SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Co., Ltd. Rice flour churros specialty store “KUROBOSHI” opens in SHIBUYA109 for the first time in Tokyo!

SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Co., Ltd.
KUROBOSHI, a store specializing in rice flour churros, opens its first store in SHIBUYA109 in Tokyo!
Chocolate churros that are perfect for Valentine’s Day are sold exclusively at SHIBUYA109. Fukuoka’s popular chocolate drink “Hanikam Chocola Tea” also debuts

REBORN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture / Representative Director: Wataru Wakamatsu) at “IMADA KITCHEN” operated by SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President: Ayumi Ishikawa) The rice flour churros specialty store “KUROBOSHI” operated by will open for a limited time from February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday).
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KUROBOSHI is a store specializing in handmade rice flour churros born and raised in Nasu.
The carefully selected churros are made with domestically produced rice flour, Awa Wasanbon sugar, and cooked salt from Mataichi Itoshima.
This time, Imada Kitchen will sell a limited edition of “Melty Choco Churo” with a cute heart motif that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Please enjoy the crunchy and chewy texture of churros.
Overview of KUROBOSHI, a store specializing in rice flour churros Location: IMADA KITCHEN
SHIBUYA109 Shibuya store, 2nd basement floor “MOG MOG STAND” (2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Period: February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) IMADA KITCHEN special page: sales menu
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■ Melty Choco Churro (SHIBUYA109 Shibuya store only)
KUROBOSHI’s most popular caramel sugar is topped with carefully selected thick chocolate. Heart-shaped topping sugar and alazan are sprinkled to create churros that are perfect for the Valentine’s season.
[Price] 500 yen

[Image 3

■ Caramel sugar
The most popular churros that make the most of the deliciousness of the ingredients. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, this churros has a gentle sweetness of caramel that you won’t find anywhere else.
[Price] 500 yen

[Image 4

■ Almond chocolate
Richly sprinkled with almonds with the skin on a bitter chocolate base. The crunchy texture and aroma of the nuts are addictive. Please enjoy the luxurious crunchy and crunchy texture.
[Price] 600 yen

[Image 5

■ Croy Churros
Chocolate flavored churros made with bamboo charcoal and cacao. The fragrant scent of bamboo charcoal and caramel sugar are a perfect match.
[Price] 550 yen

[Image 6

■ Strawberry Pebbles
Strawberry-chocolate sauce-covered churros and gently sweet pebbles (cereal) combine to create a crispy texture. The American, colorful and cute visuals are sure to look great in photos.
[Price] 600 yen

*All photos are images.
*All prices include tax.
*Ingredients listed are some of the ingredients used in each menu. Hanikam Chocola Tea, Fukuoka’s chocolate drink specialty store, opens in Tokyo for the first time
We will sell two types of chocolate drinks from Fukuoka’s popular “Hanikam Chocola Tea”.
Enjoy a drink with a new taste that is made by melting chocolate with tea or milk.
[Image 7d33586-203-959649a3d39b185d8021-6.jpg&s3=33586-203-164130be3fe011210ed26348a9b884be-591x591.jpg
◆ Chocolate tea (500 yen)
(Milk chocolate x Earl Gray)

[Image 8d33586-203-11ead66786294cb00b67-7.jpg&s3=33586-203-6a4274cf049cb9ef50c498049c781cea-591x591.jpg
◆ Bitter chocolate drink (500 yen)
(Bitter chocolate x milk)

[Image 9d33586-203-21488279b5b79a8ae5f8-8.jpg&s3=33586-203-a457ff2e3dd6769386823f9f2a81c293-2462x2700.jpg
By using the machine “Infinimix” dedicated to chocolate drinks, we offer a full-fledged chocolate drink that is fragrant, rich, but refreshing.
Hanikam Chocola Tea HP:
Infinimix HP:
Overview of KUROBISHI, a store specializing in rice flour churros [Image 10d33586-203-3c4e78120a5d5578f87a-9.jpg&s3=33586-203-c723a0b6cc0c9dd8bae428de21c91de9-1567x1045.jpg
KUROBOSHI, a store specializing in rice flour churros, is a store specializing in handmade churros born and raised in Nasu.
Opening date: March 15, 2020
Location: 3-46 Terako Hei, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture HP:
[Image 11d33586-203-2231d24fe6f0f4d59298-10.jpg&s3=33586-203-54fc134bbac0d93447bf4dfd7f779bfe-408x307.jpg
SHIBUYA109’s food business, “IMADA KITCHEN,” offers original menus and jointly developed menus with various companies and people.In addition, through the opening of the SHIBUYA109 Shibuya store, we support the spread and promotion of brand awareness among young people. I’m here. Opening date: June 28, 2019
Place: SHIBUYA109 Shibuya store, inside the 2nd basement floor “MOG MOG STAND” Details about this release:


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