Shinchosha Co., Ltd. From the latest work of Shinichiro Yuki, who is making a big break with “#I will talk a bout the truth”, to the special setting mystery x different world fantasy that is acclaimed by Miki Chinen, Akumi Kats uki, and Masahiro Imam

Shinchosha Co., Ltd.
From Shinichiro Yuki’s latest work in the big break “#I will talk about the truth” to Miki Chinen, Akumi Jingi, Masahiro Imamura’s acclaimed special setting mystery x different world fantasy. A full lineup of Shincho Bunko February new publications!

Shinchosha Co., Ltd. will release a new issue of Shincho Bunko on January 30 (may vary by region). Reservations are accepted at bookstores nationwide and online bookstores. We will introduce the lineup below.
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Kaoru Kitamura “Setsugekka Mystery Solving My Novel”
There are so many endless mysteries in masterpieces! Holmes’s partner Watson’s “unknown middle name”, the surprising secret hidden in the pseudonym of a certain “masked writer”, the reason why Ryunosuke Akutagawa wrote a scene different from the truth in his novel “Carmen”… and Yukio Mishima From Ango Sakaguchi to Futaro Yamada. Mystery invites mystery, and when you think you’ve solved it, you’re back in the labyrinth of books. A special “I novel” by an author who loves mysteries and books.

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Shinichiro Yuki “Project Insomnia”
Chono, who has lost his job due to a sleep disorder (narcolepsy), becomes a subject of a secret human experiment “Project Insomnia”. Implant a tiny chip in your brain and share your dreams for 90 days. Utopia, where you can freely embody your desires, turns into a nightmare filled with fear and suspicion due to the appearance of a certain malice. The subjects disappearing one after another, what is the true identity of the serial killer? The shocking truth brought tears to my eyes. A very satisfying feature-length mystery by the hottest new author.

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Midori Nakano “I wanted to be a columnist”
What do I really want to do! Although he graduated from Waseda University, he failed to find a job. After working part-time at his father’s Yomiuri Shimbun, he became a copywriter at Shufunotomosha. After retiring and wandering around Europe, he finally made up his mind. I want to work in the magazine industry as a freelancer. A chronicle of fashion, culture, and memories of a girl who was shocked by the magazine “Un-Ann” and became a columnist by the French movie “Deep Bottom”.

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Morihide Katayama “Sakyo, Ryotaro, Yasujirō: The Endless Japan” What did Sakyo Komatsu, the author of “The Great Catastrophe,” see in his dream of Expo ’70 in Osaka? What is the romance of Ryotaro Shiba, who longed for the grasslands of Mongolia, and what is the essential tragedy? Yasujirō Ozu, the master craftsman who chose Chishu Kasa. What is the unknown determination put into that quiet battle and the “last five minutes” that will come someday…? While reading and deciphering the thoughts of the masters with a vivid perspective, the past, present and future of Japan are brought to the fore. An epoch-making commentary that reveals a large cross section of this country!

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Takeshi Nakajima “The Origin of Terror: The Assassination of Zenjiro Yasuda” In 1921, an unknown young man murdered a well-known figure. The name of the criminal who attacked Zenjiro Yasuda, who created a financial conglomerate in his first generation, is Heigo Asahi. The shock created a chain of assassinations of Prime Minister Takashi Hara, and brought about a world of terrorism leading to the February 26 Incident. He may have harbored humiliation, resentment, and a strong desire for approval. The author, who finds a common denominator in the disparate society between then and now, follows the frustrated life of a young man. Retitled “Asahi Heigo no Utsubo”.

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Kaho Nashiki “Murata Efendi Land Record”
Turkey, Stamburg, late 19th century. Murata, an international student, lives with Otto, a German, and Demitris, a Greek, in a boarding house run by an English lady. In a town filled with reciting voices and fragrant spices, the days are filled with rich encounters with people and non-humans, while experiencing different cultures and learning more. However, conflicts between countries drag their friends into unexpected destinies. A loving and poignant memoir engraved with friendship that never fades and youth that never returns.

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Don Bentley’s Recapture of Beirut (Part 1) (translated by Kazuhisa Murakami) Jack Ryan Jr., son of the president, who saved an American mother and child who were attacked by someone while carrying out a mission in a cafe in Tel Aviv. It turns out that the target was the research technology of the mother, a physicist. It was thought that someone who moved according to the motives of Iran, China, and Russia was the mastermind. Mother and child are kidnapped after a persistent attack. In order to save the two of them, a cunning trap awaits Junior, who sticks to his convictions and enters the enemy territory alone!

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Don Bentley’s Recapture of Beirut (Part 2) (translated by Kazuhisa Murakami) In order to retrieve the kidnapped mother and child, Junior, who boarded Beirut with the Israeli Special Forces, was attacked by a storm of bullets from an Iranian terrorist support organization. Overcoming the predicament after predicament, will the mother and child be successfully recaptured? The CIA, Iran’s Quds Force, Singh Bet, China’s Ministry of State Security, and Russian mercenaries are involved in a clandestine battle, and Junior challenges them bare-handed. A masterpiece of military conspiracy suspense that represents the series.

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Tenryu Konno “Pharmacist in the Ghost World 3” (Shincho Bunko nex) Kiriko Urobuchi, a pharmacist in the Department of Kampo medicine, wanders into the alien world of Kakuriyo, where there are people who cannot exist in the real world. An “exorcist” who exorcises possessed demons. An “alchemist” who explores mysteries. Are the miracles they show real? Or is it fraud? Together with Kisui Mikanagi, a shrine maiden, Kubobuchi tries to clarify the “disease” behind the
incident… The 3rd installment of Kampo x Other World x Medical Mystery drawn by an active pharmacist.

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