SOOTANG HOBBY Co., Ltd. Popular characters gather in Omotesando and Harajuku to celebrate the year of the rabbit! “Rabbit!” Exhibition now open!

Popular characters gather in Omotesando and Harajuku to celebrate the year of the rabbit! “Rabbit!” Exhibition now open!

SOOTANG HOBBY Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 2-8-5 Nihonbashi Horidome-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Xie Hajime; hereinafter referred to as SOOTANG HOBBY) will hold a character exhibition “Usagi! Exhibition” jointly with Animore Co., Ltd. and SOMSOC Gallery. is being held. The event will be held from January 7, 2023 to January 22, 2023 at two venues in Omotesando and Harajuku.
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In celebration of the year of the rabbit in 2023, the event features rabbit characters and many characters dressed as rabbits. In addition, character goods are sold at the Omotesando venue, drinks are provided at the cafe at the Harajuku venue, and a stamp rally gift campaign is being carried out at both venues.
Overview of the event
[Event name] Rabbit! exhibition
[Holding period] January 7, 2023 to January 22, 2023
[Opening hours] Omotesando venue: 12:00~19:30, Harajuku venue: 12:00~19:00 [Venue] Omotesando Venue: SOOTANG HOBBY OMOTESANDO 2F, Kawano Building Omotesando, 4-26-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Harajuku Venue: SOMSOC GALLERY 2F, 3-22-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo At the Omotesando venue, there are large character panels and limited-edition products, while at the Harajuku venue, the gallery is the centerpiece, and you can enjoy drinks that are only available here.
・Stamp rally campaign: Get a limited sticker when you stamp at both venues! ・ Goods purchase privilege: If you purchase goods at the venue for 2,023 yen or more, you will receive an event-limited clear file (1 per person, first 100 people)
Purpose of “Rabbit! Exhibition”
The purpose of holding the “Usagi! Exhibition” is to create
opportunities for many people to meet more attractive characters. SOOTANG HOBBY has been actively developing such events. Through this event, we would like to provide a new experience value that allows visitors to come into contact with art and encounter attractive character products.
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Participating character introduction
“bitter bear”
Creator: bitter melon
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“bitter bear” is the mascot character of the brand “bitter melon” from Okinawa. The origin of “bitter bear” comes from bitter gourd, and it was named in this way with the aim of jumping out of Okinawa like bitter gourd and becoming a global standard. It is already widely deployed not only in Japan but also in China.
Recently, it has gained popularity as a Harajuku-style street fashion, and hoodies are also on sale at the main venue.
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“Lemon & Sugar”
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The gentle and slightly sweet and sour world of Lemon-chan, a girl who falls in love with love, and Sugar-kun, a white and soft friend, is depicted. Happy things and sad things melt together like lemonade, creating a wonderful everyday life. It is also posted on the web advertisement of Taisho Pharmaceutical “Alpha Neo” and the number of fans is increasing rapidly.
LINE stamp: Twitter:
“Tiny Dark Bunny”
Creator: Electrostatic Field Shuo (Dian)
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The night sky is the image of countless Tiny Dark Bunny, and their mysteriously shining eyes are the stars in the night sky. The darkness they create is an unseen limitless possibility.
The author, Seiden Basaku, has many works in an artistic style, and his activities span the entire artistic domain, including fine arts and music. In music, I was in charge of the ending theme song for GO on the train and the commemorative theme song for Pac-Man.
In 2022, it was featured on the TV program “Break Eve”. A hot topic artist with over 600,000 followers on Chinese weibo. Click here for BS Fuji broadcast content → HP:
Creator: Satoneko
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Usa-chan likes to collect beautiful stones. Its true identity was a terrifying Medusa that turns anyone who sees it to stone! A happy petrification life that begins when you meet the ears of the snakes. We are developing cute but dark content from YouTube videos to picture books and miscellaneous goods.
Twitter (Medusachan):
Twitter (Sato Neko):
“Kimono Rabbit”
Creator: bonboya-zyu
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Illustrator Bon Voyage’s “Chibi Gallery” usually consists of monochrome illustrations and messages.
Creators: 460
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Kodama (“I’m not human”)
Creator: Ichiwang Air
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“Hinjinya” is a popular Chinese content series produced by “Hinjinya Workshop”, and depicts the daily life of non-human Yokai (Hinjin) in the human world in a comedy style.
“Kodama”, a work colleague of the main character, September, is the first youkai called “Gyokuto” that “Juga” brought to Tengu. He has a history of working at the Moon Palace, where he is the president of a company that makes sweets called “Mooncakes”. Once you go berserk, it takes on a hideous appearance. age is a secret. Blood type is A. Twitter:
“Koran and his friends”
Creator: Gecter
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A comedy stamp series that started in June 2018. Currently, the number of stamp shipments exceeds 10 billion, and the number of views on Tiktok in China has exceeded 5 billion. With a simple drawing style, “Blue” and his friends each have different personalities and values, and everyone can find similarities in them.
LINE stamp: Twitter:
Interview with Mr. Chin-en of Animore Co., Ltd., Producer of “Rabbit! Exhibition”
Reporter: Mr. Chen, as the event producer, how did you think about and plan this event?
Chen: 2023 is the year of the rabbit, and the Japanese New Year and the Chinese New Year are both in January (last year’s Chinese New Year was in February), so we brought together Japanese and Chinese characters to create a rabbit-themed exhibition. I thought of holding a meeting.
Also, last summer we held a character event together with SOOTANG HOBBY, but at that time it was a single venue, so we wanted to make the event even more enjoyable for more people. We decided to hold the event at one venue. Above all, I was really happy that many creators participated and cooperated, even though it was a sudden project launch this time.
Click here for the previous character exhibition →
Reporter: Please tell us about your future prospects.
Chen: I’m not originally an event or exhibition producer, but an IP producer, so even if the theme changes in event planning in the future, I want to focus on characters.
And since Omotesando and Harajuku are places with unique colors that are visited by people from all over the world, I thought that new value could be created by collecting and exhibiting attractive characters from all over the world. We would like to continue this activity on a regular basis.
Reporter: How would you like to develop your character through this event? Chen: The characters are like children, and they grow together with the fans. The producer may be important, but the most important thing in character development is the charm of the character himself. It is also very important that the motivation of the creators who support the characters is stable.
The characters I’m working with are lively because the creators keep coming out with new things. So, I want to produce a character with such vitality.
Also, since there are more and more opportunities to meet the characters first at exhibitions and pop-up stores like this, we want them to know about the world view through SNS and other means, and want to meet the characters at events like this. want to go. [Image 13

