Stratasys Japan Co., Ltd. Limited release in Japan and Korea! Stratasys introduces the J55 Pro, a black and white color version, as an industrial full-color 3D printer for prototyping. Ideal for office installations, enabling rapid validation of pr

Stratasys Japan Co., Ltd.
Only available in Japan and Korea! Stratasys introduces the J55 Pro, a black and white color version, as an industrial full-color 3D printer for prototyping. Ideal for office installations, enabling rapid validation of product designs.
In addition to unlimited expressive power from white to black, transparent and rubber materials are all in your hands. Accelerate product design appearance and function verification.

In 2020, Stratasys Japan launched the J55(TM) 3D printer, which enables designers and teams to quickly create full-color, realistic designs from anywhere with the touch of a button. With the J55 Pro, in response to requests from Japanese customers, while maintaining the rich and high-fidelity expressiveness that uses realistic textures and transparency, by limiting the color variations to black and white, This allows us to offer it at a more affordable price.
J55(TM) Pro brings PolyJet technology that allows you to mix and match materials at an affordable price
The J55 Pro 3D Printer is for designers and engineers who can take everything from concept modeling to high fidelity, realistic and fully functional models at each stage of the product development lifecycle. It is possible to mix multiple materials such as transparent and rubber-like materials in various ratios of black and white at the same time, or to simply mold with one color, so it has versatility to produce parts that meet your needs. Applications include creating smooth and detailed prototypes, precision fixtures, fixtures, functional components and concept models that convey the beauty of the final product. In addition, complex shapes, intricate details, and delicate features can be handled.
Prototype like the final product
Create perfect prototypes that look, feel and function like the final product. The J55 Pro combines grayscale colors, transparency, textures and moving parts in white to black variations to create realistic models that decision makers can handle for faster design.・Enable decision-making in development.
Reduce prototyping time and costs
With the J55 Pro, the entire process can be done in-house without relying on outsourcing. Design realistic, high-quality parts and prototypes with this all-in-one multi-material printer. You can also iterate, fix errors, and verify designs more efficiently, helping you get your final design to market faster.
J55 Pro 7 Features
Compact design: Fits in tight spaces with best-in-class
footprint-to-build tray ratio while maintaining a small footprint. And more options for better yields.
Odorless: Effectively filter exhaust air with the ProAero air purifier for safe, odor-free operation. Even if you install it in your office or classroom, you will not be bothered by odors.
Ultra-quiet: The J55 Pro is extremely quiet, operating at less than 53 decibels, about the same as a home refrigerator.
Great value for money: The J55 Pro offers multi-material prototyping at an affordable price point for industrial 3D printers, allowing you to easily transform your traditional workflows.
Ease of use: An intuitive 3-step 3D printer workflow (design, import, build) makes it easy to use. Simply import your model design in native CAD or 3MF file format into GrabCADPrint software and send it to J55 Pro.
Commitment to quality: With the J55 Pro, you don’t have to compromise. Upgrade your design process with a low power office 3D printer with high resolution, fast build speed, multi-material flexibility, haptics and soft surface simulation. Transform your workflow into reality without changing your space.
Two types of support materials: You can choose from two types of support materials, a breakaway type and a water-soluble type, according to your purpose.
The J55 Pro is now available for pre-order and will start shipping on February 17th, 2023. For the Stratasys J55 Pro catalog, please visit
About Stratasys
Stratasys is leading the global transition to additive manufacturing with innovative 3D printing solutions for industries such as aerospace, automotive, consumer products and healthcare. Through smart connected 3D printers, polymer materials, software ecosystems and on-demand part building services, Stratasys solutions provide competitive advantage at every stage of the product value chain. The world’s leading companies and organizations rely on Stratasys solutions to transform product design, speed manufacturing and supply chains, and improve patient care.
Stratasys Japan is a Japanese subsidiary of Stratasys Ltd., which sells 3D printers and 3D printing materials manufactured by Stratasys and provides part manufacturing services (DFP). The head office is in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, and there is a branch in Osaka.
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