SORAMICHI Sponsors College Student Scholarship Foundation as a Gold Sponsor

SORAMICHI Sponsors College Student Scholarship Foundation as a Gold Sponsor
SORAMICHI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Koji Kawamoto, hereinafter SORAMICHI) is pleased to announce that it has sponsored the University Student Scholarship Foundation
(Representative: Toshihiko Muranaka) as a sponsor.
Today, against the backdrop of widening economic disparities and soaring university tuition fees, some university students are in need of financial support. The Fundamental Law of Education, which stipulates equal educational opportunities, stipulates that the national and local governments must provide scholarships for those who have difficulty studying due to economic reasons, regardless of their individual ability. I have decided.
Of the scholarship systems that are representative of scholarships, the conventional loan system has problems such as the burden of repayment after graduation and the increasing number of young people who cannot move on to the life stage of getting married and having a family. . In 2020, a benefit-type scholarship system that does not require repayment started, but not only is the supply of the system chronically insufficient to meet the needs of students, There is a need for transparency in the process of asking whether students will be able to receive scholarships. Against this background, the University Student Scholarship Foundation was established with the aim of becoming “another option for scholarships.”
SORAMICHI will continue to support the activities of the scholarship foundation as a sponsor, providing learning opportunities for students who will support society, industry, and the future, and creating a good cycle of “learning” and “working.” We will continue to
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