Interview with Mr. Keiichi, Representative Director of Omotesando Venue “SOOTANG HOBBY”
Reporter: Has there been any change since the opening of the physical store in Omotesando in July 2022?
Xing: There have certainly been many changes since the store opened, but the original purpose of the store has not changed. The hobby industry has been developing for a long time, and we wanted to do something that other companies hadn’t done yet to expand our existing customer base. Therefore, we decided to open a store in Omotesando, which is not common in the industry.
When the store first opened, core users and existing customers were the core of the customer base, but after a while, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus was suppressed, and the number of overseas tourists recovered, so the number of general customers increased. . Also, even among Japanese customers, the number of light users who do not usually come into contact with anime, manga, and games has increased.
We would like to provide visitors with experience value other than regular shopping, and we plan to develop new markets by holding various events in the future.
Reporter: Do customers come to the store after deciding what to buy in advance? Or do they just happen to pass by and buy it?
Xing: Many customers pass by and stop by. Also, since we are a company specializing in hobbies, we originally had many products for core users, but since there are many general users who use the Omotesando store, we have not increased the number of products for core users so much, and we are targeting general customers. We are increasing the number of products.
Reporter: Then, this time’s “rabbit! How would you like visitors to enjoy an event like this exhibition?
Xing: I would be happy if you could come to the event, understand the characters, and then enjoy our products through our store sales, website mail order, wholesale sales, etc. In addition, for creators and artists in the industry, our events will be an opportunity for many people to know about the characters, so we will continue to increase such measures in the future, and create a synergistic effect between the event and the store. I want to make it.
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Interview with Mr. Sogen Miyazaki, manager of Harajuku venue “SOMSOC GALLERY” Reporter: This time, “Rabbit! Why did you decide to participate as the Harajuku venue for the exhibition?
Miyazaki: First of all, the Chinese zodiac is based on the Chinese and Japanese calendars, and in fact, it is a concept that is used on a daily basis, not only for New Year’s, but also for “morning” and “afternoon”.
2023 is the year of the rabbit, but I usually work mainly with pop artists from East Asia. , I participated because I thought it was very Harajuku-like to experience how it would be transformed into a character.
In addition, with the support of Mr. Chen Yu, who is a friend and producer of this event, I was able to exhibit the works of popular Chinese anime artists, so I thought that I could show the forefront of Japanese and Chinese characters, so I participated. bottom.
Reporter: Please tell us your thoughts on SOMSOC Gallery.
Miyazaki: I think humans are lonely celestial bodies. Even though we are divided into various areas and invaded by various information, we still have to live along our own trajectory. I named this SOMSOC Gallery because I wanted to make it a place where solitary celestial bodies centering on East Asia gather in the art universe of Tokyo. SOMSOC means a mirror image of COSMOS–an inverted cosmos, with the hope that solitary artists from Japan and East Asia will depict the microcosm inside their bodies in the night sky of Harajuku. I’m here. When I worked for an art management company in China and was engaged in video activities, I was fortunate enough to have many Chinese fans take good care of me. After interacting with them, I realized that liking the same content is the first step toward human friendship. But getting along is the end result, and you don’t have to force yourself to date someone who doesn’t seem like a good friend. Our SOMSOC Gallery forgets about international exchanges and friendships, and wants to be a selfish space where people can talk about their favorite fashion, characters, music, and art, where they can be honest with their creative passions and desires.
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SOMSOC gallery is located just outside Harajuku Station through Takeshita Street.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy encounters with characters with unique colors that have never been seen before.
-Planning and operation-
We operate a comprehensive mail-order site that handles a wide variety of hobby products from Japan and overseas, with a focus on figures and plastic models. We will expand our business through EC and open our first physical store in Omotesando in July 2022. We are also actively involved in holding events such as exhibitions.


・Animore Co., Ltd.
Main focus is animation production and IP business. He is involved in the overseas expansion and original planning of popular Chinese content such as “Luo Xiao Black” and “Hinjin Sai”, and director Chen Yu has experience incubating popular Chinese IP from scratch.
・SOMSOC Gallery
Its main activities are the exhibition and promotion of artists and creative projects that reflect the spirit of the times. In the hall, we develop three of “gallery” “café” “select shop”.
・AniChina Co., Ltd. (support)
It also conducts Chinese anime distribution and marketing business. Strengths in brand value creation, strategy building, market analysis, and SEO. The policy is “co-creation” to solve market issues in Japan and China in cooperation with many companies.
[Instagram] ■ SOOTANG HOBBY OMOTESANDO (store information)
[Address] 4-26-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
[Business hours] 12:00 to 19:30 Open all year round (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)
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