Shinkinedo Co., Ltd. TV Introduced on Fuji TV (Mezamashi TV)

Shinkinedo Co., Ltd.
[TV] Introduced on Fuji TV (Mezamashi TV)

Shinkido Co., Ltd. (President and CEO Mihoko Taguchi, hereinafter referred to as “Shinkinedo”) has one of its flagship products, the “Whole Mandarin Orange Fruit Roll Cake” (*1), which is being broadcast on Mezamashi TV (Imadoki *2). Whole mandarin orange fruit roll cake” was introduced.
On January 16, 2023 (Wednesday), Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi TV ‘Imadoki’ Corner” introduced Shinkinedo’s ‘Whole Mandarin Orange Fruit Roll Cake’.
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There is no compromise in selection because the softness of the dough that wraps carefully selected top-quality mandarin orange grains cannot be wrapped as it is if it is not exquisite. That’s why we are particular about keeping the fruit juice as it is, so we have repeatedly improved and evolved to create a fluffy finish.
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