Store Front Co., Ltd. 30% of qualified holders are not fully utilizing their qualifications! ? Do you know that you can provide services that make use of your qualifications with a subscription?

Store Front Co., Ltd.
[30% of qualified holders are not fully utilizing their
qualifications! ? ] Do you know that you can provide services that make use of your qualifications with a subscription?
20% of those who are using subscriptions by taking advantage of their qualifications! Many people think that it is easy to earn pocket money
Storefront Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hideaki Okada) conducted a survey on “how to make use of qualifications” for those who have qualifications in cooking, music, and languages. Haven’t you heard the word “subscription” more often?
The business model of using content and services by paying a fee on a regular basis is called “subscription”.
I think that many people are already using subscription video distribution services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, but recently, subscriptions are spreading to cooking classes, music classes, automobiles, housing, clothing, etc.
So what if you could use your qualifications and skills to offer your own subscription service?
It is often said that hobby qualifications are not practical, but there is a high demand for qualification holders in fields that are familiar to consumers and related to skills, such as cooking and music. can be expected to utilize the qualifications of
Therefore, this time, Storefront Co., Ltd., which operates the web solution “Subsclamp” ( that anyone can easily create a subscription service without knowledge, has qualifications related to cooking, music, and language. We conducted a survey on “how to make use of qualifications” for
What was the original purpose of your qualification? Are your qualifications being used?
First of all, I would like to ask you about what made you decide to acquire the qualification.
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When asked, “Please tell me what made you want to get a qualification (up to the top three),” 38.7% answered, “I thought it would be advantageous to have a qualification (career, etc.).” This was followed by “I needed it for my current (future) job (35.5%)” and “I wanted a title to prove my skills (26.7%)”.
It seems that there are various reasons, such as thinking that having a qualification is advantageous, or that it is necessary for the current job.
Are the qualifications you acquired useful in your current job? When asked, “Are you making use of your qualifications in your current job (both main and side jobs)?” The results of the responses were that it was not utilized much (24.4%), that it was not utilized at all (19.8%), and that it was originally intended to be utilized outside of work (4.1%).
It turns out that more than half of them are active.
■The acquired qualifications are put to good use in this way! ・It’s a cooking job, but I can make use of my qualifications as a chef and nutritionist (20s/female/office worker)
・Taking advantage of passing the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test, I am working as a Japanese teacher (20s/female/office worker) ・Although I am a clerical worker, the bookkeeping and secretarial qualifications I have acquired are useful in my work (30s / male / office worker)
・In a security position, you cannot work without the qualification (30s/male/civil servant)
The reason why qualifications are not fully utilized is because they are not practical qualifications!
I know the percentage of people who are able to use their
qualifications at work, but how many opportunities are there to use their qualifications outside of work?
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When asked, “How often do you have opportunities to use your qualifications outside of work?”, the answers were “very often (18.6%)”, “sometimes (45.0%)”, “not so often (25.7%)”, and “not at all (10.7%).” %)” was the answer.
It was found that more than 30% of the respondents answered not so much or not at all.
In the results of the previous survey, more than 40% of respondents said that their qualifications were not being used at work, but what are the reasons why they are not being able to utilize their qualifications at work or outside of work?
For those who answered that they were not able to make use of their qualifications at work or outside of work, I asked them, “Please tell me the closest reason why you cannot make use of your qualifications at work or outside of work (up to the top three).” The most common answer was “Because it is not a practical qualification (26.4%)”, followed by “Even if you have qualifications, you will not be hired (required) (23.8%)” and “No particular reason (19.5%)”. continued. There are countless types of qualifications, but many people think that they are not making the most of their qualifications because they are not practical.
What if there was a way to deliver services that make use of qualifications to more people?
As with any qualification, I think that you will study hard and challenge the exam in order to acquire it.
It’s a qualification that I’ve worked hard to acquire, so it would be nice if I could make use of it somehow.
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When asked, “If it is possible, would you like to use your
qualifications for more people than you are now, both at work (both your main job and side jobs)?” (20.6%)” and “I agree to some extent (52.1%)”.
It seems that a great many people want to make use of their
qualifications both at work and outside of work.
■ How to make the best use of your ideal qualifications
・First of all, I want to make use of my hobbies as a side job and live by doing what I like (20s/female/office worker)
・I would like to volunteer to guide people from English-speaking countries (40s/female/civil servant)
・ I want to expand my work area and become independent (40s / male / office worker)
・I want to use my qualifications to volunteer at a children’s cafeteria and cook (40s/female/part-time job)
It seems that you want to use your qualifications to do what you like and what you are interested in.
Now is the time when you can provide services with a subscription even for qualifications! ?
As mentioned at the beginning, in recent years, you can use the qualifications you have acquired as a hobby to provide your own subscription service, which can be used at work and outside of work. So, how many of you know that you can start a subscription using the qualifications you have acquired as a hobby?
[Image 4

