Shoeisha Published “Marketing Latest Trend Survey 2023” from MarkeZine. Unraveling the changes occurring i n the Japanese marketing industry with data

“Marketing Latest Trends Survey 2023” published by MarkeZine. Unraveling changes occurring in the Japanese marketing industry with data

As part of the research project “MarkeZine RESEARCH”, the marketing media “MarkeZine” operated by Shoeisha Co., Ltd. Survey 2023” was published on January 13, 2023.
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The COVID-19 crisis over the past few years has had a major impact on how people spend their time and money, as well as their values. Companies are also required to reassess the changing values ​​and behaviors of their customers, redefine the value they provide to their customers, and update their business models.
In this research material, we analyze and objectively explain changes in the market surrounding business and marketing from three
perspectives: “Trends in marketing”, “Trends in major platformers and advertising companies”, and “Discussions by industry experts”. . We conducted a direct questionnaire survey of more than 800 business people who lead the marketing industry, and collected information on changes in advertising budgets, marketing measures and tools, utilization of social media, promotion of DX, etc.
It is a useful book for collecting information and creating materials, which aggregates a wide range of data unique to specialized media. ▼ Click here for details:
■ Special articles by industry top runners are also posted
・Consumer insights and changes in behavior after deregulation based on Zaim purchase data analysis
・ Ask Yuta Iidaka, how to create purchasing behavior based on SNS ・Dentsu talks about the key to integrated marketing
・How do you perceive the metaverse and the real? Hakuhodo’s
Possibilities of Cyber-Physics
・Mr. Atala Sugihara explains the period of decentralization of advertising platforms
Below are some of the survey results.
■ Chapter 4. From the latest marketing trend survey (simple tabulation) ・Changes in advertising budgets (by type of advertisement/compared to last year) When asked how each advertising budget changed compared to last year, 44.7% of respondents answered that “digital advertising” had “increased.” This was followed by “television” at 8.0% and
“outdoor/traffic advertising” at 7.8%. On the other hand, 11.2% of respondents answered that they had “decreased” in “magazines”. [Image 2

Changes in advertising budgets (by type of advertising/compared to last year) ・How to proceed with internal digital transformation
Regarding how to proceed with digital transformation at work, the percentage of respondents who answered that they are “proactively promoting it as a management policy that the entire company is focusing on” was the highest at 47.3%.
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How to proceed with internal digital transformation
■Chapter 5 Marketing latest trend survey (cross tabulation)
・Platform utilization status
As for the platforms used, in BtoC, “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “YouTube” and “Twitter” each exceed 60%. In BtoB, “Facebook” was the most popular at 61.2%, followed by “Twitter” at 48.8%. “LINE” and “TikTok” can be cited as items that showed a large difference when comparing BtoC and BtoB.

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Platform usage
■ Contents
Chapter 1 Marketing Trends
consumer trends
EC market trends
Corporate trends
Advertising market trends
Chapter 2 Trends of major platformers and advertising companies Amazon
Facebook/Instagram (Meta)
LINE (Z Holdings)
Yahoo (Z Holdings)
Rakuten Group
Major domestic advertising companies (Dentsu, Hakuhodo, CyberAgent) Editorial department attention trends (Pinterest, Shopify, Spotify) Chapter 3 Discussion
Two years after the corona disaster, the current state of consumer insight and behavior
How to create SNS-based purchasing behavior
Possibilities of cyber-physics in marketing
“Demand stimulation” and “brand equity management” using data that is close to people are the keys to future integrated marketing
Advertisement platform becoming more decentralized
Chapter 4 Marketing latest trend survey (simple tabulation)
Survey outline
Question item
Respondent profile
Marketing/promotion/advertising budget
Budget for marketing measures and tools
Utilization and purpose of the platform
customer understanding
Digitalization of DX and marketing
Deployment tool
Involvement in Sales/Digitalization Issues
Chapter 5 Latest Marketing Trends Survey (Cross Tabulation)
Cross Tabulation -By Sales Scale-
Cross Tabulation -By Business Type-
* Tool names, service names, and company names in the materials are written as of the start of the survey (August 22, 2022).
■ Product overview
“Marketing Latest Trends Survey 2023”
Edited by: MarkeZine Editorial Department + Digital Infact
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Release date: January 13, 2023
Format: A4 Color / Number of pages: 204 pages
・PDF regular version: tax-included price 99,000 yen
・Book version: Tax-included price 99,000 yen
In addition to the “PDF version”, which is highly searchable and easy to use digitally, we have prepared a “book version” that is delivered in a paper medium with an overview.
In addition, there is also a set menu that packages a “corporate shared version” that can be used within the company, and a “chart data (file format: JPG)” that summarizes all images of graphs and tables posted as survey results. .
Please check the product menu and price list on this page.
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