can use freely. Heating equipment is also installed, so you can enjoy eating, drinking and talking, creating synergy between various people.
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Local production for local consumption workshop using materials from Fukuoka We will develop programs that are conscious of local production for local consumption, such as a hands-on workshop for making swag (forest bundles) using wildflowers from Fukuoka.
Date: Saturday, January 21, 2023
     └12:30~14:00 / 15:30~17:00
January 22, 2023 (Sunday)
     └12:30~14:00 / 15:30~17:00
Lecturer: “Ae food and food” Noriko Tani
Participation fee: 3,000 yen (tax included)
Supplement: 8 people per session / first-come-first-served basis [Image 6d114338-1-b09804108b40f2c6ef72-6.png&s3=114338-1-c2e5d6b5863f1469abd864dca8d3612b-118x118.png
Yame tea located in Ohori Park, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and the grocery store “&LOCALS” that edits and conveys local ingredients from Kyushu. And most importantly, I want the local people to be happy with the products that the producers have made with such care.” A shop made as a place like.
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Fuku Marche
Fuku Marche is a local market held every month in Fukuoka City. Since the start in 2018, we have continued to move forward with the goal of “holding marchés in 5 locations in Fukuoka City” and achieved the goal in 2021. Currently, with the goal of creating a market that will continue to exist 100 years from now, the market is being cultivated in a community-based manner, not as an event, but as a culture rooted in the city. Under the theme of Kyushu-produced, organic, and seasonal deliciousness, you can choose and taste agricultural products and food that you can enjoy on the spot directly from the producers.
-Event Overview-
Date: Saturday, January 21, 2023 11:00 – 21:00 / LO 20:30
      January 22 (Sun) 11:00 – 17:00 / LO 16:30
Venue: Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City Square (6-50 Daimyo 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
-Overview of Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City-A base where domestic and foreign challengers and companies gather to create new value  Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City will develop four environments in order to harmonize people, the environment, and urban vitality, and to be the pioneer of the urban image that Fukuoka aims to become a “Global Startup City”.
“The Ritz-Carlton Fukuoka,” the world’s finest five-star hotel. The “office hotel building” houses a “high-grade office” with multi-level security and a “conference facility” with MICE functions, with an exclusive area of ​​approximately 2,500 square meters per floor. A “plaza” that serves as a base for a variety of exchanges, including office workers, guests, and local residents. In addition, by linking the four “community buildings”, which have a human resource
development environment linked to the start-up support facility of the former Daimyo Elementary School South School Building, domestic and overseas challengers and companies will gather to create new value in business and grow. We will continue to evolve as a base.
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Installation of art works by artists from Kyushu
In the plaza of the facility, there is an art monument “Daimyo no Okomainu” by Mr. Hiromine Nakamura, a young puppeteer representing Fukuoka, and an art board by Mr. Masahiro Honda (Medical Corporation Seimeikai Disabled Welfare Service Office PICFA). We will install art works by artists related to Kyushu. The installation of these works is an initiative related to Fukuoka Art Next (*1), which was started by Fukuoka City to “become a city full of color.”
[Image 9d114338-1-d182f4df503ea5df1bff-12.png&s3=114338-1-e2c57feec81078a43c0d989b97c42918-1508x543.png
[Image 10d114338-1-c865cb64905c8244fcd5-13.png&s3=114338-1-605acdd5253caafe1ab32fe775680c23-1280x632.png
(*1)Fukuoka Art Next
This project aims to further develop the efforts of the Fukuoka Art Museum and the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum to create a city full of color. We aim to increase opportunities for citizens to come into contact with art, feel its value and charm, improve their well-being, support artist activities, and increase the number of artists from Fukuoka who are active around the world.
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