SHIFFON Co., Ltd. A bespoke collection directed by fashion creator Tomoka Takada has appeared from PR Kohei Sasano + phenix.

From +phenix, a bespoke collection directed by fashion creator Tomoka Takada has appeared.

Evolution produced by “multiplication”. Mix, Match and Evolve From the urban outdoor brand -+phenix-, which was derived from the ski wear brand -phenix- founded in 1952, a bespoke collection directed by fashion creator Tomoka Takada will appear. The keyword is “Mix, Match and Evolve”. As a buyer/director, Mr. Takada has come into contact with fashions from around the world and freely combined them to propose styles. By combining that sensibility with the DNA of -+phenix-, we tried to further evolve the urban outdoor.
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“The first thing I focused on was materials.
“I devised clothes for a new lifestyle.”
“I want you to freely direct without being bound by restrictions and stereotypes.” -+phenix- told Mr. Takada about this bespoke collection. This is because we wanted him to demonstrate his sense, which is attracting attention not only in Japan but also from all over the world, in an extremely pure form. As a result of carefully examining the brand’s history, craftsmanship, and philosophy, Mr. Takada discovered “materials” as the core of his collection.
“The order was for me to create a collection that made the most of my personality, so I started by reconsidering what I wanted to wear right now. I live near the sea and spend my days outdoors. I go camping, but I am also active in the city almost every day.When I saw -+phenix- from my perspective, the most attractive thing was the use of materials. The first thing that caught our attention was the GORE-TEX INFINIUM(TM) product series. It is familiar as a staple of sportswear, but its tailoring requires a high level of skill, and only a very limited number of brands can be used. -+phenix- manufactures clothes using GORE-TEX INFINIUM(TM) fabrics at a very high level by producing in a carefully selected factory. I thought it would be possible to achieve the ideal level of comfort in clothing.
Furthermore, in my collection, I was particular about MADE IN JAPAN. The purpose is to pursue quality.
“I aimed for a new standard for adults by mixing sports materials and military.” The “GORE-TEX INFINIUM(TM) Product Series” emphasizes “comfort” rather than waterproofness, and features a well-balanced combination of various functions such as windproof, heat retention, moisture permeability, and light weight. It can be said that it is the best material to express the keyword of this collection, “Mix, Match and Evolve”.
“The attraction of GORE-TEX INFINIUM(TM) fabrics is that they are light yet firm and have a high-quality texture. I came to
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It has been a classic for a long time in the world of dress clothing, which is my main business. “GORE-TEX INFINIUM(TM) Product Series” born for modern lifestyles, crossing the city and nature by combining +phenix’s technology and military masterpieces. We were able to complete the ideal town wear for adults.”
M-65 Field Jacket GTX ¥63,800 (tax included)
Webbing Belt Shell Slacks GTX ¥36,300 (tax included)
We also produce pants made of the same material that can be worn as an outerwear. This has also become one of Mr. Takada’s favorites. [Image 4

[Image 5

“The main feature is that it incorporates the silhouette of dress pants. Pleats are arranged around the waist to create a natural tapered line.
I think that dress silhouette pants using GORE-TEX INFINIUM(TM) fabrics is an item that was not possible.
The waist is a webbing belt specification used for climbing pants. At the same time as achieving comfort, we are also aiming for an effect as an accent.”
Heavy Weight CORDURA Sweat Jacket ¥39,600 (tax included)*1
Webbing Belt Shell Slacks GTX ¥36,300 (tax included)
The second material Mr. Takada focused on is “CORDURA(R) nylon.” It is a high-performance material produced by INVISTA in the United States, and is characterized by its lightness and durability. In this collection, we propose a setup that uses jersey knitting.
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[Image 7

“After all, the origin of -phenix- is sportswear, so I wanted to make a jersey that is a representative item of that. The motif is “ECWCS”. The Extended Cold Weather Clothing System is military wear for the US military, and is a system that supports activities in extremely cold regions by layering multiple items. I made a jersey top with the image of a stand collar jacket that is part of it. On the other hand, the pants have a dress pants silhouette similar to those using GORE-TEX INFINIUM(TM) fabrics. Even if you wear it as a set up, it will be an elegant street wear, and it can be layered with an outerwear that uses GORE-TEX INFINIUM (TM) fabrics because it has a military connection. It also features a crisp three-dimensional effect by adopting CORDURA (R) nylon with a sense of firmness, and it goes well with adult basic wear. I think you will enjoy various mix and match.”
Mountain Field Coat GTX ¥75,900 (tax included)
Heavy Weight CORDURA(R) Sweat Pants ¥29,700 (tax included)
Inner jersey is the same as *1
A scarf with a pattern that a man in a dress skis.
[Image 8

A retro and pop piece that creates an extraordinary style that is impossible in the snowy mountains. A unique item that creates a witty man.
Ski Art Scarf 11,000 yen (tax included)
[Number of deployments] All 6 types, 13 deployments
Town wear with a sports taste is now becoming a fashion standard. However, there are still few things that adults can wear with peace of mind. The encounter between Mr. Takada, who has pursued elegance and high quality, and -+phenix- has created an unprecedented urban outdoor style.
■ Release date ■
Pre-sale starts at Mitsukoshi Isetan Shinjuku store from January 18 (Wednesday). □ Period: January 18 (Wednesday) to January 31 (Tuesday)
□ Venue: Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building 5F Men’s Tailored Clothing General sales will start on Saturday, January 21st.
■Sales stores■ *In no particular order
Mitsukoshi Isetan Shinjuku, WEARLNESS, BEAMS, DESIGNWORKS, EDIFICE [Direct store]
Special page:
* The contents of each product will differ depending on the store. ■Instagram■
Tomoka Takada:
(Japanese original by Tomoka Takada, City News Department)
Born in 1982. After working as a buyer/director of dress clothing at Beams, became independent.
Active in various fields such as the creative director of Singapore’s high-end select shop “Colony Clothing” and the creative advisor of the Italian pants brand “Bellwitch”.
An urban outdoor brand derived from the ski wear brand -phenix-, which was founded in Japan in 1952.
While using functional materials based on the taste of skiing, which is DNA, we propose a collection with diversity that corresponds from activity to city life.

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