Seminar hosted by Hakuhodo BIZ GARAGE Sophisticating Marketing with AI and Data Science ~Utilizing Marketing Big Data~

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[Seminar hosted by Hakuhodo BIZ GARAGE] Sophisticating Marketing with AI and Data Science ~Utilizing Marketing Big Data~
1/27 (Friday) Held online Marketing, data science, new business and service development using data To those in charge

BIZ GARAGE, a business portal operated by Hakuhodo, delivers a wide range of information, including various solutions, case studies, and useful columns for implementing full-funnel marketing for client companies. In particular, we are holding a free “Hakuhodo BIZ GARAGE Webinar” where experts and business leaders explain in detail the latest topics and themes of particular interest to companies. [Image 1d8062-669-25c90a8a7fd1b45999e8-2.jpg&s3=8062-669-c9093c2f0a615c811907ff4d38cf7ab8-1280x670.jpg
The theme of this webinar is “Advancing Marketing with AI and Data Science – Utilizing Marketing Big Data”.
As a result of large-scale digitalization, sei-katsu-sha and all sorts of things are constantly and bi-directionally connected, and a large amount of sei-katsu-sha data has come to be accumulated. By combining accumulated big data with AI and data science technology, we can deepen our understanding of the psychology and behavior of consumers, making it possible to implement measures based on decision-making and behavior prediction based on marketing analysis. , the need for big data utilization is rapidly increasing.
On the other hand, marketing issues and data environments differ greatly from company to company, and the reality is that many companies and sites are facing challenges in effectively utilizing the large amounts of collected and accumulated data. In order to utilize data, it is important to understand each company’s issues and data environment, think about what is the optimal AI / data science, and adapt it.
In this webinar, the person in charge of “Data Science Boutique”, a specialized team that solves clients’ marketing issues using AI and data science, which was launched by the Hakuhodo DY Group’s strategic organization “HAKUHODO DX_UNITED”. This section introduces two solutions that have been used and examples of marketing sophistication using them.
In addition, a person in charge of Laboro.AI, Inc., which has a high level of expertise in the AI ​​field such as the provision of “custom AI” and is carrying out work in collaboration with Hakuhodo, also took the stage to talk about the concept of utilizing data science in marketing. I will tell you about the case.
We will explain not only specialized knowledge such as AI and data science, but also “truly usable data science” by adding the marketing knowledge that Hakuhodo has cultivated so far.
■ Event overview
Title: “Advancing Marketing with AI and Data Science – Making Full Use of Marketing Big Data”
Organizer: Hakuhodo BIZ GARAGE
Date: January 27, 2023 (Friday) 14:00-15:00 *Archive distribution available Form: Online event/Zoom live distribution
Fee: Free
Participation method: Pre-registration required
Application deadline: January 24, 2023 (Tuesday) 15:00
Please apply from the URL above.
A viewing URL will be sent to the registered email address at a later date. *You may not be able to watch the video depending on your security settings or operating environment.
* Depending on the number of applications, a lottery may be held. ■ Program *The contents of this program are subject to change. ・Advancement of marketing through data science
・Background and strengths of establishing Data Science Boutique ・Solutions provided by Data Science Boutique
・Introduction of Laboro.AI
・Specific latest examples of both companies
■ Speakers
[Image 2d8062-669-eed1f06601282595df8a-0.jpg&s3=8062-669-95d66caedcecaf6a24122940fdcbdfc5-2251x2251.jpg
Futoshi Takayanagi
HAKUHODO DX_UNITED/Hakuhodo DX Solution Design Bureau
data strategist
Data Science Boutique
Joined in 2011. Responsible for project management, strategic planning and consulting in the use of data science in marketing. Together with data scientists, we support client companies in promoting DX and utilizing data science.
[Image 3d8062-669-9ad7d2a1dfbfe4a31aa4-1.jpg&s3=8062-669-2a204ea0bce2c4eee0771959a51d3074-2354x2353.jpg
Kentaro Fujii
Laboro.AI Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer / General Manager of Solution Design Department Principal Solution Designer
Joined Fujitsu Limited in 2009. Experienced in programming, upstream design, project management, etc. Joined PwC Consulting LLC in 2013. He specializes in business management at financial institutions such as megabanks and has been involved in numerous projects. Joined Laboro.AI in 2019. Leading various projects in a wide range of examination phases, data used, and industries, such as AI-based recommendation applications, camera-based solution development, and data-based PF examination consulting. Current position since January 2009. ■ About BIZ GARAGE
[Image 4d8062-669-18624c03b15cd87bc28b-3.png&s3=8062-669-3f695f65bf1dc5b25bea3356a4213b46-990x205.png
Hakuhodo Inc. operates the business portal “BIZ GARAGE”
(, which provides various solution information and useful information for practicing full-funnel marketing for clients.
In addition to the advertising and sales promotion areas that promote awareness and interest in our clients’ products and services, we also offer full-funnel support from customer conversion through purchases and repeat purchases to fan-making. We are transmitting related practical solution information such as “OMO area”.
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