Stripe International Co., Ltd. Maison de FLEUR Spring new arrivals from the popular Disney Collection! Sweet and cute sweets collection featuring Mickey & Minnie

Stripe International Co., Ltd.
[Maison de FLEUR] Spring new arrivals from the popular Disney Collection! Sweet and cute sweets collection featuring Mickey & Minnie
The brand “Maison de FLEUR” developed by Stripe International Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, President: Takao Tachibana) will release new items from the popular Disney Collection on Friday, January 20. We will sell orders on our own EC site “STRIPE CLUB”.
[Image 1d36659-603-314eaa7af0cf34548f2b-0.jpg&s3=36659-603-ffdb30e57a0a6884d51221dd380bb168-960x480.jpg
In this Disney Collection, we will develop items with sweets as the motif, with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as the main characters. This series is packed with sweet and cute elements, with colors based on pale pink and gentle brown that make you feel the arrival of spring. A smartphone pochette that combines Mickey Mouse-shaped biscuits with embossed silhouettes of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Faux leather is used to create a luxurious design. The pink body is made with gently baked biscuits, and the brown body is made with crispy baked biscuits. The pass case, which is active in your new life, has a shortcake motif and Mickey Mouse-shaped strawberries as an accent. Character motifs are added casually to the lace paper. In addition, the Minnie Mouse-shaped macaron pouch is made of soft and comfortable material. The expression is embroidered, and Minnie Mouse’s ribbon is
three-dimensionally expressed with satin material.
How about incorporating the sweets series that enhances the spring mood into your daily outing items?
■ “Disney Collection Sweets Series” Sales Overview
Order period: January 20 (Friday) 20:00 to February 5 (Sunday) 23:59 Sales location: Own EC site “STRIPE CLUB”
(, ZOZOTOWN, Disney goods official online store “Shop Disney” (
Products for sale: Smartphone pochette, pass case, pouch All 3 types ■ “Disney Collection Sweets Series” Item Details
*All prices include tax
[Image 2d36659-603-471ed91a80caec298051-2.jpg&s3=36659-603-cc31705d3b0a30f24cec981116065ad2-1500x2000.jpg
Mickey&Minnie/Smartphone Pochette
Color: Pink/Brown
Price: ¥8,800
[Image 3d36659-603-0bf0b57082e5fa61ec69-3.jpg&s3=36659-603-9f900f118a863bf4bf1b3e358d3008a6-1500x2000.jpg
Mickey Mouse/Shortcake pass case
Color: Pink
Price: ¥4,400
[Image 4d36659-603-ef59382d06229a9e9b11-4.jpg&s3=36659-603-1aba4f0ff8603df8d640aa2f1fdbf352-1500x2000.jpg
Minnie Mouse/Macaron Pouch
Color: Pink
Price: ¥4,700
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