Sharp Started “New Healthy Lifestyle Support Campaign”

Dear members of the press,
Launched “New Healthy Lifestyle Support Campaign”
A new annual promotion to commemorate the 111th anniversary of the company’s founding 111 people will receive a cash prize of 80,000 yen by lottery for those who purchase air purifiers, “Healsio”, and “Hot Cook”.


Campaign target products (examples) From the left, plasma cluster humidifying air purifier -KI-RX100-, “Healsio” -AX-XA30-, “Healsio Hot Cook” -KN-HW24G-
As Sharp celebrates its 111th anniversary on September 15th (Friday) this year, we would like to express our gratitude for the support we have received from all of you. We are running a new promotion. As the first installment, from January 24th (Tuesday) to March 31st (Friday), one of the plasma cluster humidifying air purifiers, the water oven “Healsio”, and the waterless automatic cooking pot “Healsio Hot Cook” ( For customers who have purchased *1), we will start the “New Healthy Life Support Campaign” in which 111 people will be given cash of 80,000 yen by lottery.
Last year, we set a new business goal of practicing “management with an emphasis on ESG”, and we have made specific efforts through products such as “further strengthening of health-related businesses” and “contribution to carbon neutrality”. is being promoted
company-wide. This time, in order to have more people recognize these efforts, we will develop various promotions throughout the year centered on our priority products.
In addition to the plasma cluster humidifying air purifier, “Healsio” and “Hot Cook”, the campaign that will start today will also target smart life home appliances and home appliances with excellent “energy saving” performance. I’m here.
By having many people use the latest home appliances, we aim to reduce the burden of housework and reduce utility costs, as well as realize a more convenient and comfortable life.
● Campaign inquiries E-mail:
*1 Please check this site for models eligible for the campaign. (
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