Sendai Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Sendai Broadcasting, a Fuji TV affiliate in Miyagi Prefecture, launches a new service for businesses by providing “Zero Stream”, an authenticated video distribution platform developed in-house One-stop service from vid

Sendai Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Sendai Broadcasting, a Fuji TV affiliate in Miyagi Prefecture, launches a new service for businesses by providing its self-developed authenticated video distribution platform “Zero Stream” A one-stop service from video production to distribution

Sendai Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (Aoba-ku, Sendai City, President: Koji Inagi, hereinafter “Sendai Broadcasting”) can easily create a member-authenticated video portal site on the cloud, distributes videos to members, sells them, We have developed a content
distribution platform “Zero Stream” that enables live distribution, etc., and launched a new service to provide it as a secure video distribution platform exclusively for business operators.
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Zero Stream was built on a cloud server by Sendai Broadcasting to distribute and sell its own video content, and has been customized to meet a wide range of usage needs for business operators, leading to the provision of the service.
By using this service, businesses can safely and securely distribute videos for various purposes, such as seminars for members, sharing of video content within the company, paid distribution of events such as live music. increase.
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Features of Zero Stream
1. Development from the perspective of a TV station
This is a video distribution platform that provides business operators with a system developed for distribution and sales of their own video content with enhanced versatility.
2. Flexible secure delivery
In addition to protection by encryption, it is also possible to perform limited distribution by account authentication as a member authentication type video portal site.
3. Supports individual billing
It is possible to cooperate with a domestic payment agency service, and rental sales for each video are possible.
* To use the payment system, a separate screening and application by a payment agency service company is required.
Main features of Zero Stream
1. On-demand delivery
Streaming can be easily delivered by simply uploading your own video files from the intuitive management screen. Since high/medium/low image quality video is automatically generated, it is possible to distribute images with image quality that matches the user
environment, such as the device and radio wave conditions.
2. Live distribution
Live distribution is possible from smartphones, encoding equipment, and live distribution software at seminars and events. In addition, archive distribution of the video is also possible. Since the image quality is automatically converted to high/medium/low image quality, it is possible to deliver image quality that matches the user environment, such as the device and radio wave conditions.
3. Security & authentication type portal site
You can easily create a member authentication type video portal site, so you can distribute videos only to registered members for seminar videos, in-house training, and video manuals. In addition to member authentication, IP restrictions and optional DRM (Digital Rights Management) are also supported, enabling security measures to meet your needs.
4. Individual billing
Content can be rented for a fee by setting individual fees and rental periods for each video. Since free videos and paid videos can be set together, there is no need to create separate sites, making viewing and management simple.
5. Other functions
●Search ●Category setting ●Public period setting ●Thumbnail setting ●Chapter function ●Comment management
● Double-speed playback ● Embedded tag generation ● Chat function ● Automatic transcoding
● RTMP distribution ● SRT distribution (optional) ● Pricing for each video ● Setting the rental period
● 2D barcode generation ● Subtitle upload ● Multiple administrator settings ● Video download
●SSL support ●Access IP restriction ●Membership management ●DRM (optional) Specific examples of usage scenes
By using various functions, you can distribute videos according to various purposes.
-On-demand delivery-
Website sales promotion
Manual video
Information sharing with employees and agents
IR/SR event archive distribution
Webinar archive delivery
-Content sales-
Manual sales of own products
Paid videos for lifelong learning
Premium videos for community members
Paid distribution of seminar videos
Video content PoC
-Live streaming-
live streaming
online event
Webinar (Web seminar)
Virtual shareholders meeting
Limited video distribution
video promotion
Rate plan
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One-stop support from production to delivery
Based on our track record as a TV station that has continued to deliver news and information in an easy-to-understand manner for many years, we also offer a one-stop support service from planning and drafting of “communicative videos” to distribution, in order to solve the problems faced by business operators. Provided together. By using this service, it is possible to cut individual meetings regarding content production, contracts with each company, troublesome distribution work, etc., and smoothly carry out from production to distribution.
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Since its establishment in Tohoku in 1961, Sendai Broadcasting has been involved in the planning and production of terrestrial programs for more than 60 years as a key station in the Tohoku region. We have also been working to strengthen our ability to disseminate information beyond prefectural boundaries.
Utilizing such know-how, we will strive to deliver “transparent videos” in a “safe and secure” manner through this service, and help businesses accelerate their businesses.
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