Sousha Co., Ltd. New issue Popular on SNS, recommended by Sachiko Kishimoto! “The story of how I, a shut-i n who rarely leaves Chiba, became a Romanian novelist without ever going abroad. ] Released at bookstores nationwide fro m February 7

Sousha Co., Ltd.
[New issue] Popular on SNS, recommended by Sachiko Kishimoto!! “The story of how I, a shut-in who rarely leaves Chiba, became a Romanian novelist without ever going abroad” from February 7 Released at bookstores nationwide
Saito Tetsucho “The story of how I, a shut-in from Chiba, became a novelist in Romanian without ever going abroad” (1,980 yen including tax/Sousha)

After the announcement on January 6, the author’s tweet received 1,414 likes! An unprecedented cross-cultural non-fiction about withdrawals that has become a hot topic on social media.
A shut-in movie otaku who hardly leaves his childhood room in his parents’ house in Chiba, let alone Japan, fell in love with Romanian movies. An unusual life story for a complete record of how I became a Romanian idiot who writes novels!
It will be released sequentially from February 7th at bookstores nationwide, and will be released from February 17th on Amazon. Please consider introducing this book and interviewing the author.
Book overview:
“The story of how I, a shut-in who rarely leaves Chiba, became a Romanian novelist without having been abroad even once.”
Author: Jidong Tiecho
List price: 1,800 yen + tax
ISBN: 978-4-86528-350-1 C0095
Design: Takanobu Koba + Haruka Aoki (Octave)
Illustration: Yuichi Yokoyama
Issued and sold by: Syousha Co., Ltd.
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Author profile:
Jidong Iron Intestine (Saito Techcho)
Born in 1992 in Chiba Prefecture. Movie fanatic, movie writer. Continuing to write film reviews since college, working as a writer contributing to film magazines such as “Kinema Junpo”. After that, while living as a hikikomori, he became immersed in Eastern European films and devoted himself to Eastern European culture centered on Romania. After that, he actively wrote novels and poetry in Romanian, and is recognized locally as a peculiar Japanese writer. I developed Crohn’s disease, an intractable intestinal disease, during the corona wreck, and during the period of fighting the disease, I energetically updated my essays and self-made novels on note. Currently studying Luxembourgish and Maltese. His hobbies are leaving encouraging messages on Youtube videos of entertainers with short careers, and looking at ingredient lists of foods and medicines. The young comedians I’m paying attention to are Neo Balance, Haru and Hikoki. The most worrisome chemicals are aspartame and L-phenylalanine compounds.
Twitter: @GregariousGoGo

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