SNS Coach Co., Ltd. How do you make what you have now attractive? What is the method of creati ng “original marketing content” that triples sales productivity?

SNS Coach Co., Ltd.
-Great success-How do you charm what you have now? What is the method of creating “original marketing content” that triples sales
SNS Coach Co. Takahashi, Silver Lining Co. Mr. Naito, IDEATECH Co. Mr. Ishikawa held a talk session | ] Post-seminar report

Co-sponsored by SNS Coach Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kyosuke Takahashi), “Triple your sales productivity with original marketing content! The online seminar titled ” was a hot discussion about “sales in the new era” that aims to triple productivity, and gave awareness to the continuous lead acquisition and customer attraction activities for the business of everyone who watched it. It was a meaningful event.
On the day of the event, “SNS coach” Takahashi served as moderator, Mr. Naito of Silver Lining Co., Ltd., which develops outband sales and inside sales businesses, and Mr. Naito, who specializes in creating marketing content involving surveys and research PR, various Mr. Ishikawa from IDEATECH Co., Ltd., who gives shape to ideas, will teach you how to polish original marketing content that triples your sales productivity! ] was the theme of the talk session.
In this release, we will release some talk sessions of the seminar. If you want to know the full story of the talk session, please download from the link below.
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[Introduction of speakers]
Mr. Masashi Naito, Representative Director, Silver Lining Co., Ltd. Mr. Tomoo Ishikawa, Representative Director, IDEATECH Co., Ltd. SNS Coach Co., Ltd. President Kyosuke Takahashi
Talk section | Partial introduction
[Table 2: ]
Mr. Ishikawa | I would like to recommend that you think about the following six elements. These six elements were published eight years ago as points for posting on Yahoo! News, and it is said that Google’s SEO follows these points.
1. Trend 2. Background 3. Side story 4. Data 5. Visual 6. Social [Image 2d74113-11-9aa98ae23788891cca71-5.png&s3=74113-11-b8bcebb11bffbafd77589e46f9c678bf-697x463.png
-Speech | Mr. Tomoo Ishikawa, Representative Director, IDEATECH Co., Ltd.- We believe that it is important to think about the information that the market requires by replacing it with your own services and products.
Mr. Naito | At Silver Lining, where I am the representative, our main business is tele appointments and sales agency services. In most cases, the features and benefits of the product described in the sales materials are presented. This tendency is particularly strong among companies that specialize in technical services and product creation. As a company, we try to draw out the appeal in the following flow while hitting the wall with the client.
clarify the target
Think about what issues you are currently facing for each target company size and industry
Think about how to apply the features and benefits of your company’s products and services to the problem
Consider not only the products and services, but also the
attractiveness of the company that can be conveyed to the target. Think about how to convey it to make it a catchy talk that gains empathy Even if a product or service is necessary for all kinds of companies, we often come to rediscover its appeal as we work to draw out its features and benefits while looking at specific targets and making hypotheses.
[Image 3d74113-11-c40ceaa4c3775f2940e0-6.png&s3=74113-11-e4617b89e244c24c9dbc68954efbdd7d-604x404.png
-Speech|Mr. Masashi Naito, Representative Director, Silver Lining Co., Ltd.- Mr. Ishikawa|Another approach to reaffirming the attractiveness is to adopt a market-in rather than a product-out (thinking of developing and providing products while emphasizing what the company wants to make and what matches the company’s policy). It is also important to think from the standpoint of providing products that the market needs while staying close to the market.
When I used to belong to the sales planning department of a business company, after researching the market, I was able to reaffirm the appeal of my company’s products. have been implemented. Currently, we are working on a fact-based research PR business called “Resapie”, but I feel that only about 30% of companies recognize the importance of knowing the market. From the point of view of PR, it is an important technique to show the product made with the product out, but even if you find out what the market wants after creating the product, you cannot change the product immediately. . Unlike large-scale
manufacturing industries such as automobiles, in the IT industry, products are created at a tremendous speed, like SaaS B2B engineers. I feel that this is the reason why the product-oriented mindset is becoming stronger and the market-oriented mindset is fading. As the shift from real to online know-how progresses, companies that feel that “sales have decreased” or “inquiries have decreased”, or companies that are working on Internet advertising, CPA for listing advertisements For companies whose prices have skyrocketed and conversions have stopped increasing, we believe that it is necessary to re-recognize the attractiveness of their own companies with the idea of ​​market-in.
Takahashi | For me, I believe that breaking away from top sales will lead to a renewed recognition of the attractiveness of the company. I think it’s important to have a third party objectively look at the front line sales and turn the PDCA cycle so that sales can be highly reproducible, even in the sense of confirming whether the sales are products that sell properly. But what do you think, Mr. Naito? Mr. Naito | You are right. While I am helping various companies, my own company has become the top sales person, so I will talk while reflecting on my own company. When top management is in charge of sales, the background, reasons, and thoughts of starting the service can be conveyed to the other party without verbalizing them, and they can receive orders. If you are going to put a system in place, I think it is an important process to verbalize your thoughts and reaffirm the appeal.
[Image 4d74113-11-ab5edba7f1b2459ed671-7.png&s3=74113-11-013fa8d6eba813b48df05becab1ae9ef-697x463.png
-Speech | Kyosuke Takahashi, President and CEO of SNS Coach Co., Ltd.- Takahashi | Yes. In order to gain the ability to objectively see what the market and users want, our SNS coach company is working to connect Twitter to lead acquisition. For business owners who are surrounded by stakeholders on a daily basis, the work of jumping into the world of Twitter and increasing engagement is a very lonely battle, so many managers quit, but face Twitter and gain fans. Increasing it is also an effective means of reaffirming its charm.
Also, I think that taking questionnaires through fixed-point observations, such as the survey-type PR that President Ishikawa is developing, is as important as taking a complete medical checkup in terms of human health management. Although it is a classic idea to value the voices of the people in the field, it is possible to absorb many voices, and the yield rate cannot be said to be an index that shows the attractiveness of the product itself. Is not it.
Ultimately, it is up to the client company to discover its appeal and turn that appeal into a product. I feel like I’m giving you materials for feedback.
▼Other questions
・Question: Is it difficult to create content in-house?
・Question: How to refine and nurture content that produces results? If you would like to know the full details of the seminar, please download the report materials after the article below.
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