Share House Hidamari collaborates with Ject One Co., Ltd. to turn vacant houses into share houses. Chigasaki recorded a 90% occupancy rate in the first three months.

Hidamari Co., Ltd.
Share House Hidamari collaborates with Ject One Co., Ltd. to turn vacant houses into share houses. Chigasaki recorded a 90% occupancy rate in the first three months.

Hidamari Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Naohiro Hayashida), which operates Share House Hidamari, collaborates with Ject One Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Mikio Ohkawa), which develops real estate sales, leasing, brokerage, and vacant house utilization business, to open new shares. I worked on house management.
And I will report that the share house “Surf Spot Chigasaki”, which is the first collaboration, recorded a occupancy rate of 90% in 3 months after opening.

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Background of collaboration with Ject One Co., Ltd.
Share House Hidamari has been operating and managing share houses since 2012. In recent years, in addition to renting share houses, we have also been working on utilizing vacant houses and rooms.
The increase in vacant houses has become a social problem in Japan, and a 2018 survey by the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications revealed that there are 8,489,000 vacant houses (*1).
In addition to the increase, the negative impact on disaster prevention, sanitation, and scenery of poorly managed properties is being viewed as a problem. However, due to the large cost of demolition and renovation, and the lack of ways to utilize vacant houses, the current situation is that they are not being used as expected.
While vacant houses have become a social problem, Share House Hidamari has been working on a “share host system” in which vacant houses are refurbished into shared houses and the owners live together. Ject One Co., Ltd., which we collaborated with this time, is also one of the companies working on the utilization of vacant houses. Share House Hidamari runs a share house in the Shonan area, and the vacant house in this property was in Chigasaki. became.
At Share House Hidamari, we aim to make more effective use of vacant houses through collaboration with Ject One Co., Ltd.
*1…[Source] Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “2018 Housing and Land Statistical Survey Special Tabulation”
Reason why share house Hidamari “Surf Spot Chigasaki” achieved 90% occupancy in 3 months

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The high occupancy rate of “Surf Spot Chigasaki” operated by Share House Hidamari and Ject One Co., Ltd. is due to the following reasons. Reason 1. Over 60 share house management experience and know-how Since its establishment in February 2012, Share House Hidamari has experience in managing share houses in 61 buildings with 386 rooms (as of December 2022).
Through more than 10 years of experience, we are in charge of everything from site selection to attracting customers, operation and management.
In addition, we have introduced a “share host system” in which the owner also lives with the vacant house.
In most share houses, residents live alone, but in the share host system, the owner lives together. Residents have said that they feel safe when something happens, and that they are happy to have someone to talk to.
Utilizing those experiences to attract customers to the surf spot Chigasaki, 90% of them moved in just 3 months after opening. We have recorded a high occupancy rate by providing knowledge of share house management and all the systems unique to Hidamari.
Reason 2. Renovate a vacant house and refurbish it stylishly Surf Spot Chigasaki was originally an empty house. Through renovation, the interior has been changed to a white-based interior, and it has been renovated stylishly.
Even if you want to make use of a vacant house, it is often difficult to rent it out immediately due to aging and lack of maintenance. However, if an empty house is renovated, it will be reborn stylishly, and Ject One Co., Ltd. said, “We will carry out some renovation work so that we will be close to the owner.
It is possible to create a share house that many people want to live in by remodeling it into an atmosphere that meets the needs of the tenants.
Reason 3. The concept of a share house based on location and needs At “Surf Spot Chigasaki”, we have prepared the facilities required for surfing lovers considering the location of Chigasaki.
For example, we have created a space where residents can immerse themselves in their hobbies by preparing the necessary facilities during and after surfing, such as shared bicycles with surfboard racks, surfboard racks, and outdoor showers.
Many people move to the Kamakura/Shonan area, such as Chigasaki, because they love the sea and yearn for a slow life.
By creating a share house that meets the needs of people living in Chigasaki, we have been able to receive inquiries soon after opening. In this way, we will consider the needs of any vacant house from the location, and propose a share house that many people want to live in. ▼ Click here for property details
[Image 3d26113-30-c42b219170b4938ce9fa-2.png&s3=26113-30-b414a70ebe6acec64f8322212cb3b323-1200x680.png
Surf Spot Chigasaki Floor Plan 1F
[Image 4d26113-30-5d1f66b6366c95649ee5-1.png&s3=26113-30-44398e0578dd334a12f29688aebc6aff-1200x680.png
Surf spot Chigasaki floor plan 2nd floor
What is “Share House Hidamari”, a community-oriented share house brand? First of all, there is no clear definition of a community-oriented share house. Each share house operator has their own way of thinking. Among them, what we value is the breadth and diversity that we perceive as a community. In addition to connecting individuals in each share house, the connection between the landlord and the residents, the connection between the local share house and the share house, the connection with the share house in other areas, the Japanese residents and the foreign residents. Connection with, connection between residents and former residents.
We are growing all the connections that are born through the share house as one community.
At Share House Hidamari, we are currently trying FUNDINNO, a stock investment type crowdfunding.
Through this crowdfunding, we hope to create opportunities for various people to know about our business, and increase the number of people who can empathize with our business and grow together as colleagues. . We would appreciate it if you could help us with your support. *Click here for details
What is Ject One Co., Ltd.?
We are a company that engages in the following four businesses under the mission of “creating places beyond imagination and making them commonplace”.
・Solution business
・Renovation business
・Vacant house business (Akisapo)
・Rental management business
In particular, we aim to create an exciting future with ideas and realization capabilities, such as facing the social issue of increasing vacant houses and creating new attractions by utilizing vacant houses.
About Hidamari Co., Ltd.
Our company has a vision of “creating a sunny place” and a mission of “increasing the number of people who accept and utilize diversity”, and launched the community-oriented share house brand “Hidamari (”. It is a company that operates and manages.
Founded in Kumamoto in 2012, as of 2022, it operates 61 buildings with 386 rooms in 11 areas: Kumamoto, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Yokohama,
Kamakura/Shonan, Yokohama, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Nagano, and Tochigi. increase.
Company information
Company name: Ject One Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-7-7 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Realty & Development Aoyama-dori Building 13F
Established: January 28, 2009
Representative Director: Mikio Ohkawa
Business description: Comprehensive real estate development business (residential, building, commercial, hotel), renovation business, vacant house utilization business (Akisapo: Website:
Company name: Hidamari Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-12-27 Shimotori, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture CORE21 Shimotori Building 5F
Established: February 2012
Representative Director: Naohiro Hayashida
Business: Planning, operation and management of share houses Homepage:
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