Stockmark Co., Ltd. January 26 (Thursday) Free seminar “The latest research papers and technical news will arrive! Introducing Anews, which makes research and development more efficient” (sponsored by Stockmark)

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[January 26th (Thursday) Free Seminar] “The latest research papers and technical news will arrive! Introducing Anews, which makes research and development more efficient” (sponsored by Stockmark)

Stockmark Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which provides “Anews Astrategy”, an information gathering service that utilizes cutting-edge natural language processing AI, will hold an online seminar “The latest research papers and technical news will arrive! Introducing Anews, which streamlines research and development, will be held on Thursday, January 26th.
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Seminar overview
Everyone in the research and development department must be regularly collecting external information and papers related to their own research theme on a daily basis in order to create new perspectives and groundbreaking ideas that will lead to commercialization. While it is important to collect such information on a daily basis, “I can’t efficiently collect the specialized information I’m looking for.” “It takes time and effort to collect and organize information.” “I’m busy with work and can’t find time to input information.” The reality is that it is not easy to collect useful information from a huge amount of information in a timely manner and use it for business.
Amidst the need for more speedy technology development and clear results that lead to business, we will efficiently collect information on “markets,” “customers,” and “technology,” and create an environment for systematic information collection and utilization. Maintenance can be said to be a major issue for creating new value.
In this seminar, about 35,000 domestic and overseas sites and paper information are distributed by AI, and how to streamline research and development work by Aseries, which delivers information related to one’s own work in a one-stop timely manner. In addition to giving you some hints on how to do this, we will introduce the features of Anews and the recently released new function “Article Delivery”. You can also request a free trial after participating in the webinar. Please feel free to join us.
*Archived videos and materials will be sent to all those who apply for this seminar at a later date.
Please feel free to apply even if you don’t know if you can
participate on the day!
Recommended for people like this
・ Those who are involved in research and development and product planning at large companies
・ Those who want to continuously obtain technical information and paper information outside the company
・ Those who want to improve the efficiency of existing information gathering work
Overview of the event
■ Date and time
Thursday, January 26, 2023 16:00-16:45
■ Location
Online (Zoom)
■ Participation fee
Free (pre-registration required)
■ How to apply
Please apply from the URL below.
About Stockmark Co., Ltd.
Stockmark’s mission is to “reinvent the mechanism of value creation and advance humankind”, and we use cutting-edge natural language processing technology to support the business creation activities of many companies.
Using natural language processing technology, we classify a huge amount of business news from about 35,000 sites in Japan and overseas. By delivering information that is directly linked to business, AI will increase the information sensitivity of the organization and encourage the conception of business ideas and development within the
organization. We support the creation of new value for companies with the market research service “Astrategy” that provides suggestions. Company name: Stockmark Co., Ltd.
Location: LIFORK MINAMI AOYAMA S209, 1-12-3 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: November 15, 2016
Representative: Toru Hayashi, Representative Director and CEO Business description: Development and operation of services that search for business opportunities and support decision-making using natural language processing
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