Started providing “Aegies”, a management analysis and prediction service equipped with artificial intelligence!

FORCE Co., Ltd.
Started providing “Aegies”, a management analysis and prediction service equipped with artificial intelligence!
Introducing a new service that supports PL/BS analysis and prediction, creation and output of loan materials

FORCE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Maaya Kawaguchi) today announced that by uploading accounting data used by companies, proprietary artificial intelligence will predict sales and profits.・We will start providing the prediction service “Aegies” (
■ Clarification of management issues is important because of the rapid changes in business these days
After the Covid-19 pandemic, not only work styles such as working from home, but also online entertainment and experiences have emerged, and the business world has undergone major changes. As digitalization advances, it becomes difficult to maintain and grow business results simply by following conventional business practices, and many companies are under pressure to transform or review their businesses. Under such circumstances, we believe that “clarification and management of management issues” will be important in determining the direction of our business.
■How can companies clarify and manage management issues?
Business is always done by comparing the present and the future, your company and your competitors, with limited resources. So how do we know and compare them? If it is a large company with abundant financial and human resources, it will be possible to grasp and compare by utilizing resources. However, small to medium-sized businesses have limited resources, making it difficult to understand and compare.
“Aegies” is a management analysis and forecasting service developed to solve such a situation.
■ Features and functions of Aegies
▼About Aegies
This is a management analysis and forecasting service that allows you to grasp your current position in the industry and forecast business performance by uploading data from your accounting system.
Please register as a member from the above.
2) Upload accounting software data
Please upload monthly changes in PL and BS for your accounting software. 3) Analysis/prediction start
After uploading, press start analysis. Analysis will start.
If you want to use functions other than sales revenue forecast, please select your plan from Settings – Change plan.
【Company Profile】
Operating company: FORCE Co., Ltd.
Business: Management and marketing support business
Location: Umeshin Dai-ichi Life Building 3F, 2-3-5 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Established: February 2012
Representative: Maaya Kawaguchi

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