Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd. Held on 1/26 (Thursday): Part of Matsui Securities’ rebranding project released! Corporate Branding Conference (online delivery)

Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd.
[1/26 (Thursday): Part of Matsui Securities’ rebranding project released! ] Corporate Branding Conference (online delivery)
Activation and practice of communication inside and outside the company
Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd., which handles publishing, education, and events in the marketing field, will hold a “Corporate Branding Conference” on January 26 (Thursday) for corporate public relations, branding, general affairs, etc.
◆ Background of the event
These days, business and service contents are being changed and improved at a rapid pace due to environmental changes such as the corona crisis and high prices.
Many companies feel that it is a challenge to define what they consider to be their own value and how to communicate it, and to implement strategies. However, strengthening the corporate brand is not an easy task. It is necessary to strategically implement a wide range of measures, from external communication to improve stakeholder loyalty, to internal communication to fully utilize internal resources.
Therefore, in this conference, we will convey the information, knowledge, know-how, etc. that are necessary in practicing
forward-looking corporate branding, including case studies.
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◆ Lecture time schedule
Part 1: Thursday, January 26, 13:00-13:20
Matsui Securities’ rebranding project addressing business issues Interest in investing is increasing year by year due to lower pension benefits and more flexible employment.
In addition, with the support of the government, which encourages asset building from “savings to investment,” securities companies, which used to be difficult to enter, are now becoming familiar to people like banks. In the midst of such major changes, Matsui Securities faced business issues unique to a long-established online securities company.
In order to solve this business issue, we are renewing our corporate brand in December 2022.
In this lecture, I will talk about the background of the renewal, the process of the initiative, and the future outlook.
Matsui Securities Co., Ltd.
Director of Marketing
Mr. Yusuke Masuda
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Part 2: Thursday, January 26, 13:25-13:55
“What is internal communication that increases employee engagement?” Introduction of IC Strategy Planning Workshop
In a business environment where the future is uncertain, the key to improving employee performance and drawing out individual strengths is to first connect the company and employees, and to connect employees who work together in the workplace. Therefore, internal communication is also required to be strategic. In this course, we will show you the form of internal communication that is required today, which has evolved from conventional internal communication, and work on strategy planning using worksheets. In-house communication measures are one of human capital investments. Support the transition to human capital management with strategic internal communication.
Internal Communication (IC) Researcher
Mr. Kazuyuki Yamashita
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Riezo Planning Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer General Manager of Planning and Sales Department No.1 Mr. Ken Kikuchi
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Part 3: Thursday, January 26, 14:00-14:30
“[I can’t ask now] Preparing for the risk of fire that more than 70% implement” Correspondence on SNS that affects the reputation of a company. Because it has become “self-styled risk countermeasures”, we have received many requests to learn about other companies’ case studies. Therefore, we will introduce a wide range of trends, from how reputational damage and flames occur in the first place to cases of other companies.
Regarding other companies’ cases, we will explain the points while introducing the social risk countermeasures that many companies are practicing, the crisis awareness in SNS operation, the budget allocated for countermeasures, etc. from our own SNS usage survey conducted by our company. To do.
Adish Co., Ltd.
Manager, Business Promotion Department, Corporate Strategy Division Mr. Yuto Orihara
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◆ Date
Thursday, January 26, 2023 13:00-14:30
◆ Participation fee
Free (*pre-registration required)
Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd.
* Program content, schedule, and speakers are subject to change without notice due to unavoidable circumstances.
Please note.
・Students are not allowed to participate in this seminar as it is a business seminar.
・Companies that compete with the organizer/speaker may not be allowed to participate. Please note.
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Sendenkaigi Seminar Secretariat
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