When asked, “Do you know that you can start a subscription using your qualifications?” ) (27.6%)” and “I didn’t know (53.4%)”.
About 20% of people are already using it, but it seems that there are still many people who don’t know about it.
What are the impressions of those who use their qualifications to provide subscriptions and the reasons for those who do not?
About 20% of people used subscriptions by taking advantage of their qualifications, but I asked them about their impressions of actually using them.
What is your impression of offering a subscription?
・It was convenient (20s/female/office worker)
・Perfect for earning pocket money (30s/male/office worker)
・I wanted to continue because it was easy for anyone to start and it wasn’t difficult (40s/male/office worker)
・It is convenient because it is easy to start and you can get a large amount of rewards (40s/male/civil servant)
They find it useful because it’s easy to get started and the rewards are substantial.
So, what is the reason for those who are aware of the existence of such a service but do not use it?
I asked those who answered “I knew (I’ve only heard the story)” in the previous question.
[Image 5

When asked, “Please tell us the reasons for not offering
subscriptions, or what you are worried about (up to the top three),” they answered, “I don’t know where to start (39.4%).” The largest number of respondents answered that they did, followed by “Because the procedure before providing it seems to be troublesome and difficult (31.2%)” and “The running cost seems to be high (30.1%)”. It seems that many people have vague anxiety about their first attempt. [Summary] Future developments as seen from the actual situation of qualified holders
From the results of this survey, we found that there are people who have various qualifications but are not able to make use of them not only at work but also outside of work because they are not practical. More than 70% of people want to use their qualifications for the benefit of many people, both at work and outside of work, but the reality is that they have not found a specific way to use them. Among them, about 20% of people have already used subscriptions that make use of their qualifications, and it was found that many people feel that they are convenient because they are easy and earn pocket money.
On the other hand, it seems that there are many people who know about it but do not use it because they do not know where to start, or because the procedure seems troublesome.
Making use of the qualifications you have acquired so far will not only help someone, but it will also lead to confidence.
If you want to make the most of your qualifications, “Subscription” is recommended
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This time, Storefront Co., Ltd., which conducted a survey on “how to use qualifications”, operates a web solution “Subsclamp”
( that allows anyone to easily create a subscription service without knowledge. doing.
■ What is Subsclamp?
・Subscribe to any business
Online lessons, store business such as restaurants, regular delivery of goods, rental service, etc.
Subscrimp can subscribe any business regardless of business type. *Depending on the service, there may be cases where it cannot be provided due to screening.
・ Initial cost / monthly cost 0 yen. so low risk
The cost for using the service is only 500 yen for the monthly sales fee and transfer fee.
No initial costs or monthly fees are required.
Even if you are worried about your first subscription, you can start small with a low initial investment.
– Free and generous support
“I can’t decide the service content”, “How are other people doing?”, “I’m not confident”, etc.
Feel free to take advantage of free manned support. There are many people who say, “I just want to consult with you.”
Anyone can consult for free, so please contact us from “Inquiries”. *Weekdays only, 11:00-17:00, reservation required (Zoom, phone) ・It’s okay if you don’t have any specialized knowledge! We have everything you need
Anyone can easily create a service page from payment to a simple setting screen without difficult words.
Sales can be seen at a glance from the payment function application page, automatic monthly billing, and customer / billing management. We have all the functions you need for your subscription business. Of course, service creation is available for free. (There is no charge until a contract is signed)
·moreover! Full of useful functions specialized for subscription business! -Billing for 1 month and 3 months-
You can choose a billing cycle that matches the content and features of your service.
-Limited release-
You can create services that only certain people can access. -Data analysis-
You can check the number of contracts and changes in the churn rate and use it to improve services.
-Contract certificate (QR code)-
By reading the QR code, you can see the user’s contract status and the number of times of use.
-e-mail magazine-
We will send emails to contracted users to notify and inform them about our services.
-Reservation calendar-
You can manage the visit date and time of the user and smoothly coordinate the schedule with the customer.
■ 3 benefits of subscram
Merit 1.
Any business can subscribe!
Not only store business such as eating and drinking, but also fan community, learning / school management, rental service, regular sales of goods … etc.
Subscrimp can subscribe any business regardless of business type. Merit 2.
Start now!! And it’s free
You can start operating 3 services free of charge within 3 business days (weekdays) from the application date.
For example, you can prepare 3 pricing plans for the same type of service, or 3 completely different subscription businesses.
You can start. Free to use!
* The start time of provision will change depending on the examination status Merit 3.
Easy and secure fee structure
The cost is only a settlement fee and a transfer fee of 500 yen! Rest assured that there will be no additional costs.
Since the cost is incurred after the contract with the customer occurs, even those who are just starting can use it with confidence. *Subject to change in the future
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Survey overview: Survey on “how to make the most of qualifications” [Survey date] Tuesday, December 6, 2022
[Survey method] Internet survey
[Number of people surveyed] 1,011 people
[Survey target] Persons with qualifications in cooking, music, and language [Monitor provider] General Research

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