Shoeisha MarkeZine has released a special feature on rapidly rising brands in 2022! Approaching the core of essential branding

MarkeZine Releases 2022 Rising Brand Feature! Approaching the core of essential branding

The marketing media “MarkeZine” operated by Shoeisha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 5, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Mikio Sasaki) is the latest premium special feature “2022 Rapidly Rising Brands ─ Essential Approaching the core of branding” has been released.
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MarkeZine Premium Featured
Soaring brands in 2022 ── Approaching the core of essential branding There are various social issues that have been raised, and there are endless concerns about the economy and the world situation, not to mention the corona disaster. Precisely because we live in an era where we cannot see the future, the value of a “brand” is important for both companies and consumers.
In this special feature, we will pick up rapidly rising brands with the cooperation of Interbrand Japan.
Now that we are in 2023, why don’t you face the “brand” once more? ▼ List of featured articles
“Brand value” is called into question in times when the future is uncertain. How branding should be to enhance future competitiveness Interbrand Japan Masahito Namiki
Solve social issues through business growth. Current status of ASV management that the Ajinomoto Group has been working on company-wide Ajinomoto Chika Morishima
We aim to establish a brand that continues to be chosen. ANA’s CX strategy that is completely customer-centric
All Nippon Airways Kotaro Hisazawa
We will embody the purpose of our beliefs and connect brands, customers, and employees. Learn from SK-II how to create a brand experience
P&G Prestige Fumihiko Nishida
Branding of Fujifilm’s uniqueness built on technology and history Fujifilm Kazuhisa Horikiri
It’s already common knowledge in the advertising industry. What is a “technical director”, who is essential for the optimal use of technology?
Bass Drum/Technical Directors Association Toshi Morioka
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