Sirius Co., Ltd. Launched a new product (tha ceramide matcha) on Makuake, a ceramide matcha that is shaken and ready for a drink.

Sirius Co., Ltd.
A new product (tha ceramide matcha), a ceramide matcha that can be shaken and refreshed, is now open to the public on Makuake.
Sirius Co., Ltd. (Director Akiko Enokishita, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has released a genderless beauty drink that combines upcycled konjac ceramide and Kyoto Uji matcha, allowing you to take a full-fledged break anywhere, and achieved the target amount on the third day.
The background to the development was that he suffered from cancer and lost his five internal organs, which caused his skin to lose moisture and suffer from dry skin.
We used Japanese konjac ceramide and the finest Uji matcha, which are upcycled materials that we tried various things while fighting illness, and found hope.
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Makuake has released a ceramide matcha beauty drink that uses a special bottle to make easy-to-melt matcha sticks so that you can drink authentic matcha in any situation. .
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The idea of ​​upcycling konjac ceramide is that konjac ceramide extracted from dust that was originally discarded can be recycled and used as a sustainable and sustainable material that can be active on the skin.
Each cup contains 1,800 μg, which is as functional as it is high, and is formulated to bring out the best performance with one puff a day. We also paid attention to the fact that 61 kinds of ingredients are contained in matcha, which is popular as a superfood in the world, which Japan boasts.
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The new matcha beauty drink using these two ingredients also agrees with the two ideas of sustainable development and change and newness in the international goals, which are composed of 17 goals and 169 targets of SDGs. I wanted to create something that will lead to the future.
The.ceramide.matcha, a matcha beauty drink made with Japanese ingredients and upcycled konjac ceramide, will be released to the world in the future.
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When it comes to conventional beauty drinks, there is a strong perception that women drink them, but we aim to spread this product, which has moisturizing and cognitive functions as keywords, as a genderless beauty drink.
Konjac ceramide is an ingredient that is expected to remove amyloid, which is also the cause of cognitive decline.
We will strive to raise awareness so that we can play an active role in Japan, where one in five people will be a super-aging society in five years.
The project posting period on Makuake is until February 12, 2023.
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Through the ceramide matcha, we will realize our philosophy since our founding, “Making bright days into everyday life.”
General sales start from the official website in the spring of 2023 HP in preparation
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