SME Support Agency Adopted subsidized business for IT introduction subsidy 2022

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-Small business productivity revolution promotion project-IT introduction subsidy 2022 subsidized business has been adopted [“Normal framework (types A and B)” 8th, “Security measures promotion framework” 4th, “Digitalization infrastructure introduction framework (digitalization infrastructure deployment type)” 16th]

The Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan (Chairman: Atsushi Toyonaga, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) is implementing the “IT introduction support project for improving service productivity (IT introduction subsidy ) 2022”, we have adopted the following subsidized businesses.
■Summary of Adoption Results
・ Subsidy name: IT introduction subsidy 2022
“Normal Frame (Type A/Type B)” [8th deadline]
“Security measure promotion frame” [fourth deadline]
“Digitalization infrastructure introduction framework (digitalization infrastructure introduction type)” [16th deadline]
・Deadline: November 28, 2020 (Monday)
・Number of applicants: 3,477
For details, please visit the website below.
〇 IT introduction subsidy 2022 site
-What is the Small Business Productivity Revolution Promotion Project?- In order for SMEs and micro businesses to respond flexibly to the successive changes in systems and unprecedented changes in the business operating environment that SMEs and micro businesses are facing, It is a project that provides centralized and flexible support for development, etc., and continuously supports productivity improvement of SMEs and micro businesses over several years. For details, please see the special website for the SME Productivity Revolution Promotion Project ( -Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional
Innovation, Japan (Small and Medium Enterprise Agency)-
The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency is a policy implementation organization that aims to contribute to the development of the Japanese economy by promoting innovation by SMEs, micro businesses, and venture companies aiming for autonomous development and
continuation of business, and revitalizing the regional economy. . Direct follow-up support, development of human resources, operation of mutual aid systems, various financial support, and provision of business opportunities to solve management issues of SMEs aiming for sustainable growth in response to changes in the business environment. We will also cooperate in improving the support capabilities of related SME support organizations.
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