Shuttle Rock Japan Co., Ltd. Released the “Remind Reply” function that increases awareness of campaign par ticipants and leads to recollection

Shuttle Rock Japan Co., Ltd.
Released “Remind Reply” function to increase awareness of campaign participants and lead to recall
-You can aim to expand recognition even after the campaign ends with replies and DMs after the campaign-

Shuttle Rock Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kanemitsu Shini, hereinafter referred to as Shuttle Rock Japan) has released a reminder reply function on the Twitter instant win tool “Shuttlerock BBF” operated by Shuttle Rock Japan. I will let you know what I did.
About Twitter instant win tool “Shuttlerock BBF”
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■ Release background
Twitter campaigns are popular SNS marketing measures because they are highly effective in product and brand recognition due to the ease of participation and spreading power. This time, we have released a “reminder reply function” that allows you to approach users who participate in the campaign after the campaign ends.
As a result, information can be delivered to users even after the campaign is over, so it will be possible to further expand
■ Campaign flow with reminder reply function
[Image 2

Participate in campaigns such as follow & RT campaigns and follow & comment campaigns
After the campaign ends, you will receive new information and videos via reply/DM.
■ Image of Reminder Reply Utilization
Encourage user action by implementing campaigns to increase awareness of new products and reminding them at the timing of launch
Conduct a campaign to spread information about the program, and send videos limited to campaign participants at a later date
Conduct an app download campaign and send benefits that can be used in the app to participants at a later date
■ About the Twitter campaign tool “BBF”
It is a campaign tool that allows you to easily implement promotional campaigns with spreading power using Twitter. It is possible to carry out a must-buy campaign or an instant win campaign that automatically draws lots and returns winning results and DMs on the spot.
BBF service details
■ Types of campaigns that can be carried out on BBF
-Follow & Retweet
– Conversation button
– Receipt campaign
-Follow & comment (Quote RT)
-Follow & Like
-Via site type
– Full video viewing
■Campaign features available on BBF
– Reminder reply
-Instant win
-Send unique coupons
Click here for the material of the Twitter instant win tool
“Shuttlerock BBF”
[About Shuttle Rock Japan]
Shuttlerock Japan provides a wide range of services related to SNS as a Japanese subsidiary of Shuttlerock Limited. It is a global company that operates in 7 countries: Japan, the United States, Germany, France, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, with its headquarters in New Zealand.
We provide comprehensive support for corporate SNS marketing measures, from support for marketing activities using various SNS such as Twitter and Instagram, campaign secretariat services, to video creative production services optimized for mobile devices.
Location: 6th floor, Airmans Building Ichigaya, 2-6-4 Ichigaya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Nobuyoshi Kanemitsu, Representative Director Business: Development of social technology that supports digital marketing and Mobile video production service
Official Twitter account:
Official Instagram account: Official Facebook page: Official YouTube Channel:
■ Main services of Shuttle Rock Japan
Twitter Instant Win Tool
Twitter receipt campaign tool
LINE WEB instant win campaign tool
Campaign secretariat agency
Account management
Video production for smartphones
Details about this release:

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