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[Report] 2022 Global Card Battle Game Market Insights
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From 2021 onwards, the global mobile card battle game market is showing renewed vibrancy, and the genre is expected to grow
significantly due to the number of high-quality new games, which is expected to expand the card battle game user base. On the other hand, gacha, which is often seen in card games, has gradually been adopted by many mobile RPGs, contributing to the continuous increase in revenue. The 2022 Global Card Battle Game Market Insights report provides a detailed introduction and analysis of the performance and trends of the mobile RPG market that introduces mobile card battles and gacha.
Release of New Game Drives Further Growth of Mobile Card Battle Game Market The mobile card battle game market in 2021 showed significant growth with an increase of 14.9%. The background to this is that Mighty Party: Battle Heroes has enhanced advertising and acquired more new users. In addition, the release of quality new games such as NetEase’s “Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens” and Hasbro’s “Magic: The Gathering Arena” further expanded the user base in the category.
From January to October 2022, the mobile card battle game was downloaded a total of 64 million times worldwide, with a 62.5% share on Google Play and a 37.5% share on iOS.
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Global mobile card battle game revenue has continued to grow in recent years, surpassing $1.1 billion by 2021. It can be said that there is room for further expansion of the earning power of this genre. Global mobile card battle game user spending from January to October 2022 will reach $750 million, surpassing total revenue in 2019. Of these, Apple users accounted for 67.3% of revenue contribution. [Image 2

Mobile Card Battle Game Earnings Highest in Japanese Market
The total revenue of the top 20 mobile card battle game revenue rankings in the world is $690 million, of which Japan accounts for the highest revenue share at 34%. The second place is China (mainland) with 26.9%, and the third place is the United States with 18.3%. “Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel” will be released in Japan and overseas markets in January 2022, and will be the IP of the same name by KONAMI following “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links”. became a hit. As of October 2022, revenue from the above mobile games exceeds $120 million.
NetEase’s Harry Potter IP mobile card battle game, Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens, is in second place, while Blizzard’s Hearthstone is a solid third. China is the largest market for both games.
“MARVEL SNAP”, licensed by Marvel and released by ByteDance, was supported by American players for its American comic style design and innovative gameplay, and reached number 21 in the best-selling card battle mobile game ranking in less than half a month. won.
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Turn-based card battle game “Mighty Party: Battle Heroes” has achieved 11 million downloads worldwide and continues to be the top mobile card battle game download ranking. The icon for the Android version of this game is frequently updated with popular mini-games (such as Tower Climbing and Protecting the Dog’s Head), resulting in more player downloads.
Two new titles, “Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel” and “MARVEL SNAP,” ranked second and third. In addition, the new work “Yu-Gi-Oh! CROSS DUEL” ranked ninth. The rapid rise in the rankings of these three new games not only relies on effective promotion, but also benefits from well-known IP.
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Gacha-Based Mobile RPG Global Revenue Exceeds $20 Billion in 2021 Gacha-based mobile RPGs in this report mainly refer to RPGs in which resources such as in-game items and characters can be
probabilistically obtained through gachas, summons, treasure chests, etc. Since 2020, the total number of downloads of gacha-based mobile RPGs worldwide has exceeded 600 million for the second consecutive year. Gacha is not only popular in Japan, China, America and South Korea, but is also gaining acceptance in Southeast Asian and Latin American markets.
From January to October 2022, the number of downloads of gacha-based mobile RPGs was 420 million times worldwide, and the share of downloads from Google Play was 61.5% and from iOS was 38.5%. [Image 5

With more mobile RPGs introducing gacha, the revenue performance of games in this category has improved year by year, reaching over $20 billion in 2021, up 7.5% year-over-year. The Japanese market has a 41.7% share and remains the main source of revenue for gacha-based mobile RPGs. In addition, revenue shares in South Korea, China, and the United States all exceed 10%.
From January to October 2022, user spending on gacha-based mobile RPGs worldwide was $14 billion, with 52% coming from Apple users. [Image 6

Puzzle RPGs and squad RPGs have a high rate of gacha adoption Among mobile RPG subgenres, puzzle RPGs and squad RPGs with gacha have the highest revenue share at 95.6%. These two subgenres have a high affinity with the gacha system as they generally focus on collecting, combining and developing characters.
In addition, turn-based RPGs, idle RPGs, and action RPGs are highly compatible with gacha, so the revenue share of games that introduce gacha exceeds 80%.
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In 2022, 60% of the global gacha-based mobile RPG market revenue will come from anime/manga-style mobile games, with 2D animation accounting for a higher share than 3D animation. It is followed by realistic and western cartoon style revenue share.
In Japan, anime/manga-style gacha-based mobile RPGs dominate the market (84%). It can be said that the gacha system originated in Japan’s two-dimensional mobile games and spread to other areas. Anime, cartoon and realistic style mobile card battle RPGs have relatively even revenue shares in the US market, all nearing 30% or more. Among them, 2D animation, stylized realistic, and 2D cartoons are the most popular. This is the combined effect of the increasing influence of Japanese 2D animation in Europe and the United States, and the continuing popularity of American comics.
Influenced by the local fantasy style and Lineage series IP, Korean gacha-based mobile RPGs are often stylized and realistic styles featuring epic scenes and fantasy characters, with 23% revenue share for 2D style games. It’s nothing more than
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Japanese and Korean mobile RPG publishers perform well
Cygames’ “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” ranked first in the gacha-based mobile RPG revenue ranking in 2022, and overall revenue increased significantly with the launch of services in South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan in June. NCSOFT’s “Lineage W” ranked second in the revenue ranking, and two other titles in the company’s lineage series also entered the top 20 in the revenue ranking.
RPG has always been an important genre for Japanese and Korean publishers. Many titles such as “Monster Strike”, “Lineage” series, and “Puzzle & Dragons” are still in the top of the profit ranking due to many years of experience in development and operation. Gameplay and monetization models, such as the Gacha system and the introduction of season passes, have also advanced with the times.
Five titles from China, including 37GAMES’ “Puzzles & Survival” and 4GAMES’ “Girls Chronicle,” ranked in the top 20 revenue rankings for gacha-based mobile RPGs.
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Excellent advertising marketing and ASO strategies have helped Shenzhen Bingchuan’s X-Hero: Save the Dog! ] will reach 20 million downloads worldwide in 2022, becoming the top download ranking for gacha-based mobile RPGs. “Gacha Club”, which combines decorations and team battles, is popular in the United States, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. It should be noted that all of the above games have introduced a mini-game system, which makes it easier for users to download.
In 2022, there will be three gacha titles: Lilith Games’ Dislyte, 4399 Network’s Morino Fantasy: Dragon Trail: Hunter World, and Ark Games’ The Legend of Neverland. A mobile RPG newly ranked in the download ranking top 20.
From the download ranking, we can see that the ratio of introducing Gacha is the highest in Squad Mobile RPG.
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