Share Denki, operated by Sharing Energy, has surpassed 10,000 contract applications

Sharing Energy Co., Ltd.
Share Denki, operated by Sharing Energy, has surpassed 10,000 contract applications
Accelerating the speed of expansion with the aim of becoming one million share electric users

The number of contract applications for “Share Denki”, a third-party owned service for solar power generation systems operated by Sharing Energy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kazuyuki Uemura, hereinafter referred to as Sharing Energy), will increase in 2023 1 It exceeded 10,000 in a month.

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Service history
Since the start of service provision in February 2018, we have been promoting the provision of “Share Denki”, a service that installs a solar power generation system at an initial cost of 0 yen and reduces electricity bills. The service, which was launched for newly built homes, has been expanded to include existing homes, offices, stores, etc., and the area is also provided throughout Japan*.
From November 2021, we will start offering the “Shared Electricity Storage Battery Model,” which will install a storage battery at an initial cost of 0 yen together with shared electricity, and have received many contract applications.
From April 2022, we are also working together with local governments to realize highly environmentally friendly cities and decarbonized societies.
Share Denki not only installs solar power at no initial cost, but also introduces various energy resources such as storage batteries, energy management initiatives, and initiatives to provide environmental value to local governments and partner companies. increase.
*Excluding Okinawa and remote islands
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How Share Denki can be provided for 0 yen
We will bear the cost of parts such as solar panels and initial costs such as construction costs. Based on the service usage fee received from the customer during the contract period and the income from the sale of surplus electricity that the customer did not use up, we will collect the initial cost and then transfer it to the customer free of charge. That’s how it works.
Background to the increase in the number of contract applications for Share Denki
In order to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050 announced by the government and about 7% of solar power in the power source composition of the energy mix in 2030, solar power will contribute to safety, energy security, and economy. It is an important power source from both the perspective of “3E+S” of economic efficiency and environment. A sense of security that electricity can be used even if the power supply is cut off due to natural disasters, etc., the economic efficiency of using electricity at a low cost even with the effects of the recent surge in electricity prices, and the increasing
environmental awareness amid the trend toward decarbonization. As a result, the number of contract applications for Share Denki has increased rapidly, and in the second half of last year (July-December 2022), it increased by 218% compared to the first half (January-June 2022). increase.
Main customer voice
We have received the following comments from our customers. We will continue to make efforts to further improve our services and create overwhelming benefits for our customers.
・In addition to being able to install solar panels with no initial cost, the electricity bill is also cheaper, which is very helpful. ・There is a sense of security that electricity can be used even in the event of a power outage due to an earthquake or typhoon.
・After the contract period ends, you will receive a solar system free of charge, and you can also make money by selling electricity. ・At the time of the service contract, the details of the service will be explained politely and in detail.
・Even if something goes wrong, you can rest assured that we will take care of everything, including not only the cost burden but also the arrangement of repairs.
Voices of major partner companies
We have received the following comments from our partner companies. We will continue to work to improve our services so that we can meet the needs of our partner companies.
・Amid rising prices for housing materials and construction costs, we were able to brand a value-added product, “free installation of solar panels,” and introduce our products to customers with confidence. can ・When selling a solar power generation system, there is concern about the customer’s credit, but the use of Share Denki has solved the customer’s financial problem.
・We have the advantage of being able to propose solar power generation even after a sales contract for a new house, and we are not inferior to other companies in the speed of proposals.
・Because we can handle everything from estimates to installation, various applications, and after-sales services, and respond quickly, we can focus on housing sales and sell carbon-free housing, which is very helpful.
・We used other similar service providers, but Share Denki is very easy to use because it has a wide range of installation conditions such as target areas and installation capacities, and there are no
restrictions on building material manufacturers or retail electric power companies.
・The price for self-consumption is cheaper than other companies, and the electricity bill after installation is not a flat rate system, but a pay-as-you-go rate based on the amount used, making it easy to sell to customers.
About the future
Aiming for 1 million users, we will further accelerate the development of services that are beneficial to our customers and partners. Thank you for your continued support of sharing energy.
About recruitment information
In addition to corporate planning manager candidates and alliance manager candidates, we are stepping up recruitment in various positions. See below for details.
Recruitment page:
About alliance inquiries
We are looking for partner companies who can work together to develop Share Denki. Please feel free to contact us from the page below. example)
・House makers/builders, contractors
・ Local governments nationwide, financial institutions (regional banks nationwide, credit unions)
・Retail electric power companies, gas companies
・Construction companies, sales companies
・Share Denki member store recruitment page: Inquiries about using Shared Electricity
If you are considering using shared electricity or a shared
electricity storage battery model, please contact us for “free diagnosis” from the shared electricity service site.
・ Share Denki Service Site:
About “Share Denki”, a third-party owned service for solar power generation systems Share Denki is a service that allows you to install a solar power generation system at an initial cost of 0 yen and reduce your electricity bill. After a certain period of time, the complete system is transferred to the customer free of charge, which has been highly evaluated, and since its establishment in 2018, the number of contract applications has grown rapidly to about 10,000.
In addition, agreements with the public sector, such as a
public-private partnership with Yoshitomi Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, are progressing toward the realization of a highly environmentally friendly city and decarbonized society. provider) has been certified. [Share Denki CM video]
[Video 2:] [Five features of Share Denki]
1. Initial cost is free
No expensive initial investment
2. Unlimited use of solar power for 22 yen per kWh!
Significantly cheaper than purchasing from a power company
3. After-sales maintenance will be borne and handled by our company There is no need for maintenance by the tenant before the free transfer. We, the owner, will maintain and manage
4. Free transfer to customers after 15 years
After 15 years, the self-consumption unit price is 0 yen, and surplus power can be sold to us.
5. Safe to use even in emergencies
Even during a power outage, electricity can be used as an emergency power supply during the hours when the solar power generation system generates electricity.
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Shared electricity service model
■ About sharing energy
With the mission of “innovating energy systems by creating distributed power sources”, we provide distributed power sources such as “Share Electricity” and develop planning and development of energy management services. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting self-consumption and local production for local consumption of renewable energy. In addition, we will announce a comprehensive partnership agreement with Yoshitomi Town, Fukuoka Prefecture in 2021 and Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture in 2022, and promote initiatives with administrative and local governments. Company name: Sharing Energy Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-7-11 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Kintetsu Ginza Chuo-dori Building II 9F
Established: January 2018
Representative: Representative Director Kazuyuki Uemura
Business description: Power generation business using renewable energy, etc., and business related to its management and operation URL:
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Sharing Energy Co., Ltd. Public Relations
Details about this release:

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