Strawberry season has arrived! The “pink color” makes your heart flutter with the cutest princess sweets! “Princess Afternoon Tea ~Strawberry Pink~” sale

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Strawberry season has arrived! The “pink color” makes your heart flutter with the cutest princess sweets! “Princess Afternoon Tea ~Strawberry Pink~” sale
■ Sale period: Until Friday, April 14, 2023 ■ Location: Strings Hotel Nagoya “New York Lounge”

Strings Hotel Nagoya (Location: 4-60-7 Hiraike-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi) operated by Best Bridal Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masayuki Tsukada). April 14, 2023 at the All-Day Afternoon Tea Lounge & Bar “New York Lounge” where you can enjoy the elegant luxury space such as large windows overlooking the majestic cathedral, high ceilings with sparkling chandeliers, and relaxing sofa seats. We will sell “Princess Afternoon Tea ~Strawberry Pink~” for a limited time until Sunday (Friday). * Due to the social situation associated with the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), some stores may be closed or have their business hours changed. For business information, please check the hotel official website (
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In 2022, the “Princess Afternoon Tea” has been developed with the theme of green, blue, purple and white.
The first project in 2023 is a lineup of “pink color” sweets that use plenty of seasonal “strawberries”.
Verrine with a tiara, lollipop chocolate with a princess drawn on it, mousse in the shape of a strawberry, etc., are cute in appearance as well as in taste. In addition, you can enjoy sweets with various textures and flavors such as panna cotta, opera, and amber sugar. Enjoy an elegant time while gazing at the majestic cathedral and the resort-like courtyard.
“Princess Afternoon Tea ~Strawberry Pink~” Sales Overview
[Sales period] Until Friday, April 14, 2023
[Fee] 4,125 yen on weekdays, 4,510 yen on weekends and holidays * Consumption tax and 15% service charge not included
[HP] [Menu contents] *Ingredients and design may be partially changed depending on the purchase situation
・Savory: Chef’s special 3 kinds of savory (marinated shrimp and Imaichi turnip / arancini / today’s quiche)
・Special scones: scones/waffles/mascarpone cream/2 types of confiture ·stand:
(Upper) Strawberry & Almond Verrine / Strawberry Pink Lollipop Chocolat (Middle) Strawberry Gateau Opera / Strawberry Panna Cotta Strawberry Sparkling Wine Jelly
(Bottom) Strawberry tartlet / Strawberry & white chocolate mousse / Strawberry amber sugar
・Drinks: Free refills from about 30 types, including the
long-established French tea brand “Marriage Frères” and freshly ground coffee
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[Image 3d4975-764-743e1faabac03b7d5c13-2.jpg&s3=4975-764-469b3b94dbe1c36bf3bd8c0b02b49c98-1800x1200.jpg
[Image 4d4975-764-45315084b36c0f76054a-3.jpg&s3=4975-764-304d720ad67ca636491d159bff186d2d-1800x1200.jpg
[Image 5d4975-764-521dcef5e5925a1eaf64-4.jpg&s3=4975-764-1ae5e6f5489a2735f841907162425635-1800x1200.jpg
[Image 6d4975-764-52af13372f157d4e0d5f-5.jpg&s3=4975-764-635e6b1669bec2b80017221a63fde54f-1800x1200.jpg

Afternoon tea plan outline with pasta
■ Sales store: Hotel 1st floor “Gramercy Suite”
■ Sales period: Until Friday, April 14, 2023
■ Price: 4,730 yen *tax included, 15% service charge not included ■Product composition: Mini soup/Pasta (Mikawa chicken
carbonara)/Sweets stand/Drinks (Free refills from about 30 types of tea, coffee, etc.)
[Image 7d4975-764-63bad85c77d3fb559a79-1.jpg&s3=4975-764-096daccd482c27ea163979b174573495-1800x1200.jpg
[Image 8d4975-764-a10dd2c3d01ad8c39a9d-6.jpg&s3=4975-764-4aaf497c987351474cbc6881a9aed5e8-1800x1200.jpg

Store overview
■Store name: All Day Afternoon Tea Lounge & Bar “New York Lounge” (1F) ■Business hours: 10:00-22:00 (L.O. 20:30) *Please check the website for the latest business hours
■ Phone number: 052-589-0787
■ HP: [Image 9d4975-764-a302f68259427784f4a1-7.jpg&s3=4975-764-48c99390690f3f6394e00085b6993ba1-1800x1200.jpg

Hotel overview
Location: 4-60-7 Hiraikecho, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture 453-0872
■Phone number: 052-589-0577 (hotel representative)
Number of guest rooms: 126 rooms (7 types of rooms are available) ■ HP:
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