Sucrei Co., Ltd. Lumine Tachikawa event opening information Sweets brand “Neko Chef” with the concept of harmony played by cheese and forest fruits opens for a limited time!

Sucrei Co., Ltd.
[Lumine Tachikawa special event information] “Neko Chef”, a sweets brand with the concept of harmony between cheese and forest fruits, will open for a limited time!
[Cat Chef], which is very popular at Tokyo Station, will open a limited-time store at LUMINE Tachikawa!

Sucrei Co., Ltd. (President: Ryoichi Sakamoto) will open a “Neko Chef” event at Lumine Tachikawa from February 1 (Wednesday) to March 31 (Friday).
“Neko Chef” is based on the concept of “harmony of cheese and forest fruits”, and has a cute world view of “sweets made by cats”, mainly baked confectionery and Western confectionery.
Speaking of cat chef, the most popular paw-shaped financier. The classic taste “Financier” is a dish that Neko Chef is proud of, which is made by adding lemon peel to a fragrant dough kneaded with camembert for a refreshing finish. The “Financier Chocolat Orange”, which is only available at this time, is a mellow camembert with the refreshing scent of orange and the texture of chocolate chips. A limited quantity of “Neko Chef Can Happy”, a combination of two flavors, will also be on sale.
The tin can depicts a picture-book-like design of a cat chef presenting a financier that he is proud of.
It is also recommended as a gift for your loved ones, such as your family’s heart and the cat chef drawn on the can. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the exquisite sweets of “Neko Chef”.
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◆ Product overview
[Product name] Cat chef can Happy
[Price] 1,836 yen (tax included)
[Contents] Financier x 3, Financier chocolate orange x 2
* Due to limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out. ◆ Store information
[Store name] Neko Chef Lumine Tachikawa store
[Opening period] February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday) [Address] 〒190-0012
Tachikawa Lumine 1F, 2-1-1 Akebonocho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo [Phone number] 042-526-1770
[business hours] 10:00-20:00
◆ Brand logo & story
[Image 2

“Cat Chef”
My name is Neko Chef.
Dedicated to making sweets every day
She’s a strange cat.
This is a cheese factory rich in nature.
Where do I live? Why you ask?
The owner’s proud cheese and forest fruits play
Because the harmony of the sweets is exquisite.
borrow your mouth After eating a bite
Everyone is smiling and I can’t stop.
◆ Product information
[Image 3

[Image 4

“Cat Chef Burger Set”
Nekochef’s self-confidence. Cheese fruit burger. The owner’s proud cheese scent and forest fruits are used luxuriously, and sandwiched with a moist dough kneaded with cream cheese.
[1 each of cheddar & cranberry, gorgonzola & fig]
                                            2 pieces 885 yen (tax included) *must be refrigerated
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“Cat Chef Burger (Mascarpone & Raisins)”
A tiramisu-style cat chef burger made by sandwiching a mellow cream with rich mascarpone and sweet raisins in a coffee-flavored dough mixed with cream cheese. *Limited time offer
2 pieces 1,000 yen (tax included)
[Image 6

A fragrant financier kneaded with camembert and lemon peel added for a refreshing finish.
What if you turn it over! Paw shape of the cat chef mark! ?
5 pieces 1,080 yen (tax included)
8 pieces 1,728 yen (tax included)
12 pieces 2,592 yen (tax included)
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“Financier Chocolat Orange”
We added orange peel and chocolate chips to the financier mixed with camembert and baked it. A financier where you can enjoy the refreshing scent of oranges and the texture of chocolate chips in a mellow camembert.
*Limited time offer
5 pieces 1,188 yen (tax included)
[Image 8

[Image 9

“Camembert & Raisins”
The rich taste of camembert cookies and the sweet raisin texture make this a fun dish. (uses 47% or more camembert in cheese powder) 5 pieces 864 yen (tax included)
[Image 10

[Image 11

“Cheddar & Cranberry”
The rich cheddar cheese cookie goes well with the sourness of cranberries. (uses 41% or more cheddar in cheese powder)
5 pieces 864 yen (tax included)
[Image 12

[Image 13
◆Official site
◆Company profile
-Sucrei Co., Ltd.-
Established: December 15, 2011
Head office location: 1-2-7 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Developed brands: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, The Maple Mania, Chitose Tsukiji, Court Cool, Oriental Chocolat by Court Cool, Butter Butler, The Master by Butter Butler, GENDY, Millefeuille Maison Francais, Francais, Lemon Shop by Francais, Strawberry Shop by Francais, Caramel Ghost House, Belly Up! , The Tailor, Nekochef, Cocolis, Dore, Fioratte, Drory, Mokabon
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