Sprix Co., Ltd. Sprix signed a partnership agreement with the Sakata City Board of Education

Sprix Co., Ltd.
Sprix concludes partnership agreement with Sakata City Board of Education -Comprehensive promotion of educational DX in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture by utilizing “CBT for school”-

Sprix Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo / President: Hiroyuki Tsuneishi) has concluded a partnership agreement with the Sakata City Board of Education (Superintendent: Kazuhito Suzuki). By introducing “CBT for school” developed by Sprix, we will promote the use of tablet terminals distributed to all children and students in Sakata City and contribute to the promotion of education in Sakata City, which promotes educational DX. increase.
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1. Background and purpose of the partnership agreement
Recently, with the development of one terminal per person under the GIGA school concept, specific methods of using terminals have become a focus in public education, and interest in CBT (Computer Based Testing) is increasing. In order to promote the introduction of CBT in public education, Sprix has developed “CBT for school”, a package of three CBTs for schools that can evaluate basic academic skills, programming, and understanding of major subjects.
On the other hand, Sakata City is promoting the “Tree of Learning” initiative, which is a city-specific summary of the skills that the city wants children to have, centered on making learning habits. In addition, from 2021, while promoting educational DX under the “Sakata City Digital Transformation Strategy” that promotes DX from the three axes of “resident services”, “government” and “region”, some schools in the city are promoting “CBT for school” has started.
Against the background of the above, we have concluded this
cooperation agreement. By using “CBT for school” at all elementary and junior high schools in Sakata City, we aim to measure the academic ability of each child in detail, lead to the establishment of optimal learning and study habits for each child, and reduce the burden on teachers.
2. Outline of partnership agreement
On January 25, 2023, a signing ceremony was held at Sakata City Hall by Mr. Kazuhito Suzuki, Superintendent of the Sakata City Board of Education, and Shuhei Umeda, Managing Executive Officer of Sprix Co., Ltd.
The main contents of the partnership agreement are as follows. ・Using “CBT for school” to continuously measure the academic ability of children and students in Sakata City to promote optimal learning for each individual and establish study habits.
・By using “CBT for school”, which has the features of automatic scoring and easy grade analysis, it will lead to a reduction in the burden on teachers.
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3. Comments at the signing ceremony
Mr. Kazuhito Suzuki, Director of Education, Sakata City Board of Education In Sakata City, we are currently working on improving non-cognitive abilities by fostering children’s sense of self-efficacy and forming study habits and a sense of purpose in the integrated elementary and junior high school education that is currently being promoted. We believe that the introduction of “CBT for school” through a
partnership agreement with SPRIX is indispensable for further enhancing the city’s efforts. In the future, we would like to further promote educational DX and collaborate with SPRIX to advance research on new class designs.
Sprix Co., Ltd. Managing Executive Officer Shuhei Umeda
Sakata City and Sprix have deepened their cooperation, starting with the implementation of the International Basic Academic Ability Test “TOFAS”, which is one of the products that make up “CBT for school”. We are very honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to all the children, students and teachers in Sakata City through the conclusion of this partnership agreement. By further deepening the cooperation with Sakata City, which has been working on educational DX early on, we will lead to the provision of educational content that is close to the public education scene.
■ Overview of Sprix Co., Ltd.
Sprix is ​​a comprehensive education company that develops cram schools and educational content.
We operate nationwide tutoring schools such as Mori Juku, which is one of the largest private tutoring schools in Japan in terms of the average number of students per classroom, and Independent Learning RED, which received the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the 3rd Japan Service Awards. In addition to expanding, we also develop and publish multiple educational content materials with top shares.
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