Stripe International Co., Ltd. Maison de FLEUR Introducing the Princess series from the popular Disney Collection! A collection unified by the image color of each of the five princesses

Stripe International Co., Ltd.
[Maison de FLEUR] Introducing the princess series from the popular Disney Collection! A collection unified by the image color of each of the five princesses

The brand “Maison de FLEUR” developed by Stripe International Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, President: Takao Tachibana) will release new items from the popular Disney Collection on Wednesday, February 1st. It will be released at Maison de FLEUR stores nationwide.
[Image 1d36659-604-f9fac4b16630888ed689-0.jpg&s3=36659-604-2974aa0ba4cffabca09dffa15d6d0de5-960x480.jpg
This Disney Collection features five princesses. Cinderella, Bell, Rapunzel, Ariel, and Princess Aurora will all appear in a unified color collection.
Maison de FLEUR’s popular frilly handle tote bag is printed with motifs related to each princess. Belle is a dance hall chandelier with a magical rose, and Cinderella is a carriage and a pumpkin. The colors of the print are all chic colors, and the motifs that are the key to the work are added with color. The name of the work is printed in foil to express the brand.
On the other hand, the porch is printed with beautiful and cute princesses and art surrounded by flowers and shells that match their image. In addition, we have a lineup of pass cases and card cases that can be used together with the bag.
Why not add this special collection inspired by the five princesses to your spring wardrobe?
■ “Disney Collection / Disney Princess” Sales Overview
Release date: February 1 (Friday) * EC site will be released at 20:00 the day before
Sales locations: Maison de FLEUR stores nationwide * Excluding outlet stores, own EC site “STRIPE CLUB” (, ZOZOTOWN, Disney goods official online store “Shop Disney” (https:
Products for sale: 5 types of tote bags, 5 types of pouches, 2 types of pass cases, 1 type of coin case
■ “Disney Collection / Disney Princess” Item Details
*All prices include tax
[Image 2d36659-604-ad5646381636d8bc874b-1.jpg&s3=36659-604-f0c3b603d541099c3989c619f96296fb-1500x2000.jpg
Cinderella/square tote bag
Price: ¥6,950
[Image 3d36659-604-e3c57b4cba2a6ab520ec-2.jpg&s3=36659-604-af473e285a28ef833e7435460d2ee82f-1500x2000.jpg
Price: ¥4,400
[Image 4d36659-604-4f664e3bb4c7c076d159-3.jpg&s3=36659-604-2bff0f2af3a080312fd902b62669e59e-1500x2000.jpg
Cinderella/pass case
Price: ¥4,950
[Image 5d36659-604-845cb6538ada273dc5f9-4.jpg&s3=36659-604-3abfa37f7ccc49d6a4fe8b6760b1b890-1500x2000.jpg
Belle/square tote bag
Price: ¥6,950
[Image 6d36659-604-7a041b2b86f7681e83c6-5.jpg&s3=36659-604-5853a708df193250393632e7594da85a-1500x2000.jpg
Price: ¥4,400
[Image 7d36659-604-96570061ad617f8c12c6-6.jpg&s3=36659-604-92eeef6b04f30f23b923ae8d4ee9f6ac-1500x2000.jpg
Belle/coin case
Price: ¥5,200
[Image 8d36659-604-3ba164ff8fe8349bf7ce-7.jpg&s3=36659-604-b5e4fa2ea1f043e4e7167874de18b78c-1500x2000.jpg
Rapunzel/square tote bag
Price: ¥6,950
[Image 9d36659-604-adc9b21454cef2499f83-8.jpg&s3=36659-604-8f64d199b00e5979f45f0a40dea930d2-1500x2000.jpg
Price: ¥4,400
[Image 10d36659-604-3e31b1df4f896c722cf7-9.jpg&s3=36659-604-d07dadf7d4a91c144f16ba3e1da134ee-1500x2000.jpg
Rapunzel/pass case
Price: ¥4,950
[Image 11d36659-604-1fe6985a2b3863f103c7-10.jpg&s3=36659-604-7af0f26562daf5dab0f1fffa13bdb72b-1500x2000.jpg
Ariel/square tote bag
Price: ¥6,950
[Image 12d36659-604-b94214672c929b193615-11.jpg&s3=36659-604-8d4b7aac63281614578a2fe84b7099e5-1500x2000.jpg
Price: ¥4,400
[Image 13d36659-604-e8aa32a2e1b0dee4a5a5-12.jpg&s3=36659-604-051c2d21fd9b894e0891b2f96403c6e0-1500x2000.jpg
Aurora/square tote bag
Price: ¥6,950
[Image 14d36659-604-5c82264b6bc1554bea34-13.jpg&s3=36659-604-d408ad496b3d74489124fdf530a0ef64-1500x2000.jpg
Price: ¥4,400

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