Start accepting reservations from today The long-awaited comeback of body care and perfume of “Sakura and Ch erry Scent” limited to Revolario Spring

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[Start accepting reservations from today] The long-awaited comeback of body care and perfume of “Sakura and Cherry Scent” limited to Revolario Spring
Sales will begin on January 27 (Friday) at permanent stores, official online stores, and some pop-up stores.

Takihyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Nagoya; Representative Director, President and CEO: Kazuo Taki) has launched L’ERBOLARIO, a fragrant natural beauty product from Italy. We will resell the body care & fragrance “Try Chileage” collection for a limited time from January 27th (Friday) to April 30th (Sunday).
Tra i Ciliegi Collection
Limited time sale from January 27th (Friday) to April 30th (Sunday) * Reservations will be accepted from January 13 (Friday)
Stores accepting reservations: Yurakucho Marui store, Nagoya Gatewalk store, Kobe Hankyu store, Ikspiari store, Shibuya Scramble Square POP UP STORE
[Image 1d83055-32-59c6a5a521710793e2f4-4.jpg&s3=83055-32-b7a38ae8445725bb4fd798bd40a4a795-1200x900.jpg
After enduring the harsh winter, the cherry blossoms bloom beautifully and then fall to the ground.
A gift from the natural world that is more beautiful and more attractive because it is ephemeral.
We have learned from the cherry blossoms that each one of us, who have a limited life, also has a special brilliance, and we carefully extracted the essence that makes the beauty shine from the cherry blossoms.
“Try Chillage” is a body care and perfume collection featuring a refreshing fruity note that smells lightly like clouds and a moist and soft skin feel.
Ingredients for the Tora I Chillage Collection
[Image 2d83055-32-ff7970fc88abfca575dc-6.jpg&s3=83055-32-084157b00996dadbd5200738079dad04-1000x665.jpg
sweet cherry
A fruit tree belonging to the family Rosaceae. Wild cherries can still be seen in the mountains from northern Iran, where they originate, to western Europe. Extracts from sweet cherry flowers and fruits contain flavonoids, vitamins, sugars, etc., and have excellent moisturizing and soft skin properties.
The “Try Chillage” collection includes extracts obtained from sweet cherry blossoms *1, extracts obtained from fruits *2, juices containing elastic oil *3, oils obtained from seeds *4, fruit Distilled water * 5 etc. are blended.
[Image 3d83055-32-8f5a7c90cd2926fdd31c-8.jpg&s3=83055-32-8014814772ffd42b04daa79def46d2e0-1000x667.jpg
Sour cherry (Sankaoutou)
A tree of the Rosaceae family, the Prunus genus, that grows wild in Europe and Southwest Asia. It has attributes similar to sweet cherry, but it is not suitable for eating raw due to its strong acidity. The “Try Chileage” collection contains a powder*6 obtained by carefully pulverizing sour cherry seeds as a scrubbing agent.
[Image 4d83055-32-7c64687568b91c3c0e4b-3.jpg&s3=83055-32-ceeec74c9c1ac25e52a21124defcc1c4-750x865.jpg
Tri Chileage Perfume 50ml Tax-included 7,590 yen
[Image 5d83055-32-92edd58062db3537d368-7.png&s3=83055-32-f34050f4e8f8b3a6665041d43a425f25-2000x1072.png
Try Chileage Perfume
50ml tax included 7,590 yen
The petals are neat and clean, and the full bloom is like a cherry blossom that boasts a gorgeous beauty. Beginning with the refreshing citrus and cherry blossoms grown in the sun of Southern Europe, such as Italian bergamot and Sicilian orange, it changes to a gentle and sensual middle with jasmine and musk rose. Tonka bean and moss gently drift in the last. Sweet fruity notes lightly fragrant like a cloud. [Image 6d83055-32-a36ab83f4d1588942d99-0.jpg&s3=83055-32-236eb329af77b29fc05e2037ed048252-750x905.jpg
Torai Chiriage Shower Gel 250ml Tax-included 3,410 yen
Try Chileage Shower Gel 250ml 3,410 yen including tax
-96% natural ingredients-
A shower gel containing extracts and fruit juices*3 obtained from sweet cherry blossoms*1 and fruit*2, distilled water*11, etc. The creamy foam cleanses delicate skin leaving it feeling soft and supple. The delicate cherry blossom scent brings a relaxing mood to your bath time.
[Image 7d83055-32-6390a9cf67d854d2975f-2.jpg&s3=83055-32-2fb4912b7983d6db65f1144a6760bcee-750x921.jpg
Torai Chiriage Perfumed Body Cream 200ml Tax-included 5,830 yen Try Chileage Perfumed Body Cream 200ml 5,830 yen including tax -97% natural ingredients-
The most popular product in the “Try Chillage” collection, which was very well received last year. Vitamin-rich sweet cherry blossom*1, fruit*2 extract, fruit juice*3, oil*4, distilled water*5, sal butter*7, cocoa butter*8, unsaponifiables of olive oil *9 A soft body moisturizing cream containing plant peptides*10 derived from rice. Delivers fresh moisture to the skin and envelops the skin with the delicate scent of cherry blossoms.
[Image 8d83055-32-3b7ab407d5487e0aaca2-1.jpg&s3=83055-32-e3c6ef9197fc77d4be9d98c2c8790047-750x801.jpg
Tri Chileage Scrub 150ml Tax-included 4,950 yen
Try Chileage Scrub 150ml 4,730 yen including tax
-99% natural ingredients-
An oil gel body scrub containing oil*4 obtained from sweet cherry seeds and powder*6 obtained by carefully pulverizing sour cherry seeds.
By making the size of the powder particles uneven, it not only removes unnecessary dead skin cells, but also keeps the skin surface smooth and satin-like. When it comes in contact with water, it transforms into a milky lotion, giving it a soft, velvety feel.
*1 Cherry blossom flower extract, Cherry blossom fruit extract (both skin conditioning) *2 Cherry blossom juice (skin conditioning) *4 Cherry blossom seed oil (emollient) *5 Cherry blossom fruit water (emollient) * 6 Prunus prunus husk grain (scrub agent) *7 Sarasoju seed oil (emollient) *8 Cacao butter (emollient) *9 Olive oil unsaponifiables (emollient) *10 Hydrolyzed rice protein (skin conditioning) *11 Prunus persimmon fruit water (skin conditioning) Relbolario Official Online Store
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