Stayway Co., Ltd. Participants Recruitment Choshi’s Charm Marugari Train Workation! Enjoy Choshi’s attractiv e “food” on board♪ Monitor tour to learn about history and culture

Stayway Co., Ltd.
[Participants Recruitment] Choshi’s Charm Marugari Train Workation on Choshi Electric Railway! Enjoy Choshi’s attractive “food” on board♪ Monitor tour to learn about history and culture

From January 27th to 29th, 2011, we are looking for participants for the “first in Japan” “tasting train workation using Choshi Electric Railway vehicles” to be held in Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture. [Image 1

January 27-29, 2023
* Participation in 3 days and 2 nights
* Participation in each activity program is optional. It doesn’t matter if you mainly work or program.
Program details (held only on January 28, 2023)
*The contents of the program below are not finalized. It may change suddenly. 1. 9:40-10:40 Choshi’s charm Marugari train
[Image 2

*This is the menu when the same event was held last time. The menu this time is different.
The theme of the main program is “solving the problem of loss in production areas”.
Based on the SDGs’ “responsibility to produce and use”, this is an event train that solves the “production area loss problem” unique to a production area with a food self-sufficiency rate of 240%.
For urban residents who are highly concerned about local production for local consumption (Chisan Chikatsu) and food safety, you can enjoy tasting local vegetables, sweets, and Choshi local products while listening to explanations from the producers.
In addition, we will explain not only the characteristics of the product itself, but also how to arrange it after purchase and how to eat the special way that the producer teaches, along with the climate, history and culture of Choshi.
The appeal of this program is that by learning about the background of the cuisine and tasting it while thinking about its meaning, you will develop a deeper interest in the food, and instead of judging whether it is “delicious” or “bad”, you can enjoy it while immersing yourself in the history and culture. .
2.10:40~15:50 Free time
[Image 3

From 10:40 to 15:50, you can spend your free time.
Enjoy Choshi City in your own free way, whether it’s working on a single computer or visiting tourist attractions in Choshi.
“more! Kirase Choshi! Don’t stop the event FES! ] Held
[Image 4d28016-73-f60e56736a8df7348a70-3.jpg&s3=28016-73-e379fe087cfe88d4797ecba354696f57-980x1386.jpg
In front of Choshi Station “More! Kirase Choshi! Don’t stop the event FES! “It will be held.
You can purchase some of the food you tasted in the car, so please join us. 3. 15: 50-16: 50 Afro cabbage harvesting experience
[Image 5d28016-73-020444a62bf79fed2391-4.jpg&s3=28016-73-29107865abef0899aed3c47fff7e2d73-700x394.jpg
We will offer a harvest experience of the branded cabbage “Afro Cabbage” produced and sold by Mr. Sakao, a cabbage farmer in Choshi. [Image 6d28016-73-dd35f5d7eb85a4c2cde8-5.jpg&s3=28016-73-a7015df461cb04d07935aaad7ad4f5c9-1200x853.jpg
You can wrap the harvested cabbage in cute candy-like packaging and take it home.
Participation conditions
・After the workation experience, please actively post about this workation experience and the charm of Choshi on SNS (How to send is free)
・We are asking Stayway and Choshi City for permission to use the posted photos for the second time.
・There is a possibility that the workation period will be published in articles and photos.
・After the workation, please answer the questionnaire
About workation costs
●What is included in the tour price:
Transportation mentioned in the above schedule (Charge of Choshi Marukajiri train ride fee), accommodation fee, Afro cabbage harvest experience fee
● What is not included in the tour price:
Personal expenses (refrigeration, cleaning, telegrams, telephone bills, etc. and other personal expenses incurred during the trip) Details regarding this matter and application
▼ Click here for details and application
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Representative: Atsushi Sato, Representative Director
Established: July 7, 2017
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