SK International Co., Ltd. Japan’s number one pride on your wrist. An open-heart Japanese-made thin mechanical watch that expresses Mt. Fuji is now available from the new brand “JPW”.

S.K. International Co., Ltd.
Take the pride of Japan on your wrist. An open-heart Japanese-made thin mechanical watch that expresses Mt. Fuji is now available from the new brand “JPW”.
From the new brand “JPW” comes a Japanese-made watch that pays close attention to detail. Pre-sale at a special price has started on the support purchase service “Makuake”.

SK International Co., Ltd., which has been planning and selling watches such as “Salvatore Marra” for 20 years, has launched a Japanese watch brand “JPW” as a new challenge. The first model is a thin self-winding watch with an open heart opening with Mt. Fuji as a motif. The belt is made of shark leather from Kesennuma.
From January 27, 2023 (Friday), pre-sale at a special limited price has started on the support purchase service “Makuake”.
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What is JPW?
A brand born in 2019 with the concept of a discerning Japanese watch. In the watch industry, which has changed dramatically due to the global epidemic of infectious diseases, we have finally completed and released the first model that we can deliver with confidence after repeated twists and turns.
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■ JPW’s first model [JP-001 -FUJI-]
The first model has a simple design as much as possible so that more people can pick it up.
The drive system is a mechanical type that is full of charm as a tool. The case is 38mm thin, not too big and not too small.
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■ Discerning design
We have omitted unnecessary decorations so that you can wear it wherever you want in any occasion.
The indexes are arranged alternately with Roman numerals and wedges. The hands are Breguet hands with an elegant design.
Overall, it creates a sharp, delicate and classical atmosphere while being minimal.
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■ Discerning open heart
Open heart type that you can enjoy watching the movement of the internal machine.
The opening is designed with the silhouette of Mt. Fuji, one of the symbols of Japan.
The pride of being made in Japan is expressed modestly and modestly. [Image 5

■ Discerning material
・316 stainless steel
The case is made of 316L stainless steel, which is also used for medical equipment.
It is also called surgical stainless steel, and is said to be “hard to rust” and “hard to scratch” compared to ordinary stainless steel. ・Sapphire glass
Sapphire glass is used for the windshield.
Compared to mineral crystal glass, which is commonly used, it is a harder material, so it is less likely to be damaged or broken. ・Movement
Uses “Cal.9029” made in Japan by MIYOTA.
A 9000 series thin mechanical self-winding movement positioned as a premium machine.
The frequency of 28,800 times/hour, which is standard for high-end watches, keeps the time more accurate.
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■ Discerning belt
Sharkskin (shark leather) is used for the belt.
The skin of blue sharks caught for food in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture is processed in Japan.
It features a natural fine uneven pattern, and no two patterns are exactly alike.
Because it is purified with sea salt, it can be used for ceremonial occasions, so you can wear it even in formal occasions.
Of course, you can enjoy the aging as well as cowhide.
It has a one-touch lever type spring bar specification so that you can enjoy matching with other belts as you like, and it can be attached and detached without tools.
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■ Product specifications
[Brand name] JPW
[Product number] JP-001
[Color] Silver / Pink Gold
[Case size] Approximately 38 mm (excluding crown)
[Thickness] about 9mm
[Weight] about 49g
[arm circumference] about 13.5-18.5cm
[Material] Case: 316L stainless steel / Windshield: Sapphire glass / Back cover: Stainless steel, glass / Belt: Sharkskin
[Movement] MIYOTA Cal.9029 (second hand stop function / automatic winding + manual winding / 2 hands) / day difference: -10 to +30 seconds / drive time: 42 hours (at maximum winding) / frequency: 28800 times / Time / number of stones: 24 stones
[Waterproof] 5 ATM water resistant
【Country of Origin: Japan
[Accessories (in preparation)] Box with logo/warranty/instruction manual

[Overview of the Makuake project]
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[Project page]
■Project name: Japan’s pride on your wrist. Open-heart Japanese mechanical wristwatch with Mt. Fuji / JPW
■ Brand name: JPW
■ Product features: Open heart with Mt.Fuji motif, mechanical watch made in Japan with shark leather strap
■ Pre-sale period: Friday, January 27, 2023 to Tuesday, March 28, 2023 ■ List price including tax: 55,000 yen (up to 35% off when pre-sold at Makuake/35,750 yen including tax/shipping included)
S.K. International Co., Ltd.
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