Sintou Tsushin Co., Ltd. Demonstration experiment utilizing Web 3.0 technology started in Hakuba Village

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Demonstration experiment utilizing Web 3.0 technology started in Hakuba Village Sintou Tsushin/CDS., Hakuba Tourism Bureau, and Final Aim

Shinto Tsushin Co., Ltd. / CIRCULAR DESIGN STUDIO. Representative director Hideki Ito, hereinafter referred to as Hakuba Village Tourism Bureau), Final Aim Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Delaware, USA, Tokyo, Japan, President Masafumi Asakura, Director Yasuhide Yokoi
hereinafter, Final Aim), Web 3.0 technology. Demonstration experiments will be conducted in Hakuba Village.
Surrounded by majestic mountains located at the foot of the Northern Alps in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture, “Hakuba Village” is a unique place where you can enjoy not only the winter season where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding, but also the great nature of the Northern Alps in all seasons. “Mountain Resort”
The Hakuba Village Tourism Bureau and Shinto Tsushin are working to involve business operators inside and outside the village, centering on the “GREEN WORK HAKUBA” conference on the theme of the circular economy, in order to realize the “sustainable resort” that Hakuba Village is aiming for. I have been working on various initiatives. Fortunately, we were blessed with early snowfall, and tourists from overseas have returned, and this season is regaining the bustle of pre-coronavirus. As part of “GREEN WORK HAKUBA”, this project utilizes Web 3.0 technology, which is attracting attention as a means of regional revitalization, as a demonstration experiment to consider effective utilization methods in Hakuba Village in the future. I will work on it.
Demonstration experiment “Non-Fungible HAKUBA” overview
[Image 1d103090-18-0b25185bcb1463222d2b-0.png&s3=103090-18-ed673f0cfa3d65e797c5580c3a0cb201-1732x1118.png
In this demonstration experiment, we asked for photos of Hakuba Village in winter this season, recorded shooting information (time, location, etc.) linked to the photos on a blockchain and released it on a special site. It will be an effort to issue NFT (Non-fungible Token) as a certificate to photo contributors.
This project is meant to create a non-fungible record of the beautiful nature of Hakuba Village, which has faced a serious lack of snow due to the effects of the climate crisis.
● Demonstration experiment name: “Non-Fungible HAKUBA”
● Photo submission period: Scheduled until mid-February 2023 * Only for those invited in advance
●Special site release: Scheduled for March 2023 *Site URL will be released later -Special site image-
[Image 2d103090-18-cc414e5e10ab8aa1cd2b-1.jpg&s3=103090-18-9dd29dae13db8f2196a7c1b5169a7b90-1920x1212.jpg
This project is based on the blockchain platform “Final Chain” provided by our technical partner, Final Aim, and aims to conduct technical verification for a limited time in a testnet environment. Based on the knowledge gained through this initiative, we are positioning it as the first step in considering the use of this technology in Hakuba Village in the future. In the future, we will visualize various actions in Hakuba Village (for example, participate in tourism and accommodation experiences with low environmental impact), and provide incentives for enjoying nature more according to the degree of contribution. We are also planning to reduce the environmental impact of Hakuba Village, centered on .
About Shinto Tsushin Co., Ltd./CIRCULAR DESIGN STUDIO. (CDS.) CIRCULAR DESIGN STUDIO. is Shinto Tsushin’s internal project team. Under the theme of “Changing the world brighter and more fun with the circular economy,” we are working to solve social issues by connecting communities and companies. At “GREEN WORK HAKUBA”, which has been held four times in Hakuba Village, I am in charge of the overall production and creative work from the launch of the project.
Company name: Shinto Tsushin Co., Ltd. / CIRCULAR DESIGN STUDIO. Business description: Regional revitalization and new business support based on the circular economy
In addition, Sinto Tsushin Co., Ltd., Sintou Tsushin Co., Ltd., Kyodo PR Co., Ltd., and VAZ Co., Ltd., will start on January 13, 2023 in anticipation of social implementation targeting all over Japan using Web 3.0 technology. A Web 3.0 specialized agent unit “Wonder.3” has also been launched.
About Hakuba Tourism Bureau
Hakuba Village and tourism businesses (managers of mountain lodges in the Hakuba mountain range, ryokan operators, cableway operators, transporters, commerce and industry, guide associations, hot springs, finance, agricultural cooperatives, etc.) have combined their wisdom to create Hakuba Village. While making use of the rich natural environment of the area, we will develop an environment that can respond to diversifying tourism preferences, attract tourists, and promote international tourism, thereby promoting tourism-related industries and contributing to the revitalization of the local economy. The purpose is that.
About Final Aim Inc.
Final Aim is developing its Web 3.0 business globally, with a focus on the design and digital manufacturing industries. In addition to global expansion, funding environment, strengthening and utilization of Web3 technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts, we will establish a corporation in the United States in April 2022 based on
comprehensive perspectives such as law and tax. increase. In September of the same year, it was also adopted by the global startup
accelerator “Berkeley SkyDeck”.
Company name: Final Aim Co., Ltd. (Final Aim, Inc.)
Location: Delaware, USA, Tokyo, Japan
Founder: Masafumi Asakura, President and CEO / Yasuhide Yokoi, Director Business description: Web 3.0 business centered on design and digital manufacturing industry
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Shinto Tsushin Co., Ltd./CIRCULAR DESIGN STUDIO.
Person in charge: Enomoto
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