SR TEAM, an online community for social insurance labor consultants who want to deepen their expertise, has been released.

SR TEAM, an online community for social insurance labor consultants who want to deepen their expertise, has been released.

Gozal Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Motohiro Takaya), which operates the cloud-based salary calculation check software “Gozal”, will open an online community for social insurance labor consultants in January 2023. SR TEAM” has been released. [Imaged20612-10-aba74162b401805ade30-0.png&s3=20612-10-a60f9d23c61e299d23e1009d8cc55576-1920x1080.png
■ What is “SR TEAM”?
“SR TEAM” is an online community where social insurance labor consultants from all over the country learn from each other to improve the quality of labor and accelerate corporate innovation. Today is an era in which the standards of labor management are the highest in history, and labor management is an essential element for companies to realize their management strategies. We launched this community in order to provide a space where social insurance and labor consultants can pursue their specialties more deeply with each other in such a big labor era.
■ What you can do with “SR TEAM”
SR TEAM conducts the following activities.
Host a webinar/study session
We regularly hold labor-related seminars and office management seminars online. We invite experienced experts from various fields to serve as lecturers.
Introducing clients / sharing writing projects
The SR TEAM operator also manages a community of 600 labor managers. For that reason, we have received requests from many companies to introduce social workers, so we are connecting them.
Sharing experience values ​​among social workers nationwide
Because it is a community where social worker teachers from all over the country gather, we share their worries, problems, solutions, etc., and learn from each other and exchange information on a daily basis. ▼ Online community “SR TEAM” for social insurance labor consultants
■ What is payroll check software “Gozal”?
“Gozal” is a cloud-based payroll check software that makes payroll checks smarter. Collect employee data operated by the customer and automatically measure monthly changes in employee information. You can be notified of the impact on payroll according to the changes. Events such as contract form changes, leave of absence, salary revisions, department transfers, etc. are automatically detected and fully understood. By improving work efficiency and preventing payroll calculation errors, we eliminate the work burden on social insurance labor consultants and personnel and labor managers.
▼ Salary calculation check software “Gozal”
▼Inquiries about services
■ About Gozal Co., Ltd.
Gozal Co., Ltd. develops and operates cloud-based salary calculation check software “Gozal” with the mission of “creating a world where all customers can push forward”. We aim to create a world where people can continue to take on challenges with peace of mind by providing a mechanism that eliminates the hassle of labor management and does not overlook the SOS and risks of colleagues from accumulated data. ■ Company profile
Company name: Gozal Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and CEO: Motoyu Takaya
Business description: Planning, development, operation and sales of cloud payroll check software “Gozal”
Established: January 28, 2014
Head office: 2-3-2 Mita, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0062
Company URL:
*Information is current as of the date of announcement. Please note that information is subject to change without notice.
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