Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management Co., Ltd. Conclusion of Business Alliance Agreement with The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd. for Goal-based Approach Fund Wrap Service

Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Concluded a business alliance agreement with The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd. for a goal-based approach-type fund wrap service

Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Takashi Saruta, hereinafter “our company”) has partnered with The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd. (President: Kazuo Kiyomune, hereinafter “Hiroshima Bank”) for a goal-based approach fund wrap service. We have signed a business alliance agreement. Based on this agreement, the Company and Hiroshima Bank will proceed with preparations with the aim of starting the service around May 2023.
This service is a discretionary investment management service mainly for individual customers. The Company concludes a discretionary investment contract with the customer, and Hiroshima Bank, as an advisor, provides the customer with life plan advice based on a goal-based approach and continuous follow-up. In addition, the customer’s contract assets will be managed in an investment trust account of Hiroshima Bank. Regarding administration and systems related to service operation, we will cooperate with Japan Asset Management Platform Group Co., Ltd. and QUICK Co., Ltd., which have deep knowledge and experience in goal-based asset management advice services.
With this service, customers can set multiple investment targets (goals) according to their life plans while consulting with an advisor, and an asset management plan for each target will be designed using a dedicated tool. Through this service, the Company and Hiroshima Bank will propose an asset management plan based on future goals, and by continuously following up based on changes in the probability of achieving the plan, we will be able to get closer to each customer. We support long-term asset formation.
We will continue to promote customer-oriented business operations and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society in order to realize our management philosophy of “becoming the best asset management company that contributes to quality of life.”
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Important note
■This document was created to introduce information about some of the products that we can provide, and is not a disclosure document based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.
■The investment products and methods described in this material do not guarantee future investment performance or principal, and there is a possibility that losses may occur from investments. All investment results, including losses, belong to the customer.
■This document was created based on information believed to be reliable, but we are not responsible for its completeness or accuracy. ■ All rights regarding the contents of this document belong to our company. It is strictly prohibited to use this material for investment purposes, or to reproduce or disclose it to a third party without approval.
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