Stripe International Co., Ltd. Maison de FLEUR The popular project “PINK MANIA” for the Valentine season , the “Pinkumania” series commemorating the 10th anniversary of the brand is now available!

Stripe International Co., Ltd.
[Maison de FLEUR] The popular Valentine’s season project “PINK MANIA” and the “Pink Mania” series commemorating the 10th anniversary of the brand are now available!
-Plenty of cute bear items dyed in shocking pink-

The brand “Maison de FLEUR” developed by Stripe International Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, President: Takao Tachibana) will release a popular series “PINK MANIA” for a limited time on February 4 ( It will be released on Saturday) at Maison de FLEUR stores nationwide.
[Image 1d36659-605-2b0812eb569a6d268360-0.jpg&s3=36659-605-04c90f902c0e98c5a0f9d8e5951a61ff-960x480.jpg
Maison de FLEUR sells the “PINK MANIA” series, which has been all pink since the brand started, with the desire to wear pink accessories to raise your mood and spend a happy time during the Valentine season. This year, the 10th time, we have prepared “Pink Mania”, which is a combination of the brand’s popular Bear series and PINK MANIA. The popular bear charm, decorated with a large ribbon around the neck, is now available in a shocking pink design. With small ribbons added to both ears, it’s an extraordinarily cute design that’s even prettier than usual. In addition, “10” is embroidered on the sole of the right foot to commemorate the anniversary. In addition, the lineup includes face-shaped bags, pass cases, and pouches that you will want to touch. Also, this time, the tassel that the bear puts together the curtains will also appear for the first time. This is a recommended item that will instantly update your room with cuteness.
In addition, Maison de FLEUR’s standard double ribbon tote bag and side ribbon tote bag are also lined up with “pink mania”
specifications. The point is the bear hidden casually in the logo on the front. In addition, the back has a tail, giving it a playful design.
Prior to the general release, this series will be available for pre-order on our own EC site “STRIPE CLUB” from 20:00 on January 25 (Wednesday). The number of reservations is limited, so please check early.
In addition, this time, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the release of the PINK MANIA series, we will present an original postcard on a first-come, first-served basis to those who purchase Pinkmania products exclusively at the store. We have 7 types of postcards, so please look forward to it.
Please pay attention to the series celebrating the first anniversary of Maison de FLEUR, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary this fall.
■ “PINK MANIA” series sales overview
Release date: February 4th (Sat) * EC site is 20:00 on the previous day, 3rd (Friday)
EC pre-order date and time: January 25 (Wednesday) 20:00-February 2 (Thursday) 17:00 * Ends as soon as the number of reservations is reached
Sales locations: Maison de FLEUR stores nationwide * Excluding outlet stores, own EC site “STRIPE CLUB” (, ZOZOTOWN
Products for sale: 3 types of bags, charms, pouches, card cases, curtain tassels, all 7 types
■ “PINK MANIA” series item details
*All prices include tax
[Image 2d36659-605-26028bde6b121a63e811-1.jpg&s3=36659-605-aba9ae5199a9f1a670dad1107f486ea5-1799x2398.jpg
Pin Kumania double ribbon tote bag
Price: ¥6,200
[Image 3d36659-605-a39dd88a37552bbd7942-2.jpg&s3=36659-605-9b811ef41f4c230857604c5817ba6332-1800x2700.jpg
Pinkmania Side Ribbon Tote Bag
Price: ¥7,300
[Image 4d36659-605-b8613fc397cb320bd2a1-3.jpg&s3=36659-605-43fff4813eba73400560695343e030ce-1843x2457.jpg
Pinkmania Tote Bag
Price: ¥7,300
[Image 5d36659-605-7ef056f82b7508dc0295-4.jpg&s3=36659-605-8816d1f066cf89365fa97cf9d885238b-1806x2408.jpg
Pinkmania bear charm
Price: ¥3,199
[Image 6d36659-605-ac8965b2912f817195b7-5.jpg&s3=36659-605-589d930a560d4ad64a7335cc7c7e1d17-1843x2457.jpg
Pinkuma Nia Kuta Pouch
Price: ¥5,500
[Image 7d36659-605-05b6d7f8c026a9ad2f66-6.jpg&s3=36659-605-631d7d6542339f7d374cd611762e8d8d-1785x2380.jpg
Pinkumania card case
Price: ¥5,500
[Image 8d36659-605-c0b2043dfd012dceb4dc-7.jpg&s3=36659-605-7ab2e8ce93df9048a9d42c957a8eb1d1-1668x2225.jpg
pink mania curtain tassel
Price: ¥8,000
■ Store limited “original postcard” gift plan
An original postcard will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis to those who purchase Pinkmania products at Maison de FLEUR stores nationwide. Postcards are available in all 7 types using past PINK MANIA visuals.
*Up to 1 per person. Ends as soon as it’s gone.
Implementation date: February 4 (Sat) ~
Stores: Maison de FLEUR stores nationwide
*Not available at outlet stores or EC sites
Details about this release:


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