Skylogic Co., Ltd. “Count” and “classify” at the same time. Released AI counting application “cazoeTell2”.

Skylogic Co., Ltd.
“Count” and “classify” at the same time. Released AI counting application “cazoeTell2”.
Significantly reduces the effort of counting and quantity management.
Skylogic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City,
Representative: Shingo Minamino) released an AI-based classification count application “cazoeTell2” today on January 16, 2023. “cazoeTell2” takes pictures of objects (parts, tablets, etc.) that you want to count with a smartphone or camera, sorts and counts the objects in the photos at the same time, and displays the results. Classification counting by AI reduces the labor of counting work and the labor of quantity and inventory management.
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cazoeTell2 is an application that displays the count result for each category simply by taking a picture of the target with a smartphone or camera. By adopting a custom learning model, high-precision AI counting specialized for the target can be performed. When creating a custom learning model, simply surround the object with a frame. After that, you will be able to learn arbitrarily with deep learning, automatically adjust parameters, and count. Counting results and pass/fail judgments are displayed just by taking an image, greatly reducing the effort required for counting and quantity management. We released cazoeTell in May of last year, and in response to customer feedback such as, “Is it possible to count by classification?” and “I want to count multiple types at the same time!” Newly released as cazoeTell2. cazoeTell specializes in counting the number and number of items, while cazoeTell2 is an application that can classify and count, and can be used according to the purpose.
Features of cazoeTell2
[1] Classify and count objects at the same time.
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Objects are classified from the photos taken and the count results are displayed.
Since several types can be counted at the same time, it is useful not only for counting, but also for checking missing parts such as bolts and nuts, which are one set of parts one by one, and inventory management.
[2] Pass/fail judgment can be set.
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Pass/fail judgments can be made by entering numerical values ​​for each target object.
Since it is possible to make pass/fail judgments such as “accepted with 3 parts for each part” or “failed because one type is missing”, the work efficiency of inventory management and missing item inspection will be improved. The pass/fail judgment is displayed as a count result.
[3] There is an IOS version and a PC version, and it can be used in various situations.
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There is an IOS version that allows you to easily classify and count in your smartphone, and a PC version that allows you to connect a camera and count in real time while shooting. In the iOS version, you can create a custom learning model by taking a teacher image, annotating it (*) and uploading it to our server, and counting with the downloaded model. On the PC version, just take a picture, annotate, and press “Learning: Start” to create a custom learning model. There is no need to upload the annotated teacher image to our server. Also, by uploading the learning model created on the PC version to the server, the learning model can be downloaded on the IOS version and counted on a smartphone.
*Annotation is the work of placing a frame on the part to be counted on the image.
▼It can be applied to various counting and inspection.
Tool management
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By setting pass/fail, you can instantly check and manage the presence or absence of tools.
It can be applied not only to counting, but also to defect inspection of products and assembly inspection of parts.
cazoeTell2 Overview
Name: cazoeTell2
iOS version: You can download it for free from the AppStore. [Download URL]
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch iOS 14.0 or higher, iPad iPadOS 14.0 or higher Price: 24 hours unlimited count: 6,400 yen
Unlimited monthly count: 25,800 yen *Purchased in the App Store. PC version: Please contact us from here.
Price: Initial cost 100,000 yen (including installer and USB license key) 24 hours unlimited count: 6,400 yen
Monthly unlimited count: 25,800 yen *Payment by invoice.
The PC version is also available for rent as a demo machine. Please feel free to contact us.
▼ Free setting support is now underway!
Skylogic will support the setting and adjustment for free so that the object can be counted!
Please select “cazoeTell free setting service” from the inquiry form and contact us. If you send us an image of the object in the reply email, we will make settings and adjustments so that it can be used in practice. Please try it once.
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Company Profile
Company name: Skylogic Co., Ltd.
Location: 23-5 Higashi Mikatacho, Kita Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 433-8104
Representative: Shingo Minamino
Established: May 18, 2001
Business description:
・Computer software planning, development and sales
・Software consulting
・Management, planning and development of computer systems
・Consulting on introduction of information system
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Skylogic Co., Ltd.
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