Special Valentine sweets only available online

Grand Suite Circus
Special Valentine sweets only available online
“Grand Suite Circus”, which is particular about the ripeness of fruits, features “aged storage” Murakami Tranavel oranges from Setoda Town, Hiroshima Prefecture.

A new online sweets brand “GRAND SWEETS CIRCUS” (online shop URL https://grandsweetscircus.com/) (Representative) that focuses on one fruit that is ready to eat according to the season and delivers it to frozen sweets nationwide. Masakazu Azegami) has started pre-order sales of frozen delivery sweets using “aged storage” Murakami tranable oranges from Setoda-cho, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture from January 16, 2023 (Monday) as a new work for Valentine.
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Grand Suite Circus is a new online sweets brand that connects [production areas/producers] and [cities] through fruits and sweets. We have repeated dialogues with domestic producers who grow fruits, and use fruits that are directly delivered from the production area. [The leading role is ripe fruit and production area]
Grand Suite Circus chooses one fruit that will be the main character from seasonal fruits. We will finish with the frozen cake eclair and frozen Paris Brest of the signboard product.
Recipes that make the most of the individuality of the ingredients range from traditional recipes to proposals that allow you to have a new food experience. In addition, information is disseminated about the stories of ingredients and production areas and the commitment of producers. By transmitting the background of the land where the ingredients are grown and the commitment and thoughts of the producers through SNS, we aim to create a food experience where you can eat while thinking about the production area and create fans of the production area and producers.
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The fruit that decorates the new Valentine’s Day is Murakami Tranabel oranges from Setoda-cho, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Tadara Farm (747 Fukuda, Setoda-cho, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture), which has been running a citrus farm on Ikuchijima for over 60 years, carefully grows and harvests the fruit. After harvesting, it is stored and aged under the strict management of Tadara Farm. We use aged storage navel oranges that increase the sweetness by letting them sit and have a good balance with acidity.

Introduction of Valentine’s new sweets
The taste of carefully selected domestic fruits and high-quality chocolate is perfect as a Valentine’s gift for your loved ones. It is also recommended for Valentine’s Day as a reward for yourself. [Image 3

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[Cake Eclair Orange]
A cake-like eclair with plenty of pulp so that you can stuff your mouth with the pulp of Murakami tranable no matter where you take a bite. The pulp is sandwiched between light Chantilly mixed with navel marmalade and rich custard cream. The navel sauce made with the pulp and skin is covered, and the shaved skin is sprinkled on top to bring out the sweet and sour aroma and clear flavor. It is thanks to the meticulous cultivation of Tahara Farm that we can use not only the pulp but also the skin of the navel.
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[Cake Eclair Ghana]
We used high-quality cacao from Ghana luxuriously. A light Chantilly chocolat and a rich crème chocolat sandwiched between crispy copauds. Kampot pepper (Epis Rolander), which is said to be the most delicious in the world, is the secret ingredient. Ghanaian cacao, which goes well with Murakami Traneble, features a mellow cacao and spice aroma and a soft bitterness. Please enjoy pairing and marriage with cake eclair orange.
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[Paris Brest Orange]
Paris Brest where you can enjoy the trio of Murakami Traneble Orange, Ruby Chocolat, and Chocolat Noir. The navel sauce is hidden so that you can feel the flavor of the navel orange more, and the chocolat noir that brings out the depth is cacao from Ghana. The crème chocolat hidden in the custard cream and the crispy chocolat noir create a moderately bitter accent that creates a lingering taste and aroma. The refreshing fruitiness and elegant sweetness are also recommended for men.
■ Product information 1.
Product Name: Cake Eclair Orange (6 pieces)
Product Details: Cake Eclair Orange x 6 pieces
Tax-included price: 3,900 yen (shipping fee not included)
Delivery method: Frozen delivery
Pre-order period: Scheduled for January 16 to February 28, 2023 ■ Product information 2.
Product Name: Cake Eclair Orange & Ghana (6 pieces)
Product Details: Cake Eclair Orange x 3, Cake Eclair Ghana x 3 Total 6 Tax-included price: 4,200 yen (shipping fee not included)
Delivery method: Frozen delivery
Pre-order period: Scheduled for January 16 to February 28, 2023 ■ Product information 3.
Product name: Paris Brest Orange
Product details: Paris Brest Orange x 1 unit
Tax-included price: 5,200 yen (shipping fee not included)
Delivery method: Frozen delivery
Pre-order period: Scheduled for January 16 to February 28, 2023 Remarks: It will be a pre-order sale with a limited quantity every week. As soon as the planned number of sales for each week is reached, pre-order sales may end early. Thank you for your understanding. Expiration date: Frozen (below -18°C) for 1 month. After refrigerating and thawing, please enjoy on the same day. Please refrigerate for 2-3 hours before thawing.
■Grand Suite Circus Online Shop
■Grand Suite Circus Official SNS
Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/grandsweetscircus/
TikTok → https://www.tiktok.com/@grandsweetscircus
LINE → https://lin.ee/cUpaiGw
Tahara Farm has been cultivating citrus fruits for over 60 years on Ikuchijima, Hiroshima.

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The town of Setoda in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture, which has well-drained soil and is warm throughout the year with little rainfall, is an ideal area for cultivating citrus fruits. Most of the farmers on Ikuchijima Island, where Setoda Town is located, grow lemons and other citrus fruits.
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Tadara Farm (747 Fukuda, Setoda-cho, Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture) has been producing citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges for about 60 years in Setoda Town. The field spreads out on a sunny steep slope, and the fruits grow while bathing in plenty of sunlight. The water given to the fruit trees is natural water drawn from a well. The mild climate and sea breezes produce vibrant fruit. No wax is used in the fruits of Tatara Farm, and thanks to the minimal use of pesticides during the cultivation and storage period (*), you can even enjoy the fruit. The new sweets use navel pericarp as an accent.
*Minimum preservatives may be used for weather, tree vigor
maintenance, and preservation.

[About navel orange]
Setoda Town in Hiroshima Prefecture is a major producer of domestic navel oranges. Navel orange varieties include Washington, Yamamizaka, and Seike, all of which have a navel at the apex. In Japan, it is sometimes called by common names such as “belly button orange” and “belly button orange”, but of course Murakami Traneble also has a belly button.
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Due to the cold weather in February 2022, the yield of Murakami Tranavel at Tadara Farm is smaller than usual, but the harvest of this season started in mid-December.
[Image 12d102825-4-32efc645fc341e01883b-9.jpg&s3=102825-4-904b7238ea512340d314500371e5b63e-3900x3609.jpg
At Tadara Farm, the harvested navel oranges are stored and aged under strict control. This will give it a sweeter, more balanced flavor with a hint of acidity. Aged and stored Murakami tranable is characterized by its rich flavor and refreshing acidity.
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