Statusbrew Co., Ltd. Statusbrew Releases Integration with Microsoft Teams – Control Important Alerts in Social Media Marketing

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Statusbrew Releases Integration with Microsoft Teams to Take Action on Critical Alerts in Social Media Marketing
Microsoft Teams, a collaboration tool indispensable for social media marketing content planning and comment monitoring, can now be linked.
Enterprise social media engagement solution tool Statusbrew
(Statusbrew Co., Ltd., location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hisami Matsubara, hereinafter “Statusbrew”) has started teaming with Teams following Slack.
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There are two big reasons why social media marketing wants you to keep up with every notification.
One is to not miss the engagement from prospective customers that should be responded to, and the other is to not miss the monitoring until the content is published.
Prevent risks by receiving negative elements as alerts
There are two main types of risks that can occur when engaging in social media activities.
There is no moderation or approval flow when publishing content, and content that includes elements that can be criticized or misunderstood is sent. You will miss the message.
Statusbrew coordinates notification/posting settings across multiple social media platforms.
Negative elements are the fastest to receive alerts, and Statusbrew has released Microsoft Teams integration, following Slack, as a destination for quick responses.
Creating Microsoft Teams and notification rules
Statusbrew lets you set up your preferred type of notifications to be sent where your team is most active.
Decide what kind of notifications you want to receive and the preferred Teams channel, such as when a specific team member you oversee created a Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram post and why the approval was declined.
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More advanced comment monitoring: Used in conjunction with a rule engine to automate business decisions
If a brand account that receives a large number of comments and DMs on a daily basis is doing comment monitoring, not only will notifications be sent to Teams or email, but at the same time, automated decisions will be made on comments and messages that meet specific conditions. It can be set using the rule engine function.
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using the rules engine
・Automatic reply to messages on Facebook, etc.
・Automatic tagging ・Automatic assignment to appropriate teams such as customer support
・Hiding/deleting negative comments
Etc. Automate many business decisions.
What is Statusbrew
A social media engagement management tool founded in Amritsar, North India in 2011. Since 2019, we have been focusing on developing the Engage Inbox and Rule Engine for the comment monitoring function. We provide software to collect all content (including comments, DMs, starred reviews, @mentions, etc.) generated on corporate social media, convert them into tickets, and automate the monitoring system according to the risk level of each company. It offers.
In addition to providing software, Statusbrew provides thorough onboarding support from the stage of risk leveling for each company, supporting the creation of a comment monitoring design framework and workflow implementation.
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Statusbrew Co., Ltd. Contact: Hisami Matsubara
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Feel free to contact us via live chat on the bottom right of our website.
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