Sendai Ikuei Shukou Junior High School, Shukou Course Science Challenge Joint course with Iwate Medical University

Sendai Scholarship
Shukou Junior High School/Syukou Course Science Challenge
Collaborative course with Iwate Medical University
Taking on the challenge of practical dental classes, including practical training on the Iwate Medical University campus

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From 2022, the first collaborative course has started with the cooperation of the teachers of Iwate Medical University. This is also part of the “Science Challenge” to nurture the power of “Science” in Language, Music & Science, which is the axis of education at Shuko. [Image 2

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Eligible students are 3rd year students at Shukou Junior High School and 1st year students of Sendai Ikuei Gakuen High School Shukou Course. This year, which is the first year, the course mainly focuses on dentistry. The theme of the collaborative course is “What should I do if I have a tooth decay? Let’s aim to become a dentist!”. In order to learn the work of a dentist, learn how to treat a decayed tooth and experience a process of treatment.
Of the three courses that were held, two were held online by connecting Iwate Medical University and the Miyagino campus for pre-learning and review, and one was for students to visit the Yahaba campus of Iwate Medical University for practical training. This is a very valuable opportunity.
The class started on July 22, 2022, and Iwate Medical University Professor Shinji Takemoto provided preliminary online guidance. While taking lectures directly from Dr. Takemoto, I received practical guidance on the oral environment, the types of treatment methods for caries, and how to deal with them.
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Pre-learning [Miyagino Campus]
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Pre-learning [Miyagino Campus]
In August of the same year, I visited Iwate Medical University for the second time, where I received guidance from Dr. Takemoto and other doctors in the field. I was able to experience a very fulfilling practical training, such as using actual instruments to shave teeth and actually putting fillings on a tooth model. On the final day, based on the reports that the students made after the practical training, it was time to review and summarize what they had learned with the teachers at Iwate Medical University.
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