SHIFFON Co., Ltd. PR Kohei Sasano From the skate brand “Mark Gonzales ARTWORK COLLECTION”, a new school bag collection for the 2024 school year is now available!

From the skate brand “Mark Gonzales ARTWORK COLLECTION”, a new school bag collection for 2024 is now available!
It features a design with a solid impression! Also pay attention to the novel coloring

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From the skate brand “Mark Gonzales ARTWORK COLLECTION” developed by SHIFFON, a new school bag featuring a design with a solid impression will appear for students enrolling in 2024. The new school bag will be available in 1 type and 4 colors, and will be available for pre-order from January 25, 2023 at SHIFFON ONLINE STORE, in addition to stores selling school bags nationwide from mid-April 2023.

[Basic sideline school bag]
[Image 3

A new collection with eye-catching novel coloring. The logo is engraved on the cover, and the charm of the iconic character “angel” is also accented. In addition, the back of the cover uses graphical artwork, and the design is attractive with a playful visual. [SILVER]
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Product name: [Basic sideline school bag]
Price: ¥74,800 (tax included)
Weight: about 1,230g
Large gusset width: 12.5cm
Back plate size (width x height): Width 23 cm Height 30.5 cm Height 31 cm (highest part)
Size: A4 flat file cube type
Back feeling: Wing back feeling (R)
Reinforcement (front of mouth): Powerful guard (R)
Reflective material: front tightening / mounted on the shoulder belt Lock: Color one-touch V lock
Main Material: Clarino (R) Reminica / Clarino (R) F / Clarino (R) Lipute [Regarding sales]
The new model of the “Mark Gonzales ARTWORK COLLECTION” school bag will be on sale from mid-April 2023 at the following dealers. SHIFFON ONLINE STORE will start pre-orders from January 25, 2023.
・Randsel stores
Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd. Sakurano Department Store Co., Ltd. Izumi Co., Ltd. Itoki Co., Ltd. Branchess Co., Ltd. ・WEB
SHIFFON ONLINE STORE | URL: [2024 school bag exhibition information]
From this year, the “Mark Gonzales ARTWORK COLLECTION” 2024 entrance model new randoseru collection exhibition will be held all over the country. See, touch, and carry the new randoseru for yourself. *Exhibition information will be announced sequentially on the official Instagram and official online store.
[Official SNS account]
instagram URL:
Mark Gonzales / Artist, Professional Skateboarder
Originally from Los Angeles, California, USA. Handled by myself. He is also the most famous professional skateboarder in the world as the face of numerous skateboard brands such as krooked Skateboarding, Supreme, and adidas skateboarding. As the most important figure in NY street art after the death of giants such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Andy Warhol, his trend has been attracting attention since the 1990s. Appeared in Harmony Korine’s film Gummo (97), provided art for Sofia Coppola’s film The Virgin Suicides (’99), and Spike Jonze for the short film How They Get There. There are many connections to movies, such as co-scripts with. Exhibited at “Art in the Street” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and “BEYOND THE STREETS” held in New York. He is also highly regarded as a contemporary artist. In addition, he has collaborated with “Adidas Skateboarding”, “Supreme”, etc., and recently started the NFT project “NON FRAGMENT TOKEN” with Hiroshi Fujiwara and is active in a wide range of activities.
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