Setouchi Sunny Co., Ltd. completely renewed its website. Past performance is also posted, and the digital support system centered on videos for companies and local governments is further strengthened.

Setouchi Sunny Co., Ltd.
Setouchi Sunny Co., Ltd. completely renewed its website. Past performance is also posted, and the digital support system centered on videos for companies and local governments is further strengthened.
Setouchi Sunny Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Tatsushi Osaki, hereinafter “Setouchi Sunny”) has renewed its corporate site on the occasion of its 5th anniversary. (Setouchi Sunny Co., Ltd. corporate site: From here, we will regularly update our case studies, news, president’s diary, etc., and deliver the latest information about our company.
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Corporate site top
Corporate website renewal background
The following three were the background of our company’s renewal of the corporate site.
1. Penetration of Setouchi Sunny as a company, not a YouTuber 2. Organize our expertise such as strategy, branding, and marketing know-how 3. Sharing the direction of the newly developed education business Thoughts put into the site renewal: Tatsushi Osaki, Representative Director of Setouchi Sunny Co., Ltd.

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Before the renewal, the corporate site was mainly about the
representative, who I am active as a YouTuber. It was created with the cooperation of local designers and web production companies, and it was effective in terms of letting people know that we are a YouTuber company. I was also very attached to it.
However, as a company, we also employ employees and provide services as an organization and team to customers who have already supported us, and a divergence has arisen between the actual situation and the corporate site. Therefore, we have renewed our hope that our future customers, companies and local governments, will understand Setouchi Sunny as a company and have many opportunities to support us. And the ones who were involved in this renewal were young people in their teens to 30s, including myself, who will support the region and our company in the future. Although there are still some rough edges, we are in a phase where we will continue to grow as a team and as a company, even as individuals stand out, and we would like to continue to be of help to everyone in the community. We hope that you will take a look at our new corporate site ( profile:
Graduated from the Faculty of Education, Kagawa University in 2014. In charge of media strategy at a joint venture company such as a web advertising agency in Tokyo and Yahoo Japan. Established Setouchi Sunny Co., Ltd. in January 2018. Developing digital marketing support business for companies and educational business for schools and local governments. Also active as a YouTuber, in 2021, he was selected by Google as one of the 100 Japanese YouTube creators who have had a meaningful social, cultural, and economic impact. My favorite udon is “Kake udon”. Acquisition of Class 1 elementary, junior high and high school teacher’s license (Science).
In charge of the renewal: Yuki Tokugawa, Web Director (Freelance / Setouchi Sunny Interesting Employee)
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While working with Setouchi Sunny Co., Ltd., I felt that he has a different face from a YouTuber, saying that he has a desire to improve the region and has strategic marketing know-how to solve corporate and regional issues. bottom. In this renewal, I wanted to create a site that conveys the charm of Setouchi Sunny, which has not been conveyed so far, so I worked on the production.
After finishing the production, I think I was able to convey the charm of that side, and I think I was able to create a composition and design that makes me want to work with Sunny Setouchi. I hope that this renewal will convey the “other side of the charm” of Setouchi Sunny and accelerate the business.
Born in 1998, from Kochi Prefecture, moved to Kagawa Prefecture after university. Opened as a sole proprietor when I was in my third year of university. After that, after gaining a wide range of work experience such as HP production, LP production, SNS marketing, general web advertising, and data analysis, he became a web director mainly focused on improving the ability to attract customers. Over 100 websites have been produced in the past, and web marketing support for over 30 companies. He is involved in Setouchi Sunny Co., Ltd. as a web director, and is also active in several web companies.
In charge of the renewal: Photographer Takumi Kondo
[Image 4d32288-55-dd0cdf88aaf4d1c32941-0.jpg&s3=32288-55-6bb5e3e313d7b3af9d3f77ef131b6926-2561x2561.jpg
For the renewal of the homepage, I wanted to shoot a new “Setouchi Sunny” that I had never taken before. The image I had of Sunny was that of an energetic and pop YouTuber. Over the past few years, I’ve come to know Sunny-san while shooting many times, but that’s not all. A company that thinks more about Setouchi and the future. From Kagawa prefecture to Setouchi, and from Setouchi to the world, it was a team looking to the future. In this shoot, I thought it would be great if I could take a photo that conveys the evolving and future-focused Setouchi Sunny, and the personalities of each member.
Born in 1998, from Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture. Graduated from Nagaoka University of Art and Design, Department of Visual Design, Photography and Video Course. Graduated from university and moved to Kagawa prefecture. Worked as a photographer belonging to a design office. Currently working as a freelance photographer based in Kagawa prefecture. In addition to shooting advertisements, people, products, food, and architecture, he also works on video production such as promotions and music videos, package design, and brand creative direction. Aiming for a total creative that can only be done by a photographer.
Setouchi Sunny Co., Ltd.
Overview Company overview: Founded in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture in 2018. A venture company that develops a media business in Okayama, Kagawa with the mission of “illuminating the world from the Seto Inland Sea and creating a bright society”. Utilizing our strategic, brand power, and marketing capabilities, we provide digital marketing support centered on videos to companies and local
governments, and we also provide civic pride education that nurtures attachment and pride to the region through media. I’m here.
Representative Director: Ryuji Osaki
Phone number: 080-2387-2279 (representative)

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