Shiori Kubo of Nogizaka46 will play Yoshiwara’s premier courtesan! Parco Produce 2022 “Sakurabun” TV first b roadcast on Sunday, February 5! CS Satellite Theater

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Shiori Kubo of Nogizaka46 will play Yoshiwara’s premier courtesan! Parco Produce 2022 “Sakurabun” TV first broadcast on Sunday, February 5! CS Satellite Theater
At the CS Satellite Theater, the tragic love story “Sakurabun” starring Shiori Kubo will be broadcast for the first time on February 5th (Sun)!

At the CS broadcasting station “Satellite Theater”, the stage “Parco Produce 2022 “Sakurabun”, which was performed at PARCO Theater and others in Tokyo from September 5 to 25, 2022, will be broadcast on February 5 (Sun). First broadcast.
A tragic love story set in Yoshiwara in the Meiji period, written by Sakurako Akino and directed by Jugo Tera. Shiori Kubo of Nogizaka46 will play Yoshiwara’s premier courtesan, and Yutaro, Saburo Ishikura, and Takaaki Enoki will appear. looking forward to!
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Parco Produce 2022 “Sakurabun”
★ TV first broadcast from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm on February 5th (Sun) at CS Satellite Theater!
September 5-25, 2022 / Tokyo, PARCO Theater, etc.
Written by Sakurako Akino Directed by Jugo Tera
[Cast] Shiori Kubo (Nogizaka46) / Yutaro / Hiyo Matsumoto, Keisuke Ishida, Satomi Achiha, Yukikazu Kano, Yasushi Kimura, Makoto Arikawa, Kazuhisa Juku / Saburo Ishikura, Takaaki Enoki and others
Sakurako Akino x Jugo Tera Talented Tag PARCO Theater First Appearance! A tragic love story set in the splendid Yoshiwara of the Meiji period. Shiori Kubo of Nogizaka46 plays Yoshiwara’s premier courtesan. The Yoshiwara red-light district in the turbulent times of the late Meiji era. Ouga, who is said to be the best courtesan of her time, is known not only for her bewitching appearance, but also for the fact that she never smiles. Sojiro Saijo, the husband of the largest paper wholesaler of the time, decides to use his wealth to open a gorgeous and extravagant Oiran Dochu.
On the other hand, Ichiro Kirino, a straight-laced young novelist who has absolutely no connection with the world like Yoshiwara, Kirino Ichiro, is singled out by a newspaper company to have him write an article about the courtesans’ journey. I was allowed to participate. In front of Sakurama who didn’t smile at all, Kirino unintentionally shouted “Please smile” with a pure heart. Immediately, Sakura Miyabi slowly collapses while exclaiming “Why…”. A large number of spectators become noisy during the chaos of the Oiran procession. It was a moment when the feelings that had been locked deep in my heart so that I would never remember them were awakened in an instant. When Sakurama used to be Masako Masako, an apprentice to a courtesan, Senta, a boy with whom she had heartfelt feelings. The faint and ephemeral feelings of their first love and the cruel ending. Kirino had the same eyes as Senta.
Saijo, who was unable to bring out a smile during the Oiran
procession, protects and hides Kirino, saying that Sakurama’s sudden unconsciousness saved him face. What is the fate of this strange encounter? The gears of the story begin to move…
[Image 2d6470-269-1ca6178f6b6382725dcf-1.jpg&s3=6470-269-22884f6c95e500beed6b0b52f752ffa6-3900x2584.jpg
Photo: Yoshito Mido
[Image 3d6470-269-68efc59c0794f1e1eb94-2.jpg&s3=6470-269-ee124db557643a864baa15eea1879da5-3900x2584.jpg
Photo: Yoshito Mido
[Image 4d6470-269-a29109bf229c7dc5cf64-3.jpg&s3=6470-269-8fa597e35d113ec5f27778fa630a09a1-3900x2584.jpg
Photo: Yoshito Mido
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