Sotsu Medical Co., Ltd. The latest model of “MYTREX REBIVE” is finally here! Athlete model “REBIVE ZEN” th at realizes more effective body care with a dedicated “release belt” will be released from January 25 (Wednesday)

Sotsu Medical Co., Ltd.
The latest model of “MYTREX REBIVE” is finally here! Athlete model “REBIVE ZEN” that realizes more effective body care with a dedicated “release belt” will be released from January 25 (Wednesday)
– More powerful, quieter. High-performance handy gun specializing in maintenance before and after sports

Sotsu Medical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture) has launched a new handgun “REBIVE series” developed by the beauty and health brand “MYTREX”, with fashion model ROLA serving as an ambassador. The athlete model “MYTREX REBIVE ZEN” will be released from Wednesday, January 25, 2022.
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As a pioneer of handguns, this model is the product of MYTREX’s research, which has produced many popular products. In addition to general vertical stimulation, the handy gun realizes “horizontal vibration stimulation” using a special belt “MYTREX RELEASE BELT”* that can be attached to the main body. By releasing the superficial muscles in multiple directions**, more effective body care was achieved, and it was newly born as a conditioning gear that boasts one of the best performances in the series, such as power and quietness. *MYTREX RELEASE BELT SOLD SEPARATELY
**By reorienting using the release belt
■ Back up body care to give your best in that moment
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MYTREX currently sells 4 models of “REBIVE PRO”, “REVIBE”, “REBIVE MINI” and “REBIVE MINI XS” from the total body care handy gun “REBIVE series” that achieves full-scale care with powerful vibrations. This series, which has been very popular since the brand was founded, has been chosen by many customers for its high effectiveness and quality. And this time, commercialization of a new model “REBIVE ZEN” that combines sophisticated design and high performance has been realized. After many improvements, we aim to maximize training effects* with powerful vibrations that reach deeper. Furthermore, by using the dedicated “RELEASE BELT” together, it is an athlete model that condenses cutting-edge technology** that achieves more effective body care.
*Lead to a fulfilling training experience by using it before warming up. **Compared to own product.
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The powerful and high-performance “REIBIVE ZEN” enables the “vertical vibration” that loosens the deeper muscles, and the “RELEASE BELT” that stimulates the shallow muscles in a wide range with the “horizontal vibration”. Developed a new method to improve the quality of self-care.
The “RELEASE BELT” applies moderate pressure while effectively shaking and stretching a wide range of “superficial muscles”, enabling flexibility care in a short period of time.
By wrapping the “RELEASE BELT” around your body, you can comfortably stimulate the muscles in various parts of your body, including your neck, shoulders, waist, and lower body. Of course, even the
hard-to-reach back can be treated in a wide range of directions by changing the direction of application.
We deliver more effective body care to athletes and those who exercise. *MYTREX RELEASE BELT SOLD SEPARATELY
■ “10mm” stroke that does not shake to achieve “deeper”
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[Video 2:] “REVIBE ZEN” has succeeded in realizing a stroke of 10 mm, which produces powerful vibrations of up to 3,200 times per minute by stabilizing the vibration axis with MYTREX’s unique technology and installing a high-performance brushless motor. We aim to maximize the training effect* with a more hitting and strong sensation.
In addition, the powerful design with a torque of 300 mN.m or more that can withstand high pressure equivalent to 21 kg is ideal for pre-exercise joint and muscle range of motion care. It will not stop even if you press hard.
*Compared to in-house products
Equipped with a pressure sensor that enables accurate care
[Image 6d47658-61-3182f84fee41e5eb4b77-5.jpg&s3=47658-61-d8eaf5d64f5c7e9dd393ca1fc2192e0a-2667x1396.jpg
5 levels of pressure display and 5 levels of rotation speed allow for gradual stimulation care. Equipped with a pressure sensor that senses the pressure level and can be confirmed with a 5-level LED light. This leads to more accurate and safer care. The required stimulation varies depending on the part and condition, so even with the same number of rotations, by properly controlling the pressure, it is possible to perform appropriate treatment from large muscles to delicate muscles. It is a professional specification unique to an athlete model that allows you to control the stimulation you want.
■ Other features of “REVIBE ZEN”
1.47dB ultra-quiet design sharpens concentration*
[Image 7d47658-61-ac403e7f1dd96c904f1c-6.jpg&s3=47658-61-7ac11455e79f2764fbefee0856dd8e88-2667x1397.jpg
The ultra-quiet design makes it unimaginably powerful and comfortable to use, realizing quietness that does not interfere with care. Before training, before an important game. It is a specification that does not interfere with the focus for that moment.
*Compared to in-house products
Equipped with a large-capacity battery that can be used tough for 2.7 hours* [Image 8d47658-61-6b3f4d2cf00b9f550861-7.jpg&s3=47658-61-50dcd4ee51aa7969ea912040186945c1-2667x1397.jpg
Although it is compact, it is equipped with three 2600mAh batteries, and can be used for up to 7.5 hours on a single charge. It is perfect as a tough partner that brings out the best performance in daily care. *When using level 1. The operating time varies depending on the usage environment and charging environment.
3. Luxurious design and texture that fits comfortably in your hand. [Image 9d47658-61-146d113ea60998151531-8.jpg&s3=47658-61-0f869378f2c28ba1ba6629116f8f0dd5-2668x1397.jpg
Available in two colors, black and ice blue. Equipped with a grip that can be held firmly with one hand and a wide range of vibration levels that can be selected according to the area of ​​use, it will lead your daily body care to a higher level.
4. Tension care for the face and neck with delicate vibrations [Image 10d47658-61-d108294c115c6491c5f2-9.jpg&s3=47658-61-f39d7157c3668232284790e6dbb8bde1-2667x1397.jpg
Equipped with “SOFT RELEASE MODE*”, delicate vibrations care for the tension of the face and neck. Comes with a cushioning attachment that gently and effectively rests sensitive areas such as the head, facial muscles, neck and shoulders that tend to be stressed.
*Used at vibration level 1.
5. Attachment that effectively stimulates the whole body
[Image 11d47658-61-45947fd85037059fa074-10.jpg&s3=47658-61-9bb8da76e6cc5dda6dddaeaa9ecf477f-2667x1396.jpg
We offer 5 types of attachments with different materials and materials. It is possible to effectively stimulate the whole body by using it properly depending on the part.
[Image 12d47658-61-4d158602b45dec3947eb-11.jpg&s3=47658-61-7746217768dde761a3efd0ee162b292f-1396x1397.jpg
For large muscles such as thighs, back and buttocks.
[Image 13d47658-61-8198ba29d92472dbdf3c-12.jpg&s3=47658-61-53470ebafcd01716bd3139ff5b7438cb-1397x1397.jpg
When you want to stimulate pinpoints such as the soles of your feet. [Image 14d47658-61-9a131005f7b5aa3ce37a-13.jpg&s3=47658-61-a224d6300ce21b4dc0305a1f05265024-1397x1397.jpg
Soft stimulation for muscles such as face and shoulders.
[Image 15d47658-61-d11f3326042beddcfb6e-15.jpg&s3=47658-61-d6d2e457a0675c303624a7d999f700c4-1397x1397.jpg
For muscles such as the forearms, spine, and both sides of the Achilles tendon. [Image 16d47658-61-b7c4da2160cceaa82046-14.jpg&s3=47658-61-b5b46642bee4e985a6208381b2799d14-1396x1397.jpg
Including the calves, stimulating every part of the face.
■ Product overview
[Image 17d47658-61-d91b6948142092a961de-16.jpg&s3=47658-61-fd0c619ac9c5c6af6618d4756d05fd68-2667x1396.jpg
Price: 25,960 yen (tax included)
Color: black, ice blue
Model number: MT-RBZ22B (black) / MT-RBZ22IB (ice blue)
Size: Approximately 164mm x 139mm x 59mm (excluding attachments) Set contents: Mightrex Revive Zen main unit, USB cord for charging, AC adapter, 5 types of attachments, instruction manual, storage case, stopper rubber for attachments (spare)
[Image 18d47658-61-e54b460c6ffc8e935cc4-17.jpg&s3=47658-61-a8aadfaa134d229401933110171b5f17-2667x1397.jpg
Price: 4,378 yen (tax included)
Model number: MT-RB-B22
Size: Approx. 79mm x 1270mm x 26mm (including each part)
Set contents: belt parts, 2 protruding parts, handle parts, instruction manual ■ About MYTREX
[Image 19d47658-61-7c8f06623e5d2c9d2eed-18.png&s3=47658-61-487b2049da72161ebc626991720b9786-1210x296.png
“MYTREX” is a brand that provides beauty and health equipment that can be easily incorporated into daily life with the concept of “opening up, beautiful life” with the aim of making habits healthy. In September 2022, the cumulative sales of the series exceeded 1.5 million units.
Popular products include the “MYTREX REBIVE series”, a total body care handgun with powerful vibrations for which ROLA serves as an ambassador, and the “MYTREX HIHO FINE BUBBLE⁺”, a nano-bubble shower head that cleanses, moisturizes, heats, and saves water.
In addition, there is a total lift facial device “MYTREX PROVE” that stimulates “skin” and “muscles” with two different electricity, a patented electric needle head spa “MYTREX EMS HEAD SPA” equipped with EMS, which is rare in the industry, We have a lineup of items that support beauty and health by making use of your free time, such as the completely waterproof EMS-equipped hip training machine “AQUA LIFT” that allows you to achieve your ideal hips just by sitting in the bath every day. We plan to continue to use our expertise and technical capabilities as a medical device manufacturer to release a number of new products that will surprise and impress our customers.
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Company name: Sotsu Medical Co., Ltd.
Location: Urban Center Hakata 5F, 3-1-10 Hakata Station South, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Representative: Meikaku Xue, Representative Director
Established: September 2017
Business description: Planning, manufacturing, and sales of EMS equipment for exercise and facial equipment
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