Started selling Tiny House “Type-A”

Tree Heads Co., Ltd.
Started selling Tiny House “Type-A”
“Living flexibly in a small house” The first product of the HOMEMADE label
Treeheads Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Representative Director: Yuichi Takeuchi), which designs and manufactures tree houses and tiny houses, has developed tiny houses for individual users, and will start selling new products from January 2023. let’s start doing …. [There is a 10% monitor discount for those who make a contract by the end of February 2023 to commemorate the launch of a new product]
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Type-A with small but high-quality space
What is Tiny House?
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America’s Tiny House Photo: Ben Matsunaga
As the word suggests, it means a tiny house. The tiny house movement is a social phenomenon in which people who want to live a simpler life, spend less money, and spend more time and money on what they like. Starting in the United States in the 2000s, it has spread all over the world.
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Homemade Village in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture (operated by TREEHEADS) HOMEMADE is a “research and development of small living” project using tiny houses. With the desire to nurture a culture in which people select only what they really need and what makes them happy, and create an individually optimized life by hand, they conduct research on tiny houses and how to use them, product development, and users. We also provide services such as support for
Type-A 6320 standard model
[Image 4d105956-2-a7f666b14fab7e74959e-5.jpg&s3=105956-2-f023717e700470bbd542b090e922121b-2400x1800.jpg
Type-A 6320 standard model
Type-A is characterized by a gabled roof and a loft space overhanging the porch, and the design was greatly influenced by the model in which tiny house pioneer Dee Williams lived. Perfect for 1-2 people to live compactly. The structural parts are fixed, but the materials and colors of the interior and exterior, the position and size of the windows, etc. can be customized.
Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, more and more people are starting to work and live in places with a rich natural environment. HOMEMADE is currently developing products for a variety of uses, aiming to create an environment where users can enjoy their lives and work with peace of mind. In the future, we are also planning a plan to reduce costs by self-building, and we are conducting research and development to make Tiny Houses more familiar.
Features of Type-A
Commitment (1) Original trailer
The trailer, which is the base of the tiny house, is designed and manufactured in-house according to the weight and load distribution of the hut to be mounted. Structurally, the parts that are subject to load are reinforced to ensure the strength of the whole, including the hut, so you can use it very safely.
Commitment (2) High-level insulation performance
Due to the nature of a vehicle, Tiny House is limited in maximum dimensions, but we are particular about heat insulation and
airtightness as much as possible. In addition, heat-insulating fittings are used in the openings where heat flows in and out, and it is devised so that you can spend a comfortable time with as little energy as possible.
Commitment (3) Health-conscious space
Tiny houses have small rooms, so you need to pay attention to air quality. Humidity, odors, house dust, fungi, etc. can be replaced with ventilation equipment. In addition, the interior uses wood that has humidity control and antibacterial properties to minimize chemical substances that cause sick house syndrome.
Commitment (4) Simple design
It’s a small space, so I’m careful about adding a lot of equipment and elements. We choose simple and uncomplicated methods as much as possible, and try to create designs that can flexibly respond to changes in the situation and environment. In addition, we aim to create highly maintainable products that users can add and repair themselves.

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[Image 6d105956-2-1a3898ad58b594dd2845-16.jpg&s3=105956-2-bb3816a9f39cf35f0aa93e6e0a03b8de-1990x701.jpg
Type-A price list (as of January 20, 2023)
[Image 7d105956-2-7db25b42339489cc1147-14.png&s3=105956-2-1e99a46ffd332fca3cebe5a8f885b400-1550x1797.png
New product launch commemorative monitor special discount
After more than 10 years of making custom-made tiny houses, we are very happy to finally be able to launch our own original tiny house. We have prepared a special 10% discount for early adopters of our new products. Please check the following conditions before contacting us. ・Individual users who are expected to use frequently
・ Those who can cooperate with the survey regularly as a monitor for 2 years ・Those who can make a contract and pay by the end of February ・ Up to 2 people (first-come, first-served basis)
About Treeheads Co., Ltd.
Company name: Tree Heads Co., Ltd.
Location: 8240-2717 Nishiide, Oizumi-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture Representative: Yuichi Takeuchi
Established: December 2010
■ Homemade Village